Lazy bear’s house: the turtle entrepreneurship, the five-star hotel service concept for domestic O2O sector

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cloud housekeeping Xue Shuai said, founder of the housekeeping O2O next year will erupt. Earlier, cloud housekeeping tens of millions of dollars to A round of investment, thousands of millions of dollars in B e home jie round of funding, thousands of millions of dollars in B round, aunt help various financing news attract people’s attention again and again, more entrepreneurs in domestic O2O areas, are more than just the quiet before the storm?

cloud network hunting recently focused on “lazy bear housekeeping is also a domestic service as the breakthrough point of the life service class application, scope of services in the suzhou industrial park, the user can through the web, WeChat, APP (development), domestic service on the web site, the background will be through a tracking service system, combining orders online and offline services.

lazy bear home belonging to suzhou lazy bear home information technology co., LTD., the company was established in April 2014, lazy bear home project set up in November, founder and CEO Feng Shujin is after the 80 British sea turtles, six years of successful experience, used to work in the development of mobile Internet and multimedia products, the idea is committed to providing high quality of the housekeeper type service to the user. Sloth bears the home team with rich experience in five-star hotel service training management and Internet operating experience, the team a total of 16 people.

lazy bear home services include daily cleaning and laundry dry cleaning two categories. The daily cleaning and wipe glass, cleaning, floor waxing, new land clearing and other services. Service details at a glance, including service period, the size of the area of the building, as well as the standard price.

consumers through online payment order, laundry dry cleaning service have full-time personnel to come, including clothes dry cleaning project, curtain (will remove), sofa cover, car cushion, etc. All kinds of clothing prices differ, each order $59, wash cycle for three days. In order to perfect service, lazy bear family in the near future will line nanny project for a long time, and in April to realize the user selected aunt bear the door as domestic online video.

it is known that lazy bear home use service outsourcing model, at present, a total of 500 – bit signed bear aunt, each aunt’s identity is verified by the public security system, to ensure safety. In addition, lazy Xiong Guyou their own training base and training system, bear the aunt will accept the unity of the lazy bear home before mount guard training, training cycle is 2 weeks, guarantee the professionalism of aunt bear.

Feng Shujin told hunting cloud network: “lazy Xiong Guri orders at present in about 110 single, user’s increase rate is growing at 150% a month. Sloth bears no profit, but will continue in the future mining associated with community diversity of community type of value-added services, such as household maintenance, home maintenance, etc., to seek the interests of the growth point. The lazy bear the working capital from team since 3 million, A 10% stake in will give up next to preparation for Pre – A round of funding.”

we think hunting, and even domestic O2O again how to grow, continues to be, society just because of work and life rhythm speeding up, people are more likely to use a spare time in the above interesting lifestyle, instead of being surrounded by housework. Successful O2O enterprises are rapidly accumulating and monopoly offline resources, gradually to points in the field of O2O. Wave in order not to be taken on the beach, sloth bears housekeeper or to do a good job in brand, strengthen the efforts to push, increase the number of cleaning the aunt, improve quality, for consumers to spend money is proportional to the service.

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