Le LePar very hard, easy to follow to the partnership


Letv super phone “suffocating” beautiful again, Letv super TV “smart TV first brand” again, also need to be super partner to cooperate to implement the “touch”. Therefore, le apparent Beijing hold future “touch” LePar summit, announced at the meeting LePar junior sales Letv priorities, Letv super super TV mobile phones, Letv super bike, Letv super cars, such as terminal, and provide four weight gains for super partner, over the next three years still can share 5% stake, is expected to $85 billion.

sand before, catkin is in turmoil, this is hot the author Letv LePar summit and the high atmosphere of the dizziness, host affectionately, from time to time the audience photographed and applaud, hunting cloud network editor you think about the picture that is more and more attractive, unexpectedly also has a join the impulse. Gossip heard later, actually have a media friend to join, the media, what’s the matter with you? Let’s see concrete is a ghost, let your mouth water.

a, prior to earnings, regards ecological main products including super television, music boxes, super cell phones, and even future super car, as well as the small treasure, enjoyed super bike, bluetooth headsets and other intelligent terminal sales revenue;

2, to yield, after O2O revenue service including product delivery, installation, activation and debugging after-sales service revenue, at the same time, membership renewal fee will also be lePar important source of income;

three, derivative gains, including sales of accessories products depending on the music and the ecological derivatives, terminal fittings products such as audio, TV accessories, mobile phone accessories, game peripheral products, such as regards ecological derivatives such as movie tickets, concert tickets, sports tickets, wine and other derivative products and services;

4, capital gains, during the cooperation with Letv LePar make a certain contribution to Letv ecological, stock options, have the opportunity to obtain the corresponding amount to share Letv ecological capital of benefits, the next three years Letv holding company will share with LePar 5% stake, according to the current Letv holding company planning, is expected in 2022, all LePar can share stock value will reach 85 billion yuan.

happy holding group vice President, le intelligent terminal group vice President of sales, cheung chi said to the super partner programme can be either commercial agency, also can be a natural person, only need to fill in the information, upload data, to complete registration.

LePar super partner plan implementation will adopt headquarters management as a whole, the way an area fall to the ground, the country is divided into nine large area. When regional representatives came to power pledging, were indeed had a male correct spirited across the yalu river.

happy view will be according to the experience shop level to a certain image LePar subsidies. In addition, the music will give LePar ecological level of resources to support, groups, including huge fans nationwide logistics service system, cloud platform, such as electric business platform, fan community interaction system and user data platform, etc.

at present, LePar experience shop is currently in 500, the country had been LeParr will push ahead with our plans to 3333, 2015, namely, predict to be finished by the end of this year more than 3000 stores opened.

forget one of the most important question, LePar worry Letv mall single behavior. Or it is necessary to introduce, LePar is le CP2C whole process through an extension of the concept of user, is apparent partner, LePar is offline experiences show platform, and after-sales service platform. in LePar service area, le mall with customer if it is done by LePar follow-up service, all LePar is one of the music depending on the carrier of the mall. Or change the idea, Letv hope to set up their own offline system, more hope offline store feedback orders to optimize the allocation of resources.

hunting cloud network learned that in 2014, le see super TV overfulfilled the sales target of 1.5 million, and there is a lack of supply situation to happen. According to cheung chi, 2015 Letv super TV the bottom line is that the supply of 3 million units, to further the sprint to the supply of 4 million units. If each 13% ~ 15% of the profits, LePar should be very clear. Plus Letv super cell phones, Letv super bike, Letv super car… In general, the market prospect is very broad. Of course, there are doubts.

see here, can only say Letv LePar is quite hard, also really easy to follow to the partnership.

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