Is more valuable than money, jack ma, a donation of 12.4 billion won the “national capital in China”

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do public welfare and charity, it seems to me that life is a kind of great merit, the results of our efforts, and can not only help themselves, can also help others. We donate any money today, regardless of more and less, to change the world even others are trivial, but to help others is to change yourself, let oneself heart changes, more rich.

– ma

the evening of April 28, Beijing water cube belongs to China’s public welfare and charity, the 2014 China philanthropy list in this release. Because 12.4 billion public welfare donations and international vision, alibaba chairman jack ma became the new “national capital in China”.

jack ma said: “fifteen years ago, at the time of the company was founded, alibaba is established with social responsibility as the core system of values and code of conduct. “Giving back to society” concept has become a part of alibaba enterprise culture. Ali effortsto improve social contribution to the living environment makes me proud.”

in the list of China charity conference, by the authorization of the organizing committee of experts on ma won the award for the “China national capital” has made this assessment: “a decade ago, China’s lack of charitable donations tens of year, and now jack ma, a person’s contribution to reach level of billions, he ACTS of kindness is epoch-making.”

the central ZongZhiWei charity list by the ministry of civil affairs, China office, the national federation of trade unions, the central, the all-china women’s federation joint guidance, the good times club establishment.

in the list of the China charity conference, also issued a series of list. China foundation for poverty alleviation in annual income 613 million yuan, the old cow foundation in annual spending 186 million yuan respectively at the top of column foundation, li won the title of “annual model public welfare star”.

alibaba public foundation on China charity list at the same time, also enter the list of top ten non-public foundation. Alibaba public foundation of representative said, “will with Internet + public means, continue to promote China’s public welfare undertakings.”

jack ma and the public that something:

in January 2011, ma has become a director of the foundation.

in February 2012, “alibaba public foundation” was formally established, ma has become the foundation of the first volunteer.

on May 11, 2013, ma TNC (the nature conservancy) President of the council of China, and to set up by TNC manages “China global protection fund (CGCF)” donated $5 million.

on May 27, 2013, Mr Ma announced its holdings of yunfeng capital return on equity, all donated to alibaba group’s alibaba public welfare fund, the fund is mainly to environmental protection for the public good.

on April 25, 2014, Mr. Ma and Mr. Tsai announced that will set up the individual public welfare funds. The fund comes from their options in alibaba group owns, the overall size of ali group, 2% of the total equity. The donation by alibaba’s share price now, is worth about 29 billion yuan.

on December 15, 2014, “zhejiang ma public welfare foundation, was formally established in 2015 on April 3, to make a donation, set up one hundred million yuan ma” hangzhou normal university education fund “, to support the development of the Alma mater of hangzhou normal university.

on April 10, 2015, ma has teamed up with ma huateng, guo-jun shen, Zhu Baoguo and OuYaPing proclaimed in ningbo, the peach garden ecological protection foundation. Named “peach garden”, is that I wish to 10 years, 20 years later China will have more pure water and air.

under the influence of ma, public welfare has been extended to alibaba part of corporate culture.

on May 19, 2008, wenchuan after the earthquake, the alibaba in 25 million funds, establishment of qingchuan post-disaster reconstruction work team, continue in qingchuan support post-disaster reconstruction.

in November 2008, alibaba group, announced the donation of 5 million yuan, the Chinese disabled person welfare foundation for “5 · 12” wenchuan earthquake disabled as a result of rehabilitation training for the disabled.

in 2010, alibaba group, public commitment, will take out three over one thousand of the total amount of revenue each year, into the alibaba public welfare fund, management by alibaba group employees and social volunteers, the focus for water and air.

on January 17, 2010, alibaba group donated 2 million yuan to the international Red Cross, for the victims of the suffering in the earthquake in Haiti to buy the most scarce resources of medicines.

on April 20, 2010, the earthquake in yushu county of qinghai, ali group through the Red Cross society of China to the yushu disaster area donation of 25 million yuan, help the masses to pull through as soon as possible.

on April 20, 2013, alibaba group to sichuan ya ‘an earthquake donation of 5 million yuan, for emergency disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction.

in July 2014, alibaba public foundation has donated 25 million yuan to rescue affected by the typhoon rammasun disasters situated in hainan, guangdong, guangxi provinces and LuDian earthquake disaster area.

on February 1, 2015, ali group announced the formation of a 1 billion investment in Hong Kong youth entrepreneur fund, fund of Hong Kong youth entrepreneurship.

on March 3, 2015, alibaba paid billions t establish venture investment funds in Taiwan. Ma said the venture investment fund, will focus on those who aspire to the Taiwan agricultural products, services, creative products sold to the mainland and Taiwan young entrepreneurs and small businesses all over the world.

in April 2015, Nepal earthquake happens, ali’s taobao public welfare fund to donate 2 million yuan, for earthquake emergency rescue.


TA said ma

this decision. Mr Ma and Mr Mr. Tsai’s generosity and leadership skills, and they set the example, in this critical moment, the continuous development of China’s public welfare undertakings will be a great demonstration effect.

, co-chair of the bill and Melinda gates foundation, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates

I admire them and cheer for their behavior. Mr Ma and Mr. Mr. Tsai has been remarkable leaders in business, and now, they also became a leader in public welfare undertakings.

, Berkshire hathaway, chairman and CEO warren buffett

I’m very admire Mr Ma and Mr Mr. Tsai’s decision. Since its inception, alibaba and its employees with various forms of continuous efforts and dedication to the development of Chinese society. For their outstanding thinking and persistent action, I raise both hands.

– Japan’s softbank chairman Masayoshi son

Mr Ma and Mr Mr. Tsai’s generosity lies in the fact that they know the importance of feedback and help others. And this is reflected in alibaba’s corporate culture. I have discussed with them, how to improve and enhance the living environment of people. Their donation will open a new page of China’s public welfare undertakings. I’m looking forward to the world more entrepreneurs and business leaders to follow them.

– a former mayor of New York, Michael bloomberg, founder of public foundation bloomberg

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