Le regard mall change the domain name “lemall.com” transform to play again, ecological electricity to do


happy just Lepar summit was held under the line of sight channel, is injected a shot, to identify the Letv online mall is called the ecotype electric business slogan, not Letv ecological extends to the “no ecological no electricity. Today, happy look at a related conference, announces new top-level domain name lemall.com, based on the content of the “platform + + terminal + application” vertical integration depending on the ecological, to see music as a mall in the world’s first ecological electric business platform.

this morning at ten o ‘clock music super start reservation phone production machine, hunting cloud network at the scene learned that the amount of an appointment at three o ‘clock in the afternoon has more than 1.2 million units. The results from the company President Feng Xing Letv mobile intelligence announced that yan exciting difficult color during the period of his more self-confident Letv super cell phone will soon achieve sales.

Letv intelligent terminal Zhao Yicheng group vice President, said after Letv mall selling only super TV hardware such as intelligence, positioning is the first electric business platform, the Chinese intelligent hardware based on Letv fan interest and ecological social electric business platform. Today, depending on the mall will converted to regard ecological electricity, future bearing is not only a super TV, cell phone super, super cars and other intelligent terminal sales, the most core is to complete depending on the ecological products, services, etc. All links open, provide a series of music depending on the ecological services.

music depending on creating the world’s first ecological electric business platform

at present, the entire electrical firm has precipitated as a platform, proprietary type, brand three patterns, as the Internet into 3.0, these three models have been unable to meet the needs of users is growing, such as one-stop shopping, the scene to buy, service integration, such as demand, the user needs to ecological level of service and experience.

Letv Letv based on ecology, ecological electric business platform to build the world’s first, not only has low user acquisition costs, strong ability to switch users, more can effectively realize the online user coverage, provide offline and online purchases and scenario based experience one-click shopping experience, effectively meet the demand of users, creating ecological electricity era.

ecological electricity has five characteristics: first, the ecological users through; Second, the ecological demand through; Third, ecological entry through; Fourth, online through; Fifth, enterprises and users to get through.

Letv mall to create one-stop shopping experience

Letv, Letv super super TV mobile phones and small treasure products such as continuous hot, forthcoming Letv super bike, Letv super cars have also maintained good popularity. Peng Gang argues that Internet hardware will experience four business model development stage, from the high cost performance, to hardware, free to rent not only sold, will eventually become the pattern of resource sharing.

it is known that the Internet services company is willing to creative hardware products, the products make creative products and services, business model differentiation, breakthrough, around Letv ecological building one of the most creative parent-child, music, and smart home products and services, with the help of differentiated breakthrough business model, to provide users with fun, intimate, high-quality Internet experience.

in addition to sports, Letv Letv pictures two complete system is closely related to the part, associated with strong Letv ecological, strengthening the ecological components, such as Letv haman together with the world’s top audio manufacturers of caton three Soundbar, iron triangle brand, pioneer, VSONIC earphone and mobile power supply and so on have been Letv mall sale.

Letv mall upgrade seven services

1, the first to take: 0 yuan installment buying, stage 3 free of interest. Is said to be from China merchants bank, agricultural bank, minsheng bank, industrial and commercial bank of cooperation, such as “recruit migrant workers bank” for short.

2, not white, such as: pre golden profit, is greater than the balance of treasure.

3, the first class: the level of logistics distribution and door-to-door service: semidiurnal da + send one + VIP service.

4, the whole machine in: anyone who sold Letv and Letv super super TV mobile phone, the non-artificial damage screen performance, fault Letv promise to directly replace the machine, you buy one year free upgrade, a year two years just to buy the service fee can be free upgrade, only three years buying two years service charge can be free upgrade. The details will be subject to published Letv ecological mall.

5, optional q: Letv mall customer service applications will realize mobile + community.

6, send one: depending on the mall to provide delivery + installed synchronization service.

7, O2O services: through visual mall and LePar, joy will realize O2O.

electric business day busy, Letv ecological electricity section open

May 5-19, le see super television released the second anniversary of music depending on the mall will launch the first ecological electric business section, provide more than 100000 sets of 100000 super TV spot, super phone spot, there are all kinds of activities,

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