Labelled “transparent” injection P2A “treasure” the pleasure of precision farming cloud agricultural credit

(text/Zhang Nanqian)

financing borrowing + agri-businesses support

this year in mid-may when launched the treasure is the pleasure of an Internet financial platform, mainly include financing borrowing and agribusiness support function of two plates. Treasure, co-founder of the pleasure of Jeff lee recently in chengdu convective cloud network said, “the name for the pleasure of his treasure, the so-called is to pursue the pleasure, investors and borrowers tripartite win-win platform, let all people can feel happy; “Treasure” both children, there are treasures mean, moral wealth and growth.” Jeff lee is a CEO of the company, he in chengdu with the telecommunications network technology co., LTD., during the project manager, who introduced the first venture capital project, successfully sold to 360.

in financing loan function within the sector, investors can platform through the pleasure of his treasure to lenders to make capital investment loan, the borrower through an equal, monthly payments of principal and interest, in the form of maturing debt and repayment of the principal and pay interest. Within the agribusiness support plate, the pleasure of his treasure as Internet financial platform, able to provide a series of agribusiness companies in need of help support programs, from the capital, sales, technology, industry chain and other various angles to help agribusiness enterprises.

transparent label + risk control measures

due to a large number of P2P industry platform to run road events such as volume, facing a credibility crisis dilemma; And regulator CBRC clear rules about P2P has not yet been finalized, the industry did not really have a specification. Treasure to innovation the pleasure of a transparent label model (i.e. the real-name invitation for mode), for companies involved in the project to provide real enterprise information and legal information. Treasure to project director, said the pleasure of introducing transparent label is to ensure that farmers need help business enterprise project authenticity and reliability, to gradually establish enterprise credit data accurately.

a P2P platform is the most important risk control measures, the pleasure of his treasure to how to handle? The pleasure of his treasure have a dedicated team of risk control and risk control department, instituted a strict risk control management system and scoring criteria. Loans before the review stage, according to the pleasure of his treasure risk control system and level 3 approval mechanism, risk control team on the borrower’s personal information, such as credit situation, the upstream and downstream contract prior to credit review and due diligence, borrowers and debt related personnel to treasure the pleasure of the office photos, and provide full specified amount of fixed assets (mainly for the car, property, etc.) for the mortgage. Post-loan management phase, the borrower after successful withdrawal, the project manager and the risk control personnel will be real-time monitoring of the enterprise production and operation condition, regularly or irregularly send two personnel to the sites of production and business operation of the enterprise, field investigations and Ming’s visit to the two ways to understand the status of the production and operation of enterprises, financial status, etc., real-time monitoring borrowers repayment ability and willingness of repayment. STH about overdue management, treasure to set up a professional collection team, is responsible for the collection of overdue users, take legal action when necessary to ensure the rights and interests of investors.

three agriculture support + YunNong quotient

who treasure as YunNong business platform and how to operate? First of all, the pleasure of his treasure team can go deep into the rural grassroots agribusiness companies in need of help; Second, will arouse the advantage of the Internet platform, from the perspective of diversified funding agribusiness enterprises, operation, promotion, industry chain integration services.

according to Jeff lee, who treasure embarks on a “cloud agricultural loan” agribusiness enterprises support programs: treasure as intermediary service platform, the pleasure of real-name release through strict risk control checks on the website of the agribusiness projects, investors looking for networks for these projects, private capital to raise a fragmented, realize win-win situation of investors and agribusiness companies.

it is worth mentioning the pleasure of his treasure with the cooperation of Chinese herbal medicine company xuanhanosaurus case recently. According to the pleasure of his treasure team, more than 3000 acres of ronson medicine field, radiation, and so did the surrounding herbalist planting 8000 mu. Recently the company plans to expand 1000 mu planting base, and establish a baking processing plants, need to borrow $800000 to turn over. After research and other risk control steps, ronson chang-lin Yang STH and treasure to the directors of the company has signed a contract into the final stage, the initial loan amount is expected to be 50 ~ 800000.

who treasure team convective cloud network said that at present the pleasure of his treasure mainly through earn intermediary service profit, has launched A round of funding.