Israeli company development parking application: empty car

on February 24 news, according to Reuters, when it comes to help the driver, many people think of automobile technology such as GPS navigation and collision warning systems, etc. But now startups will solve the problem of has plagued the driver – find a parking place.


in the United States as in a $25 billion industry, the larger the number 1 times more than in Western Europe. So high-tech enterprises trying to find ways to make faster and more convenient for parking is not surprising. In the UK, JustPark company provides mobile application allows users to rent private parking location. In the United States, SpotHero and ParkWhiz company allows to find parking or ahead to reserve a parking space. The German carmaker BMW has been testing ParkNow similar services.

but Israeli companies have adopted different methods to solve this problem: according to the mobile data analysis, to predict where can I park my car. Tel aviv Anagog has developed a mobile application, using the data from the mobile phone in real time, and all the package to guide the driver to find on the streets of empty parking space. This is similar to another Israel company Waze in navigation, in 2013, Google paid $1 billion for Waze. Anagog software can know individual behavior, whether the user to enter a car or start on the road, to predict parking space is vacant.

Anagog chief marketing officer jack and waterlooville (josh Levant) said: “we guide people to free parking at once.” , the company said it has set up a network composed of tens of millions of driver, user contributed millions of “parking information every day. The technology has attracted the attention of the ParkNow such as BMW, they think this kind of parking solution is based on advanced planning rather than predict or know what parking space and time.

BMW mobile service supervisor about ASHLEY’s Hauser (Joachim Hauser), according to mobile information beyond the auto industry and mobile service provider has the significance of finding a parking space, are particularly attractive. He said: “we will focus on companies such as Anagog fill the blank ParkNow brand.” But he gave no details of how to do.

sharing economy

another Israel company ParkLife adopted a similar approach, but using the data statistical model and map data to guide the driver to go to the best area for parking on the street. Because this technology does not need the historical data, can quickly adapt to the global cities. If not empty car in the street, the application will guide the user to the parking lot, and provide the trail of the final destination.

Strategy Analytics automotive analyst Roger blanco tottenham (Roger Lanctot) said: “this is Google, completely free, the economy, fully sharing.” Attention, he thought, street parking prediction technology is the development direction of the market. Although most consumers will choose free parking, if there is no empty car, will be paid to the parking lot or reserve a parking space, the emerging industry is the key to provide users with as many options as possible.

another Israel company Pango Mobile Parking developed an application that lets users faster and more easily through the pay for Parking. The company has struck a deal with 14 American cities, and doing business in Brazil and Poland. But the company also provides a parking space and the valet parking service. The company’s chief executive, Ann harrell (Zion crushed) said: “parking is a big business.”

he pointed out that mobile payment only accounted for 7% of the U.S. market, and more than 50% in Israel, “many companies want to see how the development of the market”. (wood XiuLin)

source: netease science and technology