Learn pond: support college students entrepreneurship through internal and external cooperation colleges and universities

(text/Tan Ziling)

learn pond is to support college students entrepreneurial dream since the media for the purpose of colleges and universities alliance, it assembled more than 250 entrepreneurial teams across the country, 1888 line executive, layout of colleges and universities across the country, the internal and external cooperation to open the university campus. Currently owns 236 colleges and universities since the media platform, covering 4 million college students.

to start learning pond is the result of a college student entrepreneurship feelings. Co-founder of yu ping love presently for the senior students, university of electronic science and technology from prior experience as a campus from the media, he felt student groups entrepreneurship dilemma, so the idea of germination started learning pond, get zero campus angel investment, establish chengdu tong information technology co., LTD. Now the team has 10 people, respectively responsible for the channels of media technology, operation and management.

learn pond is given priority to with living, learning, entertainment, practice, in order to provide the school study life entertainment information as the carrier, and support entrepreneurship for college students, to focus on the young consumer groups of enterprise and brand into the national market in colleges and universities to offer help. It through joint universities on entrepreneur, exclusive campus planning execution team, registered in each cooperation of colleges and universities set up a public micro letter, provide students with fresh valuable information. Content is divided into see learning, living, entertainment, look at practice four plates, for college students on campus information, life, entertainment, practice and other information; Column into students with excellent grades, travel, gossip materialistic four brands, for college students learning materials, travel information, entertainment gossip and popular item.

hunting cloud network, each college public learn pond micro letter number under the general content, brand columns, can according to the characteristics of the school design personalized features, like the professional school to learn pond micro letter, public mainly include first, to provide for ugly, practical function, and three plate, the first ugly including male god goddess, associating mall, Buddha position of micro album, we work together; Utility functions include student status query, articles, boutique resources; Food and clothing live line including jingle, daily rent, lattice shop, do wall.

learn pond using WeChat high arrival rate, high acceptance rate, and high convenience, in each colleges and universities set up their own points and pond, on the campus of professional planning, publicity and implementation, to intuitive effective brand communication effect to achieve.

love ping told hunting cloud network, relative and other pure since the media platform, learn how to make the pond in the media sector deeper, its characteristic is the brand, a unified logo, joint every school’s entrepreneurial team, to provide technical support of funds, the student rights and interests to the maximum, at the same time, some projects can be smoothly pushed to the covered more than 230 colleges and universities.

in terms of profitability, learn pond on the one hand, through the media of advertising platforms to generate revenues, on the other hand, the campus of the tenants in internal WeChat public platform of various colleges and universities need to pay for certain threshold.

at present, the school pond team is also working with amusement, and other enterprises to seek cooperation, hope to do a whole city activities in chengdu, like water clearance. Yu ping tell hunting cloud network love, learn pond enterprise resources is the main obstacle is not enough, he hopes to establish cooperation relationship with more companies in the future, for entrepreneurial university students to provide more high quality projects.

in addition, yu ping told hunting cloud network love, pond now primarily on online advertising business, will be offline after a campus entrepreneurs alliance, offline online linkage for communication and cooperation, will the entrepreneurial resources integration together. At present, the pond has officially launched A round of funding plan.