Learn to borrow net: focus on college students’ borrowing Pratt &whitney financial walked into the campus

(text/Wu Liya)

learning network is a loan specifically for the national college students borrowing of P2P network platform, its goal is to enable students to borrow money more quickly and easily. In November 2013 to learn private lending net primary version, on February 8, 2014 formally began operations. Lending to its positioning for campus pratt &whitney financial, including college students, college students’ consumption in installment, college students’ entrepreneurial incubator, etc. All the financial services related to college students.

according to cloud network understanding, hunting for college students to borrow ideas from the founder and CEO of fine national wealth in a investment company work experience, the company was doing private lending, in addition to the bank, it is difficult to find a high-quality loan customers, general corporate founders thought that society people bad to find high-quality loan customers, why not lending to college students? With this idea, after repeated market research again, sure this is a very big market. In P2P boom, the concept of informal lending network is fired, so learn to borrow net project was born. Teams have 25 people, including marketing have 14 people, the future will also form a finance center.

learn net loans is the main task of the current demand for credit loans to college students, generally just make sure the identity of the students, and then go to school instead of a paper contract, borrowing will take effect. For college students to learn credit loan is a very convenient thing, don’t need a lot of complex programs like bank loans. Considering the college students’ consumption ability and the ability to repay, the amount of lending in an average of 3000 yuan, according to different schools have different lending standards, general colleges and universities loan amount on average in 1000-2000 yuan, key colleges and universities loan amount is in 3000-4000 yuan, a well-known colleges and universities can reach 5000-5000 yuan. But when borrowing amount more than $10000, need parents to guarantee.
Jia national wealth to hunt cloud network, said the study loan network selection will target audience positioning for college students, because students system risk is relatively small, have a fixed source of income every month (parents every month for cost of living), stable residence, and credibility is high. As Banks have policy advantages, plus the bank’s work efficiency is low, the bank’s financial services basically retreated from college students on campus, but college students have stronger financial needs, and its consumption idea is advanced, and easy to accept new things, so it’s easy to learn loan net lending to such a network platform for college students to accept.

now learn to borrow nearly 100000 registered users, users across the country, the current business mainly concentrated in chengdu. Because there is not much pay business promotion activities, also control the size of the business. Even so, at present there are still more than 50 loan application, every day every month have dozens of apply for business cooperation. Jia national wealth convective cloud network said, it is finished now business (do not do any promotion, not to set up new marketing), debt will reach 7.5 million yuan per month.

on the profit model of it, on the one hand, learning network as a tripartite platform, which will finance and investment funds to lend to students, and to charge 5% service charge, on the other hand, will your company’s funds to lend to students, interest income annualized rate is about 20%.

hunting cloud network learned also aimed at college students consumer products on the market at present is specifically for installment consumer interest in installment, the installment and so on, have a special do universities borrow loans, etc. Learning network is the combination of the two, loan jia national wealth also said: “learning network public student loan page also is under design, hope that through this series of activities, truly bring financial services to the students.”
Learn net loan at present mainly in the aspect of college students’ borrowing, scarlett tell hunting cloud network national wealth, the future will open installment shopping college students, college students venture incubation, college students’ credit card, for college students to do a full range of financial services. Also ready to learn to borrow in the provinces will establish a market center city, the time is right to establish a branch, plans to build 30 market center, marketing center is in the local market development, the second is the risk control on line, 3 it is responsible for local business cooperation, also near each college students in the country to establish the campus planning service stations.

to hunt cloud network knowledge, learn to borrow net has been done on February 8, 2014, the angel rounds, you need A financing round of 5 million yuan, including funds lending liquidity, team construction costs and marketing expenses, etc.