Jia jia ma: dialogue after worship and attacks on how to play female community

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filed ma jia jia, she had already been the subject of people a lot of labels: Internet, after 90, entrepreneurial mindset, sex toys, humor and mavericks. Born in 1990, she has a different way of thinking and doing things, which generate alternative experience.

in 2012, graduated from the university will open sex toy shop, after less than a year and a half, and bring your own bubble no science and technology co., LTD., founded in sanlitun flagship store, and on the Internet in a unique personality. Is, therefore, in 2014 for her is a year in the life most tired, deal with the unprecedented to swarm of despoliation, blind worship, unprovoked attack, also therefore bring N kind of opportunity, N, N, N times of trial and error.

today, after the bubble is not “close”, ma jia jia and embarked on a new journey. On the one hand, is a fashion magazine editor in chief of the new media group, on the other hand again, introduced to a new High at female community, the carrying her new dream, as she wrote the article in the New Year “at least dry into something very cow force of”.

, for the moment, High is more like a women move q&a community App, content basically is the large-scale style, topic from the “kissing with her boyfriend, where his hand will be” to “how to eradicate male tickets those reluctant ambiguous object” etc are involved. In addition, in the community of “war Biao” “day food” “fresh meat” “Gay honey” the vocabulary of this kind of style is distinct.

this seems to fit the horse allison personal style, also as earlier ma jia jia fuli Renaissance hotel team in Beijing to give new products did a special conference party, matt, nude model, the network red, such as convergence, also known as the world’s most good conference.

may experience from some fans to question, from the carnival to silence fell, from peak to trough, ma jia jia’s mentality and the idea is more practical or feasible.

therefore, hunting cloud network interview the ma jia jia himself, below is the interview ma jia jia’s interview in full transcript:

hunting cloud: please introduce “High” a word.

jia jia ma: 22 century most red but as soon as the new female community.

cloud: hunting High class target audience locate in?

jia jia ma: influenced by American culture grew up in a new generation of girls, not clever, and not die. Neither milk tea, or pan cream frost girl Emma Watson.

pursuing the sexy, like wearing TOPSHOP, AmericanAppreal motion wind “short and tight dew”, buy a vintage Chanel jewelry.

will go to the gym, tanning, high requirement to the appearance, has a rich knowledge of plastic. High IQ, intelligent, humorous, can learn and play. Chen has a very significant skill, will also be able to livehouse. Both men and women like, don’t Biao unpretentious, good fellowship, provoking flow and handout spirit.

pursuing “dating” culture, in love, can do his girlfriend, make friends, comrades. Don’t output NingChongGan, oppressive feeling. Love sex.

the dirty straight men, against materialized Biao, Liu Qi, against Mary Sue, however.

hunting cloud: simple introduce the founding of the company and the specific time.

jia jia ma: last February, I began to mass within the scope of the red was black, but the product is in January of last year began to plan. Around march to find my partner, sonny, July has formed a team now. Angel investment in September.

cloud: hunting High competitors have? Compared with “High” product advantage? What are those?

jia jia ma: we only have users thinking, not thinking competing goods.

in women in the community, the niche than beautiful said aunt, but vanguard.

q&a community than vertical zhihu, easily.

community emotion has a gap, we will do no. 1.

in daily social products, let a person more than weibo, circle of friends.

in the release of nature products, than to have positive energy, are helpful to the user.

cloud: hunting conference that day, what did you do a feminist PPT, but did not speak a lot of, can explain the feminism and what are the connections between “High”?

ma jia jia: we promoting relationship, is a real personality in the sense of independence. Chinese love, before pursuing is breeding. All for the purpose of breeding, general train of thought is, with “I have what condition” to replace “what are you going to give me”. In the face of a boy like fault before, now should take advantage. Will appreciate the advantages of each person, praise, praise. Forget, “I was born child you buy”, “you are responsible for me”, “you men I don’t have”, but these ideas will not have now?

the real love is, I appreciate you, we draw nutrients from each other, we are not in order to forever together. Through a relationship, we see others in the eyes of the world, also from the perspective of others, see the new himself. Under this grow up together, both of them get a better life. The possession, coercion, control, aggression, accompanying and symbiotic. Don’t regret, a lot of things, is a kind of and doomed fate, no one likes to perfection.

