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cloud network hunting note: Lightricks Enlight’s image processing application with its “tall” configuration attracted public attention. Whether it can replace other map software on the supremacy, will keep on practicing and polished over? Listen to stretch to cloud network editor king hunting.

deal with the application of image is filled with every corner of the app store, and as the technology improved function is getting stronger and stronger. Original VSCO Cam interface and powerful filters have attracted extensive film photography enthusiasts. And them to cope with the challenges also launched a new design. Last month was named best new application HDR Darkroom is equipped with professional level curve editor application. So, for the application of image processing, the highest frequency users use, the existing product has provided the perfect solution?

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A called Enlight universal image processing software since shortly after the release would attract public attention, Enlight photography from well-known software developers Lightricks, they have launched the popularity of the portrait Facetune beautify the application. It is the official introduction of “modification application of the mobile phone, Enlight one is enough”. I am a fervent VSCO powder, for such a high-profile declaration, I remain skeptical. Enlight whether really can do it “instead of” fine?

Enlight should be I have seen the most complete of the function of image processing applications, but it is the shortcoming of it first. Familiar with and master the application can be a daunting and confusing process. Mad because of complex function in an application, often makes people do not want to use. And try to activate any characteristic application and pop-up full-screen use tutorial will instantly dispel your experience. If the user thinks so, that’s really a pity. Because once you got the hang of, Enlight based user pages do is fairly good.

Enlight picture mode to do very well. Unlike Darkroom and VSCO. (both choose picture mode). The page scroll left into the photo editor, choose what you want in on the left side of the border editing images, Enlight more powerful feature is you can see your specific process of editing images.

edit process is reversible and operating options that you can always return to the previous steps or optional undo and restore your edit, before and after the lower right corner of option with real-time contrast with the effect of the original photographs. Can Enlight under the condition of nondestructive pixels enhance pixel level, this VSCO or Darkroom are out of reach. Excessive editor JPEG images on your mobile phone can reduce image quality, and Eenlight configuration function can fix the problem.

if you can find a lot of familiar with its operation function can be used. Like a Darkroom, you can directly use photo album pictures and effortless imported into the application.

Enlight has powerful clipping, perspective and reset function is used to change the photo frame. And to add text, slope displacement and adjust photo options provided specifically for them, which can match now some for a function point grinding the excellent photography application accumulated quite a long time. Enlight and even configuration such as curve in the function of the professional image processing software, to know the function in the Darkroom but to purchase. Once you have survived the maddening tutorial, this application was more effective and intuitive.

if you think that the functional use of flexible image processing application is good, it now prices are more affordable. To feedback, the apple’s app store now half price for $3.99. This is just a Darkroom for application within the price? Although it is very cheap also condition it is good quality!

but if it can be I meet all my figure need software also need checking, because I am not sure whether it can reduce the dependence on me for other similar applications.

the main problem he filter. VSCO Cam not everyone needs, but its filter professional, no doubt. This capricious and powerful repairing figure software can really improve photo art.

Enlight the application function is complete. Last month, we found that some applications of Darkroom processing is not so fine. But on the other hand the problems Enlight. Look at the below line, on the left side of the picture is in Darkroom editor, on the right is with Enlight. Both filters are used in the “Fuji”, are professional enough, but the use of Darkroom edit photos of some too hard and like violent movies filmed tonal in the sun. While Enlight as album that zhang was a very bad HDR high dynamic range rendering. (cloud network editor: hunting HDR high dynamic function is divided into two kinds: one kind is through the software technology to increase or decrease in the machine of bright and dark to light than balance; Another is by camera take pictures of the two different exposure create a ticket to show the effects of dynamic photo.)

I enjoy VSCO CAM because of its simple tool set, can easily establish a repeatable workflow, let most of the photos look very simple and decent. But Enlight problem is “all” model, this model lack of internal management, to make photos of relatively busy. You can choose to turn off dazzle light intensity of flash effect (red) change effect, but I will never use Enlight filter to improve the basis of the impact of the photo. Because in the late no effect under the premise of these photos look redundant no cure. If you want your picture looks gorgeous, like a watercolor painting Enlight is meet the requirements of all your fancy.

this is to say, Enlight also have a filter. Through different collocation to produce some effect. Use a double filter can avoid to change the picture all colors, but is applied to the same picture of the different parts have different effect. Dark Angle effect, such as adding images will highlight the theme and the corners of dimming, makes the picture has a retro look. Like the rest of the effect on photographic camera to add a gradient filter, so that we can make the image more clear.

such as below, the effect of Henna double filter increase the contrast of blue and yellow. If I were a set in a dark room, manual adjustment of the photographer I would never do that. But Enlight this setting is for photo sharing.

so, although Enlight is not enough to attract me to give up my beloved VSCO, but as a entry-level phones image processing software, it still do better.

I will keep this app on your phone, because it can replace the broken pieces of only a single function of image processing applications. If is not particularly high for those pictures requirement of users, Enlight basic can meet all the needs of the advanced users, although the function is not fine, but I can’t words, experience is when using can greatly accelerate the speed of image processing.

Enlight only for iPhone. Versions of Android and it is said to have in development, but there is no clear when specific release information.

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