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cloud network hunting note: recently, pan shiyi, chairman of SOHO China and innovation works, chairman and chief executive, lee to do the business related to share. Lee says, more than 30 years old is the golden age of entrepreneurs.

the following is the content of the interview selection:

about business partner

lee: if you have a dream, just like we think about the film inside China partners, founder of a few, actually this scold each other, noisy, don’t agree with, fall off the chair, heard that is fall next to the chair of the room, had occurred, but their ideal is China’s strong, and the necessity of going, let them together, let them create the miracle.

pan shiyi: we do anything, a person is impossible. If it is to get everyone together, each one’s ability, each person’s intelligent degree, degree of wisdom could be different. But the most important foundation is to trust each other, only trust can go forward step by step. Now I see a lot of failure, not because of problem of the project, is not a problem because of the development direction, is not enough trust between partners. This was not enough trust with selfish actually has a lot to do these things. I think this is one of the biggest business, difficult.

in the entrepreneurial process, both husband and wife, partner, or his ability and character difference is particularly important. After we want to understand this truth, our company is even better, the family is becoming more and more good, have listed at the end of the company, development to today, I think this is an idea, sometimes. Sometimes you see is a particularly negative thing, think of the what all don’t understand me, the results of looking back on it, actually this kind of difference, complementary is a foundation.

about peoples entrepreneurship

lee: first, most want to entrepreneurship is Facebook, baidu, fish and so on such top high-tech entrepreneurship, this kind of business is the most valuable to the economy, because it is a company that can produce the outbreak of a nonlinear growth, also we want to do in the heart, the most desirable. Said this kind of business honest, really not suitable for everyone, even one thousand people there is only one person can do.

really can’t think of your every business as high-tech entrepreneurship, another 999 people wanted to do something, probably there are 500 people can obtain employment, another 499 what is the opportunity? Actually are in change, the whole society in ascension, we can see today a bit if we generalized the sharing each participating economy, every self-employed as a beginner, I think this has reached a certain level really is the goal of public business, we need to clear the division of the high-tech venture with their self-reliance, make some money difference, can even be exaggerated, perhaps you can do much more.

because this part of entrepreneurship is born with independent, self-confident, execution, encounter setbacks, as a learning experience, and constantly break-in, constantly learning, growing, can be met with such a large compressive ability, learning ability, ability to execute people really is only one, we think these are the core of quality. Is that it has a very strong core, there are several qualities, is a very powerful executive ability, this is one of them.

the second, to the product, the user is very profound understanding; Third, learn to focus, not to become a wise man think too big problem, too much; Finally there is a strong leadership, can put this together.

business industry choose

pan shiyi: if I were still young today, catch up with The Times, I think I should go to do the online education, online education is the best, it is a real change to people. Built the house, it doesn’t really big impact on the society, only the change of the people, oneself change is the most fundamental change that society.

lee: actually I think I’m from young until today to science and technology as well as holding the special dream, so I since the childhood has been determined to do scientists, engineers, and this is never changed. Just older, I feel is really a group of entrepreneurs from the inside, I was really an engineer, professional managers, perhaps but I don’t think I’m a heart there is a Wolf entrepreneurs. So after a little a bit older, perhaps in more than 35 years old, I think the biggest change to the world people are entrepreneurs, we should do these not suitable person for entrepreneurs service entrepreneurs. So I will continue to do my twenty engineers, more than 30 years old start services for entrepreneurs.

about college students’ entrepreneurship

li: there are quite a few of a batch of graduation can startup of young people, it is particularly special in China, because in the whole world, in addition to the United States we see one another’s pioneering and even drop out of school graduation, from Microsoft to facebook, why not China? I think there will be in China. Among innovation factory we see more and more young people, we feel more than 30 years old is gold entrepreneurs, experienced, with an average age of from 5 years ago now 31 fell to 27 years old, is an average of 27, young entrepreneurs have 21 years old, the youngest just graduated 21, 22, we all have to vote.

now China’s environment has grown over the years, there is a group of university graduates, when they read the university in trying to work, try to business, to startups to do a summer job, oneself do a small project, do something in school of incubator, graduated in fact already has experience, has been involved in. So I think today’s college students, the individual should know if I can meet the demand of the minority, but I can’t say don’t graduated from college students own company was born as a handful of genes and experience accumulation, is can do that.

pan shiyi: there are a lot of entrepreneurship are university graduation, like Bill Gates and so on, but my point is to finish their studies. For someone like Bill Gates are all geniuses, but each one of us, or want to step by step, study in the school, or to study it well. As for business, and after this time.

about VC see project

lee: actually the entire investment structure is what you said is 36 months later want to see, actually I don’t think the guild regulations of VC and hope once in place, in the VC how to let you describe a phased target, give you enough money to achieve this goal. This goal is usually within a year to a year and a half of the target. This benefit is hope valuations investors in constant scrolling, growth continues to intervene, round round of financing, this is the human in the past 100 years after many accumulated wisdom of the financing way. May of course have this shortcoming, let a person more short-sighted, only look at 18 months. But it is not a better model.

as an entrepreneur, we should accept the rules of the game, don’t speak anything too far, too big, let people don’t know me money in what’s going to happen. If you can cut your business is divided into 18 months of a lattice, what am I going to do the following ABC, within 18 months I replied a user acceptance or solve the problem of what science, or how many users, or how much to sell, or how many people use, and so on, give yourself a phased goal, confirm the target more than you now require valuation, I think investors may be more to accept the rules of the game of a feeling. Do you think we can this three to five years later, they may be difficult to accept.

about social responsibility

pan shiyi: entrepreneurs to your industry at first, this is the biggest social responsibility. Because unlike some mature big business, so I think as far as possible to give you money, investors for reasonable use, every penny you undertaking the project, provide services or to provide something useful to the society, something valuable, this may be the first step, the biggest social responsibility. Wait your entrepreneurial success, the company do big, pay attention to the problem of the social responsibility of much more special, actually the problem of education, the environment problem, I think this is the second step.

you should do is to change the society, promote the social progress, to make our society better, is the young people to master the weapons of the Internet, to start a business. We can do is one thousand ways to support you. The real power is the power of entrepreneurship, the world is here, along with the Internet technology.

li: in some specific industry, maybe you can put your products in the process of entrepreneurship in under the precondition of no loss of some social value. But yourself with other people money, so risky, donate the money, this may be difficult to balance the expectations on both sides of the investors. But some of the positive work for some employees also can boost their morale, think is worth doing. Is to spend some time doing some win-win donation might be a little profit to do.

there is a foreign company I recognized in particular, the way he do is he donated his 1% of the profits from the global are small examples, do not rule out that kind of thing, because 1% will not seriously affect your financing, growth, but how to use 1%, can also be one over one thousand, every enterprise can judge for yourself.

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