Is a combination of cloud SDK2.0, App access to public services

on April 21, IM cloud services integrating cloud released SDK2.0 products and public service, at the same time, announced that it would melt cloud officially named EverSync communication protocol. Conference, CEO of cloud declare: meet all integrated cloud SDK 2.0 developers, will obtain the public service ability. Each App will be able to access all kinds of public services, has since the operation ability. The App users, will get one-stop user experience within the App, free App and service connection.

according to Korea to meet melts YunGongZhong service as a whole includes two categories, first of all, is the application of the public service, the first public service including built-in for App developers the ability of public service account, and mobile customer service ability; Second, it is the public service platform, the platform will provide all kinds of public service capacity. Their network of partners and the people, for example, is a classified information portal, it is a combination of cloud it provide third-party services, access to each user can pay attention to their interested users to receive, such as adding car, social. O2O, medical education and other industries to a third party App partners, and the people network itself to do is do your own query function well.

melt YunGongZhong service for App developers, means that developers can for your own App access required for third party public service, to provide users with “one-stop” work style user experience, improve the user viscosity, user value, in order to operate for App. Strategy as outbound travel App, for example, its user walking street in Singapore, can be obtained directly guide App in o cool – book hotel services and the latest discount ticket information. And melts the cloud itself unique customer service access, more let the app’s ability to have the background of artificial service, is business and improve user interaction, to retain users better.

for public service providers, can provide services directly to App, the App yes precision behind the user, saves part of marketing costs, break through when looking for a third-party partners delay and restrictive, expand the market share of the App. As a medical doctor tree App, for example, can offer service of doctor visits to the people, instead of one to one single point of breakthrough. At present, melt YunGongZhong service mainly includes function class service and information service.

it is reported that about 30000 developers in cloud, including people, today’s Internet companies such as sale, clearly street, secret.