Jia Yueting took out the “poison apple”, who will die?

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recently, the domestic mobile phone manufacturers of the conference appeared an interesting phenomenon: to fighting with apple. Everyone to stand up and claim to upset the apple, although the stunt was never truly for many years. Can overturn aside, anyway can touch it, and the apple even know will be fun, domestic manufacturers still boldly to the cause.

Letv turn this time. Yesterday, the . Obviously, Jia Yueting took out a poisoned apple “, on the surface looks very attractive, but who ate a poisoning, and even death. So, who will become the victim?

want to “poison apple” basic no

in Jia Yueting thoughts, the core means of poisoned apple has two: first, the establishment of new open; Second, give developers and users is absolutely free. At least on the word, the above two points is apparent from eggs “can pick out only the bone”. But really open and free will upset the apple?

in the development of the Internet industry, we almost never see a certain enterprises to establish a completely open and absolute freedom of ecological pattern. What’s more, the absolute freedom and openness, and the user is certainly a good thing. Letv pulled a hover is not to put, apple for developers to put forward the application development of specifications is very demanding. Is, apple’s app store the rules of the perennial problems of uncertain, but it is the relatively closed, brings the most safety and stability for the user. Such closed, both has brought the profit for the enterprise, and brought a relatively the best experience for the user. Why must be closed down the so-called?

contrary to apple, Google Android provides open and free for developers and users. But the resulting price is also high. The Android system, hardware, ecological fragmentation brought good user experience, but also it is difficult to directly profit through Google Android. Moreover, Google is not an open person, it USES the Android trapped relies heavily on buddy on it. The fact is, on the surface of the opening is the biggest closed.

le regard both to find a reason to upset the apple, but also from the heart know Android so-called open huge drawbacks, therefore chose almost “vacuum” – between the open loop. In Android and iOS mobile OS the rule in the world, so far haven’t a “subversive” in the existence and development of the cracks in success. Jia Yueting seems to understand this, throughout the conference, and depending on a dime a dozen in pr articles, also did not exactly clear what is open loop.

when both the most powerful poison does not seem to be too big effect, so joy as super phones so-called subversion also reduced to only depend on the hardware configuration of piled up the so-called high “price” to flirt with apple. Not a few people do it, millet, huawei, meizu, hammer to do so. But so far, no one has been successful. If the light from the hardware parameters and manufacturing material, Letv super phone is indeed a most tempting poison apples.

however, apple’s win, from the start, don’t stay on the ratio of the so-called. Apple basically never rely on hardware parameters on running points first, configure the most to attract and retain users. Apple never do first, don’t even want to do first. It is good at gather many of our advantage, and through the perfect promotion, caused the appearance of a “first” to the user. Perhaps apple hardware indicators, is not the first, but through the organically integrated, with the most excellent overall performance.

in other words, want to rely on the so-called hardware cost performance to challenge apple, is wrong. What’s more, apple’s soft power is also a commanding lead Android friends. Hard and soft two level of accumulated for many years, not a bunch of people in a short period of time such as Letv can catch up with.

apple is guise, challenge the millet is the destination (one of)

Letv more super apple mobile phone is to be done, as it is to some extent in the fighting and millet. Jia Yueting super plan and lei jun millet phone model is too much coincidence. Millet fans are economic, le regard one thousand participants in doing mobile phone projects; Millet had to rely on the so-called ultra-high performance, music as super phone pricing also basically is toward enthusiasts group; Millet, relying on the unprecedented success of the Internet marketing model, see also seems to be going the expressways.

, lei jun was planning to use fake apple way to combat the Android companions, and more and more competitors begin to “long skill with barbarians”. Features in the Android camp in China, most of the vendors on the cover of upset the apple, in an attempt to replicate the success of millet, and instead. When China mobile phone manufacturer in his crusade against apple, they are in fact millet to turned the first exists in the mountains. Hunting cloud network editor you don’t want to believe that joy silly to think that has the ability to skip the millet, a direct challenge to apple.

if so, the odds of visual and how many? Cloud network editing thought, hunting Letv can now poisoning (reverse) the possibility of millet remains low. Millet pattern in the development, when lei jun has also been gradually layout ecosystem, Letv super phone open ecology basically do not have any advantage. Letv mode again, meanwhile, to some extent, in the same mistakes millet, and is still in a backward state. More importantly, millet patterns can be copied again and even a certain success, but lei jun cannot be copied. Other vendors, including Jia Yueting boss, no one can become the second lei jun. This is like no one can become the second jobs. Millet success is more important is that lei jun, pattern is only just done the right thing at the right time (for those routes, on the tuyere of the pig).

so, optimal soil and suspended the iQIYI?

if reading from the aspects of profit model, then Letv super cell phone seems to be in the study of the amazon Kindle successful formula. To fly with is almost a “stick” to the price of the sales of hardware, and by bundling in hardware, software and services to make money. Jia Yueting commitment, who paid $499 to buy music depending on the annual fee members of users, can be in regard to buy super phone 1 ($1499) for the fees of 300 yuan. That is to say, if the user a purchase Letv years fee as a member of the five years, will be able to get Letv super phone 1 for free.

so, joy, it seems, are still not out of their own business, which buy hardware way to make money out of audio and video content services.

Letv do this style, can be said to be from the previous Letv super TV relatively successful. When the copyright wars, the worse, homemade play hard bearing mainstay function, opening up new port, extend the original advantage, access to a wider range of member users become Letv priority.

soil and iQIYI also see the importance of opening up new port, but the two had involved in the mobile phone business of basic ended in failure. So far, the value of this port remains to be explored. But in any case, this for Letv are told investors and the chance of a good story.

Letv mobile phone that is very danger, most likely average computer-virus


Jia Yueting poison apples, the star is really can kill the opponent is bad to say, but there is a huge hidden trouble for yourself. Here, the cloud network editor jun just hunting to analyze two personal view:

the first, the problem of supply chain is very difficult, le see super mobile phones 1 Pro happy as super Max is likely to become a concept of the product. Jia Yueting pointed out that Letv super phone components suppliers are basically apple samsung’s partners, and in Letv super numerous components of the cell phone, some is the major supplier of the latest flagship. For previous Letv never gain a foothold in the mobile phone market, the supply chamber of commerce has given special care to what extent is difficult. Although Jia Yueting commitment, on May 5, depending on the mall will be ready for the 300000 enjoyed depending on the phone, but did not say three kinds of music depending on the super their share of the phone. Especially considering the Pro 1 and Max greater difficulty in manufacture craft, the two more attractive products, is likely to become thirsty merlin. And in so doing, will produce very bad user experience. Maybe millet can top up the user’s ridicule, but joy don’t necessarily have the ability.

in the second place, the future profit model, a good story to see the beginning, not guess the ending. If le looked really hope through the way of hardware bundled service to make money, so this is a very good story. And millet, the success of amazon proves this point. But for now, see you spell too malicious, business exhibition front it too long. As the cloud network editor hunting jun analysis, if a user bought 5 years depending on the membership service, then the value of the user is likely to be in a period of time. Even if the user switch phones in two years, Letv there is no better promotion, can retain users again. In addition, with high copyright costs (top IP will still be very high), Letv building cars, Letv intelligent household and so on have rolled out of the plan, Letv phones are hard to be hematopoietic machine. Although Letv phone story is full of imagination, but the end is not necessarily good.

what Letv this poison apple, who will put the poison, let us to polish eyes, look at how the magician Jia Yueting feet, duplicity, pick up the slack.

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