Law of lawyer letter: mobile legal services O2O, not client fees, moving law of spring rain doctors to do


legal O2O recognized rapidly in recent years by the capital market, there was a batch of forensic O2O fast-growing enterprises. Such as easy method of flux, blended, and the net, justice, wisdom, fighter, green dog net and so on. Hunting cloud network introduces the entrepreneurial teams today, its product advantage for the user consulting intelligent recommendation algorithm.

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law and lawyers, good will have different functional requirements of people on both ends to open space, the public version of the user clicks the asked the lawyer, describe the consulting problem, select the city and the question type to submit a public client can find into the lawyer home page, click on online consulting, one-to-one consultation. Version in the lawyers, lawyers can answer the phone anytime and anywhere China law of net users legal consultation, better help lawyer looking for diabetes mellitus, legal consulting, foreign cooperation. Team tell hunting cloud network, law of letter registered lawyers need artificial certification audit, the lawyer must pass the certification audit to use law of software.

one of the early stage of the lawyer and legal portal law of letter of China law of network cooperation, solve the problem of seed source of user and the user, for the user in the process of solving legal problems, try to explore the lawyer service standardization. Tell hunting cloud network team, law believe the future will not charge directly to the user, will cooperate with the lawyer into form and provide value-added services revenue.

the public side natural law (law) launched a month cumulative 2000 users, growing best; Natural accumulated nearly 600 certified lawyer, lawyer library 5 w lawyer. For the future development, the law of letters tell hunting cloud network: we provide comprehensive legal service for the parties concerned, to help it quickly solve the problem of law, at the same time, it will not lawyer with depth of mobile services.

legal O2O currently in its infancy, there are blind spots a lot. A truly have not appeared in both local and foreign mature legal O2O successful web site is available for reference. Even if legalzoom is stay on online sales of legal documents, from the strict sense, electricity form, rather than a true O2O. Get rid of complicated personalized significant legal document is difficult to standardize the operation, most of them can realize standardized operation, with standardized can realize the scale, so as to reduce the cost and profit. Electricity law and emerging legal O2O websites have mushroomed, this is the way to make constant progress law industry.

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