Learn car to help: college student driver O2O security service platform

Wen/Zhang Nanqian

a lot of people say to the student driver driving test are painful memories “is a full face of tears”, because of the traditional driving test market users, charge confused chaos, do not have a unified standard, etc. Learn the founder of the car to help a national-level jiahe zou will look to college students – they are part of a driving test market consumption, but also the rights of vulnerable groups, face the crowd built to learn car to help safeguard and service as the core.

learn car to help belonging to chengdu Wu Linshan technology co., LTD. (” Wu Linshan “homophonic, 503, zou and, when to stay up late to do car to help software lab), the company was established in August last year. Project platform including: website, weibo, WeChat public number. Include: driving and manager information release, driving exam preparation knowledge, students make fun area and exclusive custom plate. Car to help now has 16 universities in chengdu, the universities have set up branch service team.

founder national-level jiahe Zou Jiang are students in chengdu university of information engineering, a national-level poor is now a senior student, zou is the direct senior and friend. Since freshman year two people tried all sorts of “business” : selling military training clothing, discovering a headset, join a driving school. Open two years of driving experience let them driving markets for college students have a deeper understanding, combined with the engineering seniors Internet thinking, they decided to use car to help the software to change the unfair of college students meet.

greetings and zou belongs to the college students’ entrepreneurial teams, they learn car to help once get the chengdu into greater China’s first youth entrepreneurial innovation champion, chengdu youth service outsourcing business innovation competition second prize, Chinese college students entrepreneurship competition second prize award, and so on.

learn car to help the platform to protect the legitimate rights and interests of students student driver in the first place. From three aspects: the first barrier is high quality driving screening – “we hope to cooperate with good driving, will also have the marketing personnel to check the driving the interest and authenticity of the letter.” Zou Jiang to cloud network is introduced to the hunting; The second pass is deposit to pay – students through the platform to pay tuition, student driver gang held small fees as deposit, after learning the car smoothly into the driving account again; The third level is for students’ rights protection – if they can be pit whose car to help customer service complaints, and contradiction appear personally by the coordinated with driving school.

the second key word is “service”. A national-level poor convective cloud network said: “is there is a one-to-one customer service, help them solve problems of student driver.” For example to deal with temporary residence permit is a lot of students, the premise of students to enter oneself for an examination the school must learn car to help the all have the cooperation colleges and universities in chengdu studio, photography and registration for free for enrolled students. Secondly, linked to guarantee – some difficulties in the student driver can complain to customer service. In addition, learning car to help a few of individual driving your car – if unfortunate sudden problems, students may continue to study in the car to help.

now learn a car to help team headquarters for 38 people, including 14 operation personnel, 10 and 14 marketers and technical personnel. Young team hope project in chengdu university, will in future template is copied to the colleges and universities around the country and the wider population. At present, learn is car to help angel round.