hunting cloud: “High” belongs to fashion group internal or independent product? According to the data, you are now joining fashion media group, serving as a magazine editor in chief of the new media, and whether the conflict between “High” co-founder?

jia jia ma: the independence of fashion group to participate in the investment company, not conflict.

hunting cloud: “High” founding members have? Now a team situation how? (probably how many? Heard you UI team a lot, if the product pretend bility was 100%, the UI team, please put the product pretend bility soar? Your account for how many?)

ma jia jia, founder of I, sonny, and a former idol singer. About 20 people team.

the UI, as if has not full-time, product manager and a children painting after 95, foreign aid, etc. Welcome to our company. Everyone is a liberal, what can do, bacteria have art.

appearance level rank first in our culture. Entire company come in time, also ugly out after six months, the cosmetic surgery a month holiday every year, good work performance subsidy funds. Programmers are eating salad everyday, manicure.

hunting cloud: application development on the market at present is to have a good women, but not unique, your team do this product, because the rise of feminism? Or other indirect why we couldn’t think of?

ma jia jia: people not enough segmentation, mass profiling, cannot satisfy the needs of people like me.

cloud: hunting team on product and the company long-term what kind of? What’s the plan on the establishment of the business model, or temporary not consider?

jia jia ma: people more segmentation, image, the more obvious, commercialization, the better. Our users are specific to, for example, she wore Topshop, AA. We mainly touch is very close from consumerism, have advocated, materialistic, a sense of security, not to save 88-00 girl. Has strong spiritual kernel, can appear the real power of the brand, to redefine the popular, even affect a whole generation of women idea. In plain English is close to the money, but was never meet a group of people.

there is the right person will not worry about commercialization, consider to do after the Spring Festival.

cloud: hunting so far product users and growth?

jia jia ma: conference within 3 days, ios android market are no online and no extension under the premise of 10000 + users, installed around thirty thousand. Target before the Spring Festival 150000, should be overfulfilled.

hunting cloud: I see the android version of the website to write in the medallion, excuse me the android version about when can you online?

jia jia ma: android version week conference line. We have been planning the future of 4 version. Will, in turn, iteration.

hunting cloud: “High” how to get the seeds of the first batch of users? Ma jia jia is a personal brand drive acquaintances to join or embodied in the product operating?

jia jia ma: I know a lot of KOL, but won’t let them give me face, I never do in the kidnapping of a friend, based on her love products, like our definition of a new girl and to shape the way of life, hope to participate in this atmosphere, we will be sincere invitation.

KOL so much, how are the first screening of who is right, is the right; The second seed users with what want to be a seed, is not at me, or is to define the “new girl”, either High can provide for the value of other places, such as nature released safely.

is regularly between KOL theme party on one hand, on the one hand, to has the ability to hold new community itself. Typical user relationship will develop to line down, consider produce regular broadcast, film and television works.

cloud: hunting experience product, it found that the star in the community of users, some only one time to ask questions, to this phenomenon, excuse me, are they give you face or products not to let them settle?

jia jia ma: after the official launch will see normal operation, testing, now a lot of people don’t talk, but spend a lot of time to brush every day.

cloud: hunting products login link in the test is a bit “abnormal”. My colleague (straight) experience product was tested three times (or as a pseudo straight through), the algorithm returns the dalai! These problems show each user are the same? Or according to the user login access to data analysis, different problem appears to the user?

jia jia ma: question bank is randomly distributed, questions and answers is elaborate, to really achieve through screening, draw a line, must have the “mind”.

hunting cloud: in addition to the star users, the present new into ordinary users and talent currently active for?

jia jia ma: a lot of people brush to 4 o ‘clock at night every day. I didn’t see the background, but my feeling is that weibo every day a lot of people @, android users have been rush, said urine quickly rush out. High on some 95 after group, can’t find my complaints and say to those in the group of high show off in an ostentatious manner into the palace empress. Circle of friends every day to see screenshots. Every day there are a lot of target users of various users also bubble inside, to see the name of the product. All release of, ha ha.

hunting cloud: if a “High” to choose a product spokesperson, who would you choose?

jia jia ma: well, ray Hannah and PangMaiLang. After all, is my husband.

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