Kiss little bao: small micro enterprise Internet service personnel service platform

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as the Chinese public entrepreneurship surges, and public consciousness of strengthening social security, social security and accumulation fund, wage income tax and other personnel agency services become small micro enterprises and workers just need to double. And traditional offline personnel agency service there is a low efficiency, high service charge, opaque, and other abuses. Kiss little baoding who do small micro enterprise personnel service platform, by way of the Internet to micro, small and medium enterprises and their employees to provide fast service, the service standardization, transparent.

small kiss is the Beijing golden zyxel data service co., LTD was launched in July 2014, products related to personnel services, it can through the mobile phone, tablet, PC and so on a variety of ways to deal with social insurance and housing fund for users across the country, the income tax, pay undertakes, employee benefits and other hr business.

kiss co-founder of small Liu Ligong told hunting cloud network, close close small bao with years of experience in human resources service industry as well as understanding of the social security, accumulation fund, and many other professional knowledge, for small micro enterprise, entrepreneurial team, freelancers, leaving group and individual business people to provide hr services. The current service more than 30 provinces and cities throughout the country. Kiss small insurance online registered users so far in July 120000, capture to expend more than 10000 users, this is based on the early natural growth and nearly two months sales teams on the ground of rapid development.

open kiss little App, submit personal information, fill in according to the selection requirements, kiss after the review of small insurance can be dealt with after prepaid phone directly. Asked about kiss small user base will why positioning Yu Xiaowei enterprises and individuals, to hunt Liu Ligong cloud network explained: “small micro enterprise and entrepreneurial teams at the beginning of the company was founded, in order to reduce business management and communication cost, need more quickly solve the problem of personnel, they are rarely as salary welfare social security set up specialized human resources jobs, at the same time we also very small micro enterprises and speed the growth of the space. For individual especially many freelancers, looking for hr service agency service fee is relatively high. , of course, is the focus of the current in the small micro enterprise, but it doesn’t represent the future not services for large enterprises.” Small kiss confirmed at this stage in the aspect of the business to focus on developing of B side, but the focus of future growth is on the C side.

kiss little bao App applies to 10 people, the following small micro enterprise and individual users, but its range is not limited to the user and the Web client companies to provide services for more than 10 people.

in the same field, 51 social security in 2014 jiuhe vc Wang Xiao Wu Shichun millions RMB angel round, the plum blossom vc investment. Get broadband capital in March 2015, yong xuan capital, jiuhe vc series A investment of tens of millions of RMB. 51 social security for the packaging of goods, with the concept of entrepreneurship is protected, did a lot of some product combination, and kiss little insurance is more important to the product technical service level with the clouds, let users more convenient to use, easy to understand, the concept of effective management so as to create products and services.

the author still more promising for online social security services, human resources service is just needs, but small, part of the population of this concept is very fuzzy. Kiss small insurance is small micro enterprise and individual pay social security of the platform, the user’s value or security issues. Liu Ligong tell hunting cloud network, use a small kiss of people divided into two categories: the first is willing to accept and try new things, this group is also the most likely to become the people of the user. The second type is very cautious people, social security is a payment platform, put the money in this platform is an unsafe users the most care about things. Small kiss have alipay interface, for its endorsement by alipay, so users don’t have to worry about the problems of security funds.

small kiss of CEO LeXiaoFei is an old Internet entrepreneurs, also had big Internet project of human resources, has a solid human resource base, co-founder Liu Ligong has many years of experience in enterprise management consulting and group, a former China net school operations vice President, the core technology team are from sohu and the friend.

Liu Ligong tell hunting cloud network, close close small bao will next to provide financial services to small and start-up, continuous optimization function in the product level, to synchronize with PC App side function. Next, close close small insurance will continue to expand team, to the market, now also need market operations people to join the team.

kiss little angel has completed hundreds of millions of yuan, on the next round of financing plan, the other temporary inconvenience revealed more.