Join the + lemon era and operated model do custom APP in colleges and universities, the crack can face the life?

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cloud network hunting note: Liu Fupeng headquarters officially announced on behalf of lemon era, lemon era has won millions of angel investment, Liu Fupeng tell hunting cloud network is December 14 years to get the investment, investors an angel investor in Beijing. (lemon era is also the project of hunting docking cloud network investment and financing platform, had earlier on.)

the campus market has become a business battleground, various types of colleges and universities related products also court, capital market is absolutely sure on campus, delivery, logistics, social networking, installment, the service life, etc., exactly what students really need? Who can have the last laugh? Waits for time, the test of the market.

hunting cloud network recently had an interview with the custom APP of entrepreneurial teams Liu Fupeng, founder of the platform should be to talk about college life? After listen to the 90 students and entrepreneurs to view of college life is 90 colleges and universities.

what is lemon era?

have to say that over the same period of 14 years, compared to online platform for the local colleges and universities life lemon slower development of the era, Liu Fupeng tell hunting cloud network: the reason is that compared to other teams do local campus life, they are vertical, lemon era is open, the development platform, college life APP one-to-one customization model, adopting team directly + join the campus student model, build the exclusive APP, rather than a product model of farmland and so on regional expansion cannot achieve rapid replication, combined with the campus student team’s liquidity and parts inert, execution and other problems of the product growth is slow.

pattern adjustment

when initially launched lemon era, customize the APP did not use retail mode, is to want to entrepreneurship students’ autonomous operation, the way of students to join into the lemon era, the future will be as a branch of the era of lemon, lemon era headquarters will give students do product operation and promotion, as well as some simple technical training. But as the test of time, the problem is here.

in the first place, school students are mostly with vigor, but often they don’t hold out much longer, executive force is also a big problem, as business is one of the few truly, many students sense of responsibility is not strong, often delayed product promotion process, enhancing the operation, the promotion cost; In addition to product operation and promotion, seemingly simple things, is not a simple training can crash, many things still need lemon team to do, Liu Fupeng started really simple to think of this matter.

lemon team began to adjust mode, in the school student autonomous operation can be done, on the basis of the main operating area needs that the dense city in retail management in colleges and universities, has been built for 18 provinces 60 universities exclusive APP, will reach 100 APP recently, the guangdong most, there are 9 universities.

custom APP is lemon era?

lemon era has a custom APP process, based on the prototype APP template, according to the academic environment of each school on the basis of the original, module name, increase or decrease, products and services are divided into the surrounding and social services and university square, in addition to the , and did eat and drink, learning, entertainment, health care, dry cleaning , etc., there are also some frivolous things, such as fact, lost and found, the secondary market, etc., is a campus life service platform .

Liu Fupeng tell hunting cloud network, campus students on a custom APP has a lot of recognition, because the APP is the school students, and the name was named after the school district, school students will produce a natural sense of belonging and trust.

understanding of campus life platform

Liu Fupeng said, when in fact he want to do the first startup takeout, but found that students who want to and not only food and drink, such as the student need to transport at ordinary times, need to release club activities, need to organize fellowship, and so on, in a nutshell, student life demand very fragmented , campus life platform is not a vertical big lay; Moreover entrepreneurship when making products in colleges and universities, must see group team members are students, whether it is true that school user requirements; Finally consider the user future conversion rate , because students users exist a lot of liquidity.

90 entrepreneurs advice

1) think of do, executive force is the most important; 2) good want to do it again, do not blindly; 3) low cost trial and error, quick adjustment.