Jingdong formally launched the raise, adopt “brought the additive with” mode

cloud network hunting note: today afternoon, jingdong announced formally launched the raised platform. Jingdong stake the raise will take “brought the dosing and” mode, help enterprises solve the problem of financing difficulties, the second is, with the permission of the legal environment compliance in accordance with the law to help more people to share the risk investment returns.

jingdong Jin Lin stake the raise chief, said jingdong stake in the on-line will effectively raise connecting enterprises and investors. Jingdong stake the raise, will help entrepreneurs to broaden the financing channels, and revitalize the whole finance market.

Jin Lin introduction, jingdong is established for management team, after on the one hand, help led people to coordinate resources and support entrepreneurial enterprises to do big, on the other hand, regular and irregular supervision enterprises to raise funds, the use of supervision and led people to perform the duties of single people.

for all the industries that failed to raise capital, for the management team will also examine whether the cause of the failure and the infringement to the interests of the people. In addition, jingdong refer to the provisions of the regulations at home and abroad, also requires to raise the success of the business enterprise financial report disclosure once a year, and timely disclosure of all kinds of major operational and strategic issues. Led shall quarterly disclosure of a tracking report, for some categories of entrepreneurial projects, after considering offering real data monitoring.

jingdong stake the raised platform through screening and reliable project, qualified investors certification, after effective investment management aspects to protect the interests of the investors, will also be relying on the core of jingdong entrepreneurial ecosystem resources, business enterprise more support.

in addition, jingdong financial also set up a venture fund, high-quality entrepreneurial project support from the capital level.