Jingle: one, three minutes, small white also can create the App

(text/Yang Sihui)

cloud network hunting note: jingle Dingdone is nanjing thick build software limited liability company to develop new mobile operating platform, self-help production support cross-platform mobile application development, adaptation in iOS, Android, officially launched in December 2014, currently has more than 40000 users.

how much does it cost to make an APP and time? Application of App, a simple life is not dependent on the background, design, development, development period, need 2 weeks plan + test + + communication changes need 2 weeks, about a month, back and forth and look at the team quality and making price should be at 30000 ~ 30000. Some games App, complex Taiwan before and after the App higher cost and production time. That is to say, in the absence of a strong financial backing, a blind want to create a common technology belongs to own App is almost impossible. And the emergence of “jingle” make the App easier and grounding gas.

by jingle, users need programming, no development, no outsourcing, don’t even have to design, anyone can create, manage, and generate a cloud platforms don’t have the characteristics of their native applications, an APP from scratch only need a person, 3 minutes. Have learn singing, I middle, reading, good tea, honeycomb yongzhou, such as posters, more than 40000 apps by jingle generated.

jingle, to provide users with different functional modules provide NativeSDK, let iOS and Android native modules can be embedded and application. At the same time, the H5 SDK and H5 API, to the performance of the APP is more flexible. Jingle allows users to embed their H5 module and H5 page, and can and native interface module, the underlying interface, content, interface, animation such as interaction, let users can easily transplant and docking of the original system of development, including the application letter. Calls by the underlying interface, the user’s H5 page can call on a mobile device address book, camera, GPS, and gravity accelerators, and other functions.

competing goods, there have been many such as application of elves, moab, Appnow free App platform. But usually curing positioning, users need to choose the category such as campus edition, community edition, and each type of App look very similar. COO liujun tell hunting cloud network: “jingle from software level to make a difference, rather than on the product operation of promotion, we are through the template + module choice, also can form a variety of changes in appearance.”

the jingle around variability also in to try and try, in the near future will join the modular management, various performance mode allows the user to page. In addition, jingle to expand in the field, Angle do personalized processing on the label. Liujun tell hunting cloud network: “jingle wanted to do was that the future users can use jingle spell like taobao App, in each vertical industry, will be the birth of one or more generated by our platform’s famous App.”

for future development, liujun to introduce cloud network hunting, jingle has two goals. The first stage: hope more lovers APP can use jingle quickly create their own APP, the APP. Open more API, the second stage: let more developers into the platform, and developers do more the extension of the industry, to launch “APP store”, let developers do more vertical, distinctive APP, do custom APP for no technology, the future of jingle have senior developer, there is also a primary user, forming a good APP ecosystem.

on the profit model, liujun tell hunting cloud network, jingle won’t profit as considerations point in early. “We don’t want to charge the user space, domain name profit, hope that through jingle App can create value, when they create value, nature also reflect on the jingle.”

now jingle team and contribution are from thick to build the company, the underlying content management and application layer r&d engineers more than 30 people.