Lead the new fad of the mobile game: Crossy Road pure free game can also tell you money

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cloud network hunting note: when you see China mobile texting to you say you’re welcome game mall spend $XXX in XXX, do you want to chop? Damn game value-added service, let you don’t hand by mistake, otherwise the glistening money they don’t have a moment. But the new hot game Crossy Road (the Road) free let you play to hello!

a few years ago, the popular game Crossy Road (the Road) developers, 39, Matt Hall is still a live with my parents in farms in Australia to ordinary electronic game developers. At that time, he and many people with big dreams, but only lost to reality. He is jealous of those who work hard together with him, because everyone else is a success, but is he was successful to forgotten.

Matt Hall set up called Klick Tock studio. In his view, it is a only depend on oneself to a person’s company, but the company is committed to research and development for the people out of different games. Like a Little Things, Doodle, Find, Super Search and 60 Zonr these games are the works of his company. Before he set up his own Studio, he in Australia’s development prospects are very good Big Ant Studio and Tantalus Interactive game Studio work.

after he go it alone, a total of three games on the list through iTunes. In spite of this, he still felt his achievement is not worth mentioning, he said he was in a very long time have not really learned something. His life in the most distress in his baby daughter, and when he still lived in Victoria in the west of the farm.

now, the research and development of the game he got into the apple iOS app store, in the amazon app store and Google app store also can find the figure of those games, the direction of the Hall, seems to see my struggle. He and his new partner Andy Sum established called Hipster Whale new studio, in 2014, they launched together Crossy Road to the game.

swept through the game in the field of the storm – Crossy Road

the game play is very simple, actually a little like the classic old game frog crossing the river. Game there are many interesting characters, of course, players need to play to a certain level to unlock a fixed character. Just when he began to play a game, players can manipulate a grid of chickens, by clicking on the screen to make it beat, move from down to up, through the traffic, rivers, railway; If accidentally killed by a car, drowned fell into the river, or because in green belts for too long been a hawk away, you are Game Over. Crossy road is a free game, you don’t have to worry about it will be like other mobile games have value-added business, the business cannot put the name of the mobile games. If Crossy Road players want to faster, more exciting to play the game, customs clearance, also can pay inexplicable lock; But again, the player can choose to see little video to get bonus, this will speed up the characters to unlock; Of course, you also can step by step yourself slowly put the game play with customs clearance. In a word, Crosasy Road left player option.

unlike other similar products, Crossy Road there is no any content players would feel must be paid to continue to play or to win. The design style of it less money, and these costs are borne by the developers themselves,. Crossy Road barely reached the iOS apple’s app store hit game list, this list is usually tribal wars and candy crush this kind of game; However, it was not long ago Crossy Road on the iPhone free ranking rose to 12th, at the same time it also entered the apple’s app store hit the top 100 of the game.

Crossy Road to such a success is not accidental, it can be said to be the pioneer play free trials, and obviously it’s the test achieved good results.

the game developers conference in 2015, Hall and the Sum to the immoral Crossy Road behind the creation of the story, why can also share it in a short span of three months has achieved fairly good results. Crossy Road is a combination of the traditional design method of the game, human nature of the program of internal purchase mechanism and the user can select the internal mechanism of advertising. It is these, let them in its launch Crossy Road to reach 50 million downloads in the first three months of time, income of $10 million.

Matt Hall admits he was scared, these figures must have any one for the first time, there is such a big breakthrough game developers will feel at a loss.

Crossy Road of success is not only reflected in terms of business, can say it in art, design, marketing, etc also get great success. Like it can at the same time in many fields are examples of success is small. Its success can teach entrepreneurs how to counter attack in trouble, more can let those in the game development to regroup the fiasco of the conference. In fact, this is two lovers of game development efforts to break the phenomenon of value-added business electronic game industry, set off a wave of free games, and their efforts paid off. The game development conference in 2015, the success story has been widely circulated.

independent games have been advocated to be different, Crossy Road. Hall and the Sum is want to develop a free game, hope it sales especially good at the beginning, finally this momentum and slowly disappear. Hall, it is pointed out that to really achieve the desired effect, you must complete the following two things. First of all, Cossy Road should have a kind of magic, can keep players, for players to play the game, as long as possible, also is to have “staying power”. Second, the game also need to provide incentives, free of charge to the player some sweetener, let they don’t want to uninstall the game. Don’t be so always monotonous traditional games, free games each game loop design especially.

if ready the above two points, then a certain reward and novel game loop can achieve “the game of life” Hall said. It is because the game developers in Crossy reflected both in the Road, to allow the player to the game. Hall think if they have done to succeed, it will bring us a better future.

game mode is very important for the development of new games, this is the reason a lot of games have value-added services; However, Hipster Whale studio members do not want to copy, they want to take the essence and discard the dregs. Although Crossy Road name of the game and the recent popularity of god level game angry birds, but it doesn’t explain the plagiarism. One thing we have to say, although their games does not involve money, but once they pop up, they don’t think it is difficult to making money.

