Investors: online education and values, temporarily not to invest

note: hunting cloud online education venture capital boom, some radical some calm, younglab dragon is the latter, he temporarily not going to touch this industry, especially the K2, didn’t see the real opportunity for a short time. The following is the first financial daily reports:

“any victory is the victory of the team.” The east Buddhism, executive director of younglab dragons like to hang the words in the mouth.

the worked as a stock trader, open coal mine of investors, investment in the 3 w coffee, everyone is borrowed, pull hook these hot start-up, in part because of “group on”, another important reason is that these items conform to younglab values of the dragon.

there are some projects, in his view is its values, such as online education projects since 2013 blowout. Recently, in an interview with “first financial daily” reporter, said younglab dragon, after the Internet into the education domain, in fact or aggravate the burden of students.

so he temporarily not going to touch this industry, especially the K12 (international basic education field of a general designation).

“if the Internet access, to the students, promote the education to people’s quality, that we are very support, but at least now don’t see the sign.” Younglab dragon told reporters.

he said that “angel”, the investment is not a cold thing, return on investment is not his most valued things. For investors younglab dragon age, seemingly with perceptual components of investment, tend to be several years the accumulation of experience.

younglab dragon said that he don’t have a hook at the core of China’s education mode is the cause of concern, and K12 was well protected by the state policy, also is a high monopoly market, private education is hard to make up.

don’t have another reason is that the Internet to modify traditional education mode is not clear. Younglab dragon argues that traditional education of face to face communication is essential, dialectical process is very important, if only online all hard cover, finally will communicate in offline, but offline teaching how to unified standard is also a problem.

there is no doubt that the hook is the importance of online education, according to a survey, online education in China has reached more than 2500 enterprises, including companies that engaged in online education of primary and secondary schools from 700 ~ 800. In addition, the hook is also the most important area of education system reform. However, many practitioners have pointed out that the K12 business model is geared to the needs of the parents, the user experience is geared to the needs of students, to coordinate the two very difficult.

“in China’s current education mode, how to cut into the Internet, we didn’t want to see at present.” Younglab dragon said. And, of course, he also pointed out that online education can focus on skills training field, because of highly specific, like the new Oriental in doing, is a kind of ascension of skills.

although the online education is so careful, but to run in the traditional industry for many years younglab dragon is still full of enthusiasm for the Internet investment. He said, the Internet is the first time in human history put knowledge and wisdom in the seat is more important than capital, Internet technology will be in the next 20 to 30 years across all industries, and change China.

however, China’s capital market development of younglab dragon, also said to 3 ~ 5 years later, really good Internet companies to appear on the a-share market, online education field.