Kai-fu lee xiao-ping xu and Mr. CAI three people together, push the “heroes”

(word/qing nan)

it is well known that Mr Lee’s entrepreneurial works is very precise to grasp industry trends, xiao-ping xu is very serious fund known as the most inclusive early investment institutions, Mr. CAI is the domestic well-known grassroots investment leader, is three level of domestic investment institutions, each has its own characteristics.

now they walked three together, make three cooperation is a public welfare social entrepreneurship orientation programs “heroes”, hope to integrate the three advantage resources and business leaders at an organic whole, excavation technology entrepreneurial talent, develop high-tech entrepreneurial competence, gave birth to a new generation of high-tech enterprises.

in the process of activities, the three agencies will also to invest in the heroes of the high quality project, in addition, can also be in the direction of strategic decisions, products, marketing, brand marketing, operations management, team building and so continue to provide support for entrepreneurs.

it is understood that the activity first by xiao-ping xu’s suggestion, and dominated by innovation works, very serious funds and Mr. CAI long investment participation. After innovation works was once cast in the project founded the brotherhood, new class, with lee, the heroes can be regarded as a new class of upgrade.

founded on why the heroes, kai-fu lee said, with a large number of angel investors, domestic entrepreneurial opportunity more, but also increased the difficulty, individual angel investors to entrepreneurs to help is limited, it is also compared to silicon valley remains to be improved and provide ways, so and very serious fund and investment cooperation together, hope a good start for business environment.

according to introducing, “heroes” applicants only the pioneering project founder, have a clear direction of the core team, for its business areas: consumer Internet/mobile Internet (tools), media, community, entertainment, intelligent hardware, traditional industry to the Internet (retail, service, education, health care, financial), enterprise service, etc., its business program has not yet been financing or financing.

since March 5, the heroes first project open application, registration as of April 10, the limit of 40, 5 – September will be carried out during the lecture, all free in the process of learning.