Hall on Polygon games website said: “we design the game is not as easy as shoot darts on the target.” Everyone playing darts game, and we focus not on the darts on the target, we want to make the target flip up, surely it will not the same result again.

they spent several months trying to put the internal relations of angry birds and frogs across the river, until then Hall inspiration suddenly came, he realized the Hipster Whale can merge elements such as art, business, design and marketing to develop this game.

“if the purpose of developing games just for the sake of business, you should develop with Candy Crush a similar game”, Hall said in an interview. If you want to let the game become artistic, you have to learn to blend in different elements in the game. In fact, there are now want to make money game, the better for them, of course, is to earn more; They earn much money a, can also encourage game developers later, toward the direction of their efforts.

Crossy the design of the Road link should be the core part of the game development, because the developers to continue efforts to try to how to design a fun and free game, the key is to make it not free so obvious. They want to design a new product, the price is economical, also can add their own in product interested in games.

this is Crossy Road characteristics, completely free, players like any game characters can earn gold COINS to get on your own. “Players can unlock them one by one with his be fond of their favorite characters, game mall will suddenly jump out for value-added services. Hall said in an interview that “if free value-added service for players to unexpectedly? I’m sure they’ll be surprised unceasingly. But they should have a lot of ideas, may think to some extent Crossy Road is also a game may charge additional fees. In fact, when designing the game myself, also has made the struggle and the idea of value-added services.”

in order to explain Crossy Road may charge additional fees to some extent, is also a game, says Hall in the Piggy Bank figures of the game, it is the only one in the whole game characters that need to spend money to buy. Many people wrote to the Hall, constantly ask him pay way of the game, the responses of the Hall is a Piggy Bank, it costs $3.99, this is the price of the game. By the way, Piggy Bank is one of the most popular characters in the game.

all the ideas and test just to stay on the surface, only Crossy Road launch and obtained many game enthusiasts favor you truly successful, its success over the Hall. Yes, Hall design it in the first place when they think it will be very popular, just didn’t think it would be so popular. Hall also know, of course, it can bring wealth to themselves, but never thought about how much will the number. He felt that he and Sum underestimated player of the game itself is a treasure.

if you want to know why the player to Crossy Road has a special liking is not difficult. First of all, the game is not only looks simple, but still looks great, thanks to the artist Ben the design of the Weather. The second is that it not only interesting but also funny. Every game characters have their own way of rotating, wizard will dig a tunnel through the oncoming traffic. The flea is three-dimensional, just bring it the sound, like a 1970 s hanna-barbera – barbera studio, cartoon characters vivid, let the audience never forgets anything. CrossyRoad can always bring laughter to people, and this kind of fun and always keep the player. Hall joked: “laugh to death is it one of the secrets of success”.

according to the current feedback of game players, Crossy Road indeed reflect the designer’s original intention, let the players without paying duty. There are, of course, some people are willing to pay. They are either in game money to go shopping in the mall, or spend time to see the game video, but these people are in the minority after all. No matter what the players choice, for the Hipster Whale are all the same. Hall believes that at least 10 times more players are willing to play free games, after all, is willing to spend money. He didn’t need to let them become paying customers, he needs to do is to find the balance point between the two

“we know it is impossible to a user allows you to earn a lot of money.” Hall said in an interview, “it is clear that the number 10 million is unthinkable. That is what we use kind of method to make money all dare not imagine. But some businesses engaged in free games for the digital study, think we are done making too much from a man. If we design is a and ordinary game types of games, there are value-added services, also there are so many people pay attention to us?” The answer is obvious: N0!

Crossy Road success comes from the game itself is how many? How much is “money” from the designers try to be unique? Must have only time to have a say.

in the design phase of the game, the Hall for a week to get a lot of e-mails of the company, the content of the mail is hope can for the Hipster Whale to provide financial help, help the company get the user and introduce some marketing term, but none are not required to add the content of the value-added services in the game. Hall are interested in is not at all, even though he knew some of their Suggestions will work. They use a term Whales “let him don’t want to work with them”. If players spend too much money on a free game, I’m afraid they will despise themselves.

Hall in the interview, also said, “sometimes when you realize you doesn’t need to go to catch prey, but can still rely on the money, because other hunter, will help you to prey one gun, you can conspired against of; As if we can find a lot of cool application from the mall, to draw lessons from, good game design is not only on their own ideas.”

Matt Hall game development conference in 2013, suffered a heavy blow, he did not attend 2014 player development conference.

2015, Matt Hall back, with honor and success. Two years ago, when he was still in for own dream unremitting struggle, he went to San Francisco visited some senior game developers. Dream go to pay for his own games, but the result is not satisfactory.

this make 90 of the 90 – day men will always take the initiative to introduce to the people who he thought worth dealing himself, he believes that they are like their own.

when he left in 2013 game convention, feel the future a confused, feel all illusions are shattered, I have a day to death his feeling.

“after the incident, I began to get nervous, because I didn’t get others’ response, the cover of which model I designed the game does not get the recognition and appreciation. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull