Law’s: good wind with force, main I – lawyer law electrical contractor

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“law,” is a legal service electric business platform, core services including civil litigation, criminal litigation, accusing the gold medal services and service. “Law on” will be the target audience to lawyers, micro, small and medium enterprises, as well as ordinary white-collar, expect to solve the information asymmetry, perennial legal services industry since the pain points. Hunting cloud network learned, “law on PC platform launched in March 2014, is currently focusing on developing mobile terminal applications, the” law “, this will be a legal services based on LBS APP, is expected to be launched in August this year.

SanLuan industry, confused users three sorrow, lawyer three

from the beginning of creation, founder and CEO Feng Zehai then saw the long-standing pain points of the law service industry, namely: the industry SanLuan: charge confusion, chaos and confusion of service competition; User three sorrow: ask a lawyer, please lawyer, ask a lawyer insecurity; Three lawyers and confused: no confusion of diabetes mellitus, no professional brand confusion, service and inefficient. So I started in 2012 electric business career in law, and with the depth of the implementation of the national policy of governing the country according to law, the rapid development of Internet and mobile terminals, law, as a legal service electric business platform for new opportunities.

three dimensions a ecological, make legal services simple

Feng Zehai graduated from southwest university of political science and law, legal professional trained he is organized on the expression, when it comes to products and services, the problem of control, “he said of law, an ecological model presents the three dimension – strict standards for legal services in product research and development, lawyers service standard and service standards for security. On the price: transparent, price comparison, standardization; In content: standardization, streamline, digitize, visualization; In terms of quality, to provide users with service guarantee, with a standard to ensure quality. Strive to make the user experience is lighter, faster, more efficient and more vertical.

define I – lawyer, mild vertical legal service operators

at present, the law’s daily live in more than 5000, in 120000, around 1400 seed users, on the profitability of more than 500000. Feng Zehai told hunting cloud network. We also need the user experience of continuous optimization, simplify the procurement process, for example, rich products and services. As the product of the iteration, law of network will become a light vertical legal operators, to provide legal services products, smart legal services, and data analysis.

“+” Internet age coming, I – lawyer (Internet lawyer Internet lawyer) will become the backbone of the construction of the rule of law and legal services market, they can not only provide legal services on the Internet platform, can be more professional lawyers “Internet + traditional sphere”. As I – a promoter of a lawyer, law on thinking and to use the Internet the latest Internet technology to help Internet marketing his lawyer.

in the field of electricity law, law on how to grasp your advantage?

in recent years, the legal services in electricity market is no longer a blank, in the industry gradually emerged green dogs, blended, lawyers and other brands. Feng Zehai convective cloud network: law, should grasp the following several advantages, first of all, as the pioneers of the western region of China legal service electrical contractor, should hold the market; Second, the formation of legal service regulation, law service visualization, LBS and other core technology advantages; In addition, the traditional legal services into product research and development, the lawyer service, service, the third party supervision three dimensions, all aspects of service quality. In addition, we have our own law firms and founding team led by professional lawyers, lawyers association of chengdu and the support of the justice department for the project provide a stable resources online, offline operations. More importantly, our project completed by “, “science and technology independent research and development, product innovation iteration with complete independent intellectual property rights protection.

team structure: the Internet and legal industry integration

cloud network aware, hunting founder Feng Zehai was rated as “top 50 2015 entrepreneurial innovation characters of sichuan province”, has for the first time in 2007, founded the haihua labor dispatch service co., LTD., chengdu to achieve 80 million turnover in 2012. Since then, his team second startup, in the law electric business platform, completed in 2013, “law on” market research, business model of the closed loop to explore and platform architecture and research and development, established “the following year, chengdu science and technology co., LTD.”, the law electricity O2O platform “law on the” formal operation. Team had acquired legal industry and Internet industry veteran, technical team members all have large electric business platform development experience and successful cases.

it is understood that law was evaluated by chengdu “chengdu innovative electric business enterprise” in 2015. In terms of financing, a preliminary plan for 10 million, less than 30% equity financing is mainly used to strengthen marketing, optimize the user experience, as well as the construction of legal service experience store.

project: law,
Company: chengdu, science and technology co., LTD.

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