IT leaders summit, ma li Yang yuanqing in the eyes of the “next tuyere”

IT leaders summit held in shenzhen today, as most of the peak of the blockbuster dialogue, ma huateng, CEO of tencent, baidu CEO robin li Yang yuanqing, lenovo chairman and chief executive is “where next tuyere is” discussion.

in addition, as part of the general assembly “regulars”, alibaba chairman jack ma not present this year, however, also expressed in the new situation the development trend of view. Said in the past seven years we from Internet startup to Internet industry, quickly into the Internet economy, and is from IT to DT, DT and IT time difference, IT to me as the center, DT to others as the center, DT to let more and more strong, let your employees. DT is more and more attention to open and transparent. In the process, we need to think about how to use the Internet technology, ideas, ideas to blend with traditional industry and common development.

the following for the extraction of hunting cloud network according to the on-site records points:

how to see the “next tuyere”?

Yang yuanqing: Internet should come to a new stage, I think can be summed up in three words, one is the Internet, everyone is a something to the Internet, the Internet is another industry industry.

all the Internet is more and more people use a variety of devices, mobile phones, tablets, computers, and in any place can easily access to the Internet for the information he needed, enjoy the service he needs. In addition, he think there will be more and more information, more and more will be digital process services.

content content of the Internet is the Internet of things, the future will be more and more families intelligent devices will become more and more intelligent connected to the net surface.

Internet industry industry. Whether industry or industry to the Internet, the Internet is the Internet with all walks of life, make the industry to the next stage, we are talking about intelligent manufacturing, industrial or 4.0, I think probably are related to this.

ma: Internet + prime minister this year’s report, like yuan celebrates the speak also give us a lot of enlightenment, Internet is the next tuyere I feel this circle out of what we call the new economy, and it is outside of it, with all of the industry, it is a very big tuyere.

was approved 2014 digital China’s IT industry service Internet report mentioned, IT actually mentioned industries including manufacturing, including such a heavy manufacturing industry of secondary industry from manufacturing to serve as the center to center, currently in service and manufacturing each other, but the future is based on the service center.

in any segment of the industry, who will take the lead in grasping, like electrification of the revolution of the third industrial revolution of the Internet, will be in his itself, the industry of production relations to straighten out, can remove the many unreasonable parts, and is to get the user’s needs and provide service and formed between a very quick way of interaction. It can produce a lot of new business model. With the mobile Internet to produce, such as the taxi industry, and have a lot of future, including education, medical and so on areas you can see there are a lot of innovation space.

li: I think tuyere theory including the direction of the theory of pig is full of speculative thinking, so I’m not to discuss this thing. Because everyone wants to find a shortcut, if each of us is this way of thinking is dangerous, the whole society should not encourage people to find the shortcut.

I return from 2000 to now, this all the time in 15 years in tuyere, blow me uncomfortable, all kinds of opportunities. Let me anxious is able to do anything, rather than what can be done. I only answer what is not to be, I was able to really focus, do really suits me well.

company’s half-life in who’s hands?

ma: I like half-life of this claim. Tencent company used to do a lot of not trust and distrust, the instinct of many things what they do, including search, electricity, etc. But now we really half-life, we put the half-life to other partners, such ability can form a kind of ecological.

just theory of tuyere, so many home see tuyere, all to the crowded, still waiting in line. We went to the crowded, I don’t want to take off in tuyere, but take a ladder to the tuyere or sell parachutes, everybody it doesn’t, or sell telescope.

to me, our state of mind is the core of the platform back to itself. The industry is big enough for us, to a lot of industry, we simply can’t get into the Internet industry. We can do is to give all of the industry to provide basic spare parts tools, let them and the combination of the mobile Internet is more convenient in the big swing, can fly higher, fly more security, this position is the most suitable for us.

because every enterprise, gene, or management of the energy and ability is limited, I think I should still want to focus on your best domain. Our business model is made of a very thin layer of, but very broad profit is enough, and not say deep into every industry.

li: for baidu fate in my personal theory is that no matter, does not recognise the baidu dependence is so high to me.

because from my management style, I’m not a very strong management, overall I am still very decentralization, a lot of things, the following people if you want to do, I generally less likely to interfere with them.

so often discussions within the company, if you have any questions on my staff, I have my opinion, we don’t agree, what should I do? Listen to him, in his opinion to do first, if he did the right thing, he is more than I understand this. If done wrong, do it again according to my idea. So on baidu’s culture is very to each level authorized by the leaders, hope that they will be able to do some decisions independently. including a lot of big mergers and acquisitions, hundreds of millions of dollars worth of mergers and acquisitions, the last batch of a batch of I in ERP system, I generally don’t look at the details. I will be very attention, but there are some things I like the product I will be very attention, I like technology, like a deep learning, this thing I’m concerned. Some details, I remain interested in more severe, but most is to let it go. Or which day I leave baidu or baidu did not, I should not be a big problem.

how giant between competition and cooperation?

ma: I think now is mixed more, competition and cooperation, such as cooperation with baidu, wanda, with ali, the insurance, we are also huayi shareholders, including drops a taxi and quickly. around a lot of friction, because each subject has tried, but their main camp are difficult to enter, each have tried, but found it hard to get the final.

but the surrounding areas of friction, a few hills are on fire. Reason is that we feel the industry convergence in the past, especially the Internet mix with other industries, O2O aspects, including the future of O2O core elements, including human-computer interaction, including mobile payment, maps, etc., these have relationship, everyone is worried about lost his head after can cause fatal damage to its ecological, in fact, we don’t know how much damage, lost I feel horrible. These fears are understandable, from an investment, or little, you got this team just can’t go to the team, the past will be a short-term behavior of the less healthy.

but with the deepening of the competition, we found a lot of competition also useless, in the end I dozen deathless you, you dozen deathless, I also will eventually achieve dynamic balance, we have to raise a, put them together. O2O or tourism industry, found a bunch of firm adhesion in a block, both competitive, and the point of cooperation. How can we see the problem? My mentality is to compete with them, let the bullets fly for a while, fly for three months, almost burning money, investors also underestimate combines hundreds of millions of dollars to play again, boring, can cooperation, we divide, this I to you, that you to me, this is not very healthy competition is not very good, the competition level in helpful to industrial convergence, this attitude you slowly changed. But it is a process, how do you know who don’t play good skill, whose foundation is better, which on the one hand, he is more qualified to take over other people’s business, through the communication process is also play, later will see more and more cooperation.

li: whether BAT against each other, mutual cooperation, and we talk to other start-ups, or some vertical industry companies, such as small to simple business cooperation, to throw a bit of information, want the future to have a deeper cooperation, big to holding acquisition. I think for the whole China’s Internet ecosystem are healthy.

we have business, huashan one path is only possible investors listed out, now sold to BAT is quit, you can also throw, purely commercial cooperation we are very happy, there are all kinds of possibilities. Due to the much more possibility, investors also have more opportunities.

so over the past few years we see a lot of money into the field of the Internet in China. So and created many opportunities for entrepreneurs. Even ma for the company I want to see him up. Our company as a platform type, connection and service, as long as he would like to connect with me, he did very well, I’m a good user experience has become, these all have no relationship. It is good that the Chinese Internet, BAT, BAT, China will also benefit from the Internet, we are communion symbiotic relationship, not everybody imagination of so strong rivalry.