Jingdong $170 million strategic investment kingdee: 10% of the shares

kingdee international software group, announced today that have obtained jingdong hk $1.3 billion ($171 million) cash injection, 10% of the shares. The two sides will hand in hand for the small and medium-sized enterprises to provide ERP integration solution based on cloud services.

in the agreement, according to the investment of the subscription price of hk $4.6 a share, for the 15 trading days prior to the signing of the agreement kingdee daily closing price of the average. The deal is expected to completed in the second quarter of 2015.

for jingdong, focused on kingdee in except electricity enterprise customer long-term accumulation and long ties. In more than 20 years, kingdee worldwide has more than 400 companies, hospitals and government organizations to provide software products and cloud services, users, more than 50 million, the no.1 of small and medium-sized enterprise ERP market for ten consecutive years.

at present, jingdong has began to expand outside electricity system, including finance, logistics, home services, investment in kingdee after more conducive to expand to the periphery. Liu expressed, kingdee is jingdong ideal partner. To further explore the jingdong first-class e-business and logistics leading IT solutions and kingdee ERP solutions that integrate, migrated to enterprise cloud platform, will integrate scheme in order to better satisfy the growing market of China’s enterprise solutions.

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