Learn: life skills video education platform, the teacher can decide the course fees

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the traditional preference for online education academic or professional knowledge, less discussed interest in learning. Today, social life style make people pay more attention to life skills of ascension, along with the rise of online education concept, life skills learning fully exert on the online education platform.

cloud network hunting recently reported, as well as products such as, among which, mew mew App focuses on the skills of LBS and social sharing, ink and on learning resources platform main retrieval service, and snow disc mainly concentrated in the field of video. Today to introduce is A learning and sharing of life skills education online platform – A good learn, like snow disc, is for the life people who are interested in A particular field to provide A step-by-step video teaching platform.

better learning, founder and CEO li shows, in the background in the development of tencent in 2012; Founded in 2013 and learn education; Lead the team to a comprehensive transformation of online education in 2014, founded the better learning, the current team members have more than 30 people, mainly from the domestic first-class talent Internet companies and top colleges and universities.

the Web version, Android has been officially launched, iOS version has formally submitted Appstore audit, shortly after launch. better learn finished angel financing in prophase, the next will be A round of funding.

online for a month, good learning platform has accumulated more than 20000 minutes of course, charging course priced at 100 yuan or less. Education content involves ten categories, household lives, health health, music, photography, handmade, business skills, etc. cache to local users can put like course, convenient to watch at any time.

these courses mainly through the UGC way . Have a certain life skills can register released video, allow teachers to promote, share, selling its course, the teacher to decide the lecture fee or free. In the process, better learn to strict audit and the content of the video copyright protection, and use the application within the banner promotion, coupons, and red envelopes in the form of promotion and marketing purposes.

in the better learning, the teacher can see their course is how many people participate in the study. And equipped with comments and message system, support for teachers and students interact, help them solve problems and get feedback on course.

in hunting cloud network point of view, although better learning has formed his own system, but the products and business model some drab, need serious attachment quality content and rich category in order to meet the demand of large user . Plus the whole video teaching paid intend is still in the bottom, these will be the key to test products can go far.

li said, “better to learn in the future for a long time adhere to the content as the core development route, will expand life skills in lateral category, covering all areas of life; For each classification are realized on the longitudinal, dig into every skill.”

as we have learned, better learning are also trying to develop intelligent TV version of the client, meet the needs of users to learn and practice. In addition, the poor will also provide a variety of learning form a complete set of value-added services to increase user stickiness. on the profit model, better learning with value-added services and for O2O diversion to liquidate.