Learn: do K12 education quality in the field of public comment, has obtained 5 million angels

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2014 on-line education and O2O two words become a hot word in the field of the Internet, and combine the two concepts of online education O2O mode to the next level. Since the second half of 2014 and who learn, children learn and ask him to teach more than ten online education O2O platform, respectively obtained levels millions or even tens of millions of financing.

learn from parents and early education and interest in class organization and curriculum, this paper focus on do K12 education quality in the field of vertical search comments on platform, can be understood as public comments in the field of online education. Founder and CEO jin-hai li, who served as the ape question bank, chalk, a senior product manager. Co-founder Sun Jiayou, who served as suntech education, “the net” chief operating officer.

at present, many study has covered more than 2000 Beijing training institution, users close. Contains the vocal music dance, art, handmade painting talent, 11 classes of model to deduce, science and technology. Based on user location query training institutions, through many App know specific information and teaching environment, to make an appointment in advance free demo course and support 7 days refund also make parents decision cost reduction.

in early screening of collaboration, will have special personnel to audit institutions, to avoid the existence of false information. Learn formed based on the user reputation, according to the hunting cloud network understanding, learn through the invitation has to sign up students comment on accumulated nearly 5000 comments, and review article 300 institutions.

of course the price, learn more, through the collection of various information parents found that prices are not the first condition of filter cake. Differ according to the divisions of the chosen, fee standards is different, the price is flexibility, more involved in training institutions of the price system to study.

but the author thinks that, in addition to guarantee the quality of training institutions, the price is also one of the user to measure standard. Also, learn more about the user’s evaluation is not do restrictions, so can’t go to avoid bad evaluation. Learn as the early stage of the product, the coverage is not enough, now the main to learn is to do large user base.

learn more than just the first phase of the product, now there is no profit, but in the future profit model, in addition to considering as training platform, also to the quality of education O2O direction try, bring more value added service for the user.

jin-hai li told hunting cloud network: “the next 2-3 years K12 areas, parents through the online platform offline education for the children choose habituation. Learn more now on computer and early education class as the breakthrough point, develop target user habits in the future.” Learn is understood to have established a user group, the seeds of more than 200 people which is given priority to with 2 to 6 years old the child’s parents, training users to use habit, online education for the future O2O market to lay the foundation. Learn has landed A total of 5 million angels DE hui, capital investment, to use on the early development and operations, and plans to launch A round of funding in years.

project: learn
Company: Beijing optimal learning selected technology co., LTD.

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