Le line new electric scooter as low as 2999 yuan, cross-border universal make micro movie


on May 20, shenzhen le world technology co., LTD. In Beijing held a product launch, launched R0 and L6 two new products, price is 2999 yuan. Also announced that it will cooperate with Uper social platform, effective recruiting tourism talent across the country, in terms of crowdsourcing three records team, series micro filming the movie “litang 98 ° 19 ‘- longitudinal”.

lite version R0, positioning entry-level instead of walking tool

this conference, new R0 is R series R1, R2, compact edition, range and top speed are reduced, but also abandoned the R2 products in some intelligent functions. To is to let the price diving to less than 3000 yuan, the expansion of product type, bring more acceptable to consumers, with the best price advantage to choose the most suitable for their travel products. At the same time, continue to adopt the aviation grade magnesium aluminum alloy, samsung lithium batteries and other high-end accessories material, also need not worry about the quality of a discount.

cloud network hunting understands, the limits on speed also enlarged the scope of potential users, to some extent, for example, a little timid girl, and older, but love science and technology, with its, uncle aunt of the fashion crowd. Feeling to see two generations peer brush street scene, not far away.

in addition, R0 will also develop software and hardware interface, more play, you know, brush street of what will eventually become a mass movement, viewing distance, what about dinner, so easy.

line added L series, make travel more than one option

the most appealing to cloud network for its new product L6, this is a smart scooter. As the name suggests, the prototype of the products is the children’s scooter. Scooter, originally is the children’s toys, plus battery, motor, plus with mobile Internet App, can capture consumers’ hearts? Just a little bit on the “load”, it is destined to this is a the best transport. Can play with children, adults, do it at your own will.

not only that, the design feels extremely the streamlined body and the direction of “V” shape, also make science and technology, met fashionable again. This product color is pure and fresh, a total of 6 color optional. 3 seconds quickly fold, it is convenience to bring into the elevator, bus and subway, at the same time, also can be convenient to receive in the trunk. 8 “inflatable tires, before and after the shock absorption spring, provide comfortable driving experience. A top speed of 25 km/h, range of 30 km, to work more than enough. The only fly in the ointment is that the net weight 16.5 kg, I’m afraid I will let a female users.

after the conference, interview link referred to the details, hunting cloud network L6 body is longer, 1037 mm, can shorten the body, the hidden under the pedal cells integrated into the walking in front of the bar, and reduce weight. In addition, can let the folded L6 balance to stand, so that can save more space on the subway.

happy world, founder and CEO Zhou Wei jokingly invited the author join the rover, as L series of follow-up about the product is designed in this way. Including shortening body, lower body weight, modifying the positions of battery, the front two rounds of design to increase support part to erect stability, can also drag walk like pull rod box. These will be reflected in the near future in the new product. Zhou Wei also introduced to, about the car is also made major changes, completely abandoned all button, is committed to driving experience simply, quickly.

had declined to the millet and threw nunn, how look upon?

millet into inevitable, but the both new product’s price is 2999 yuan, an automatic change, will be the threshold of the public transport become low, really into at a low price, even if the future millet rover has a pre-emptive strike, and won’t retreat, positive play. At the same time, Zhou Wei think millet and other companies to enter this industry is not a bad thing, at least can accelerate the development of the industry, will be low and some fake products and enterprises rapidly cleared.

Zhou Wei also mentioned an article “the end of the era of cheap China the”, he said the hardware business, need the support of early users, need a certain profit to spur the development of industry, if there has been no profit, there is no incentive to develop.

will continue to expand product lines, not to say that a robot to do the company?

Zhou Wei also introduced to, music world temporarily has three production lines, R, V, L from life, price to drive way at present stage, has realized the full coverage. And he also revealed himself to do the robot company beginner’s mind is constant, a long-term future is to make the robot service in the daily life of life in all aspects, happy world now coming from “line” this breakthrough, travel group and the company in addition to intelligence, and artificial intelligence research. It is worth mentioning that Zhou Wei that year was the national undergraduate robot contest, after a series of industrial robots in the field of entrepreneurship, to the world of entrepreneurship, so, we have reason to believe that, one day, Zhou Wei can realize their dream of “intelligent robot company”.

, for example, R2 products have been able to achieve “follow” the host automatically cool features, and dismantled after walking pole, completely can be used as a moving robot, even after driving R2 patrol an area, it can with record trajectories, their patrol, is there a “security” robot visual feeling already?

financing plan, sales?

happy end of line was established in 2012, annual sales of 300 million yuan in 2014. Zhou Wei said, line set up 2 years and 5 months, at present there are 300 stores in China, the balance of the car market share of 60%, more than 60 countries around the world. Domestic and foreign sales ratio 6:4. This year’s goal is to sales of 250000 units, 250000 of sales. In October 2014, rover completed $100 million B round, temporarily did not disclose specific financing plan.

crossover is enough big, micro movies walking

at the conference, rover also announced that will work with Uper life social platform, officially launched the documentary “litang 99 ° 19 ‘longitudinal” project. Zhou Wei in conference also mentioned the “the world is so big, I want to see”, is located in east longitude 99 ° 19 ‘sichuan litang, 4200 meters above sea level, is called the county is the highest. Travel is also very agree with joy the slogan “rover have you, the world is to”.

even if can’t participate in micro film production, commuter buses, subway station is a physical strength live, especially in the summer, with a touch of the sun, this time, the car driving electric scooter, wheelbarrow, balance, enjoy the breeze stroke, don’t be so natural and unrestrained, is comparable to the experience of “open air conditioning cover the quilt”. If you can meet a girl to a tour, “zhuifeng” and also not summer beauty.

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