Inventory technology’s youngest billionaires, the smallest only 24 years old

there is an old saying said of good, the elder more wisdom. But if the areas of science and technology, young will never be successful.

in the last century’s most successful technology companies have such a group of people in the home, in their 30 years before, or have his company public, or has the company selling to millions.

in the Forbes rich list, we put the cumulative billionaire young executives gathered together to make a list. Every list of billionaire age is under 40 years old.

18. Nick Woodman

age: 39

value: $2.5 billion

Nick Woodman is dedicated sports GoPro camera company founder and CEO. In 284.5 million estimated his income to become the nation’s highest-paid CEO.

17. Jan Koum

age: 39

value: $6.8 billion

Jan Koum is the founder and CEO of WhatsApp. Facebook in February 2014 to 19 billion to buy the company.

16. Yoshikazu Tanaka

age: 38,

1.14 billion


Yoshikazu Tanaka is the founder and CEO of Gree. Gree is one of Japan’s cover game company and social network.

15. Jack Dorsey

age: 38,

value: $2.5 billion

Jack Dorsey is the founder of Twitter, still owns a four percent stake in the company. He also created a mobile payments company, Square.

14. Travis Kalanick

age: 38,

value: $5.3 billion

Travis Kalanick is one of the joint founder of Uber, CEO. A taxi this app has as much as $41 billion in value, and Travis Kalanick since June 2014, has been turned into a billionaire.

13. Naruatsu Baba

age: 37,

value: $1.64 billion

Naruatsu Baba is the creator of the Japanese manufacturing company of the smartphone game Colopl and CEO.

12. Robert Pera

age: 37,

value: $1.8 billion

Robert Pera created Ubiquiti networks to make wireless products. The company’s ipo in 2011 makes him become a member of the billionaire.

11. Garrett Camp

age: 36

value: $5.3 billion

Garret Camp is one of the co-founder of Uber, concurrently hold the position of chairman. Before that, he had to create a StumbleUpon.

10. Scott Farquhar



value: $1.1 billion

Scott Farquhar and his college classmate Mike Cannon – Brookes, as the founder of the software company Atlassian Australia. The value of the company in March 2014 was $3.3 billion, Farquhar and Cannon – Brookes, each carrying a third of the shares.

9. Mike Cannon – Brookes

age: 35

value: $1.1 billion

Mike Cannon – Brookes and his college classmate Scott Farquhar, together to create the Atlassian. According to the Forbes rich list, according to the information he has a tesla.

8. Sean Parker

age: 35

value: $2.5 billion

Sean Parker is one of the joint founder of Napster, and he is also a Facebook founder and chief executive.

7. Eduardo Saverin

age: 33,

value: $4.9 billion

Eduardo Saverin is one of the co-founder of Facebook. Since he renounced his U.S. citizenship, he moved to Singapore, and investment in some like Hampton Creek and Silvercar start-ups.

6. Drew Houston

age: 32

value: $1.2 billion

Drew Houston is Dropbox’s founder and CEO of the company’s current market value of more than 10 billion.

5. Ryan Graves

age: 31

value: $1.4 billion

Ryan Grabes is Uber first employee. Reply on his Travis Kalanick tweets: I have recommended, please E-mail contact “, it is, therefore, he got the job.

4. Dustin Moskovitz