Laundry O2O tuyere, “wash” whether a share on the margins of society?

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with the development of the Internet back into the real, laundry industry was also natural. The door laundry business has become an important entry layout O2O Internet giant market. , sources say that the Meituan App will be launched soon the door laundry business, enter the laundry O2O market. This is the investment for prosperity of tencent e bag after washing the incoming, another Internet giant laundry O2O industry layout.

but still has many entrepreneurs in giant cracks just need to take a fancy to the market. Hunting cloud network recently focused on the “wash” is a laundry door project, the user can through the mobile terminal or micro letter laundry experience, the current service coverage throughout Beijing.

offline laundry ecological, on-line measured high

laundry O2O brand, currently on the market and have many more scale including “e bag wash”, “wash”, “teddy”, etc., most of them have got a round or rounds of financing. Orders but constantly get funding, expand the complaints troubles such as topic followed, also let many people have questioned on the door laundry.

wash to the founder Jin Shengxi said in an interview with cloud network hunting, O2O laundry company is electricity, through the logistics links, user, and laundry, so the judgment and control of the market is very important, “if do bad, measured can reach 15%, a large number of laundry company because of the dead”.

now offline generally adopt the method of its franchisees, laundry industry brand party, joined the party and consumers to form a chain. For the brand need to do is increasing the number of stores to join, and the extract for individual franchisees. Joining model combined with regional characteristics, these are the cause of offline laundry industry as a whole ecosystem is bad.

laundry services rather than industrial

Jin Shengxi have been stressed in an interview, he thinks the laundry should be as a service rather than the industry, in order to ensure the quality, need to do is to have a man to do the service, rather than put people into the machine to production.

and laundry O2O industry at present, because of the limitation of the cleaner’s manpower and technology have to need to outsource, plus wash before inspection, after washing ironing and qc need to be of service. Therefore, when the laundry amount reaches a certain amount after all aspects of cost is actually in the ascension, but service quality is on the decline, it is also a service on the Internet will appear the problem.

in addition, wash to the filtered to user level, the service people mostly middle-class consumers. While facing the fierce market competition, the Jin Shengxi tell hunting cloud network, before the project to the ground by nine months of research and development, the logistics transit point algorithm was reduced by 60% of the logistics cost, and Germany in one hundred, washing materials enterprise buefa a year of negotiations, got the buefa Beijing’s general agent, washing to the laundry area too at the same time the first docking alipay, after washing to the user-centered, perfect products, innovate.

+ self-built logistics, third party can guarantee user experience?

in terms of logistics, laundry and other logistics, there are a lot of difference between a lot of clothes need suspension, and want to get them to send, that is an order the door twice, so logistics cost will be high. Currently on the market of laundry O2O USES is the self-built logistics mode, to this Jin Shengxi, self-built logistics on the one hand is heavy assets and the problem of high cost, but more important is security issues, has its own professional logistics system, and the self-built logistics.

wash here has the third party logistics in the logistics partner wind and two self-built logistics, complementary to each other in both in some way, the formation of maximization. Now will separate washing and fine washing, garment wash through wind to send, washing the shop factory; Fine cleaning by self-built logistics to send, wash in the factory, only through the distinguish on products to meet the needs of different people.

wash in terms of price to the emphasis on performance, that is to say, wash come not in a low price as the leading. Wash come in terms of business model is simpler, deducted from laundry shop is divided into and the logistics cost, operation and the rest of the charges of packing is profit, after all kinds of products can be output, talent and management system can be output.

wash to officially launched in March 5, 2015, founder Jin Shengxi OIBH BBS administrator, co-founder Li Yuanhui is lily laundry founder, has rich experience and resources. Jin Shengxi told hunting cloud network, since already handled 2000 list, and measured is less than 1%.

never had a laundry industry experience than pure Internet companies, wash to the Internet, the modification of traditional it can take the essence, the communication channels, after-sales service, to reduce the complaints do better, maybe this is the key to development. Wash to the current angel financing has been completed, ongoing pre – a round of funding, then the perfection and expansion of the products, using the advantage of light assets fall to the ground more cities.