Jawbone and financing? One year later the valuation is $3 billion

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Jawbone day difficult. This from the news about its financing (rumors) can see out.

last February, Recode the quoted sources said the Jawbone in the new round of $250 million in financing, was given a $3.3 billion valuation. One year later, was also revealed that, from the Recode Jawbone has completed a new round of $300 million in financing, valued at $3 billion.

Jawbone today’s dilemma comes from many aspects. Fitbit has been in the market is still not fully development, occupy absolute advantage; In addition, apple, samsung giants such as piling; Millet and so on one batch of ultra low-cost bracelet began. Troops there in the former Nemesis, and then, Jawbone have problems of their products. Up 3 bracelets users complain because “allegedly excessive publicity”.

in the face of the scene, Jawbone for giant flange news has been heard. Google, apple, and even a Facebook, and the company was a gossip.

Jawbone very bullish on the prospect of a wearable device itself. Unfortunately, now the Jawbone is likely to become giants such as apple user habits “martyrs”.

for Jawbone, now has the same die to a critical period. By introducing entry-level cheap bracelet, Up 4 new product with NFC payment function, Jawbone and game changing opportunities? Hunting cloud network editor you personally think there is hope, but relatively remote. Actually, not only is the Jawbone, wearable health bracelets will shuffle year, will be able to resist the invasion of Watch Apple and counter attack such as millet bracelet, will determine the future fate of Jawbone and other manufacturers (Jawbone’s main business is still a sound manufacturing).

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