Inventory entry-level sports camera: GoPro Hero five alternatives

cloud network hunting note: that a “said come away trip” has given rise to GoPro strong market, but the high price make tips multi-worlds and discouraged. Now, GoPro with five competitors, they are more low price performance accessories, can even on the bike or meow star people. Call on your friends to come and see, here there will be a suitable for you!

due to the intelligent camera shooting mode as I soak in the tea cookies as coarse, people began to focus on sports video camera. GoPro first to cause the movement of camera, now many competing equipment manufacturers began to launch its own products, play them in the most low price.

let’s take a look at GoPro five strong competitors, they only sell for 150 dollars. Most of them thin and strong, through the application connected to the smartphone, and support more and more parts will be camera fixed on bicycle, car dashboard, helmet or meow star people. Although they are rough, we are more willing to choose equipment for use in household or technical talent, rather than for people wearing red bull hat or mouth is “grandma, this thing really rough” people use machines.

1. The ant movement camera (YiCamera)
Weight: 72 g
The video resolution: 1080 p
Slow motion: support, 1080 p
Shooting Angle: 155 ° wide-angle
Memory: biggest 64 gb
Price: $63

Latest GoPro rival is from China mobile phone maker, millet (hunting cloud network editor jun: this is not said the hand camera is produced by millet). Although now temporarily take in the domestic market, but with the expansion of the company, YiCamera coming into foreign markets.
Like millet smartphone, a small ant new low-priced YiCamera also go, 399 yuan price is only half the its powerful specification values. In the list of five competitors in the GoPro Hero series camera, YiCamera at the top of the list. GoPro sells for $129.
Millet YiCamera released than GoPro Hero to light, and in 1080 p mode make 60 frames per second (FPS) in slow motion.
YiCamera is actually a small ants by a Chinese company manufacturing, but marketing to the millet and millet series intelligent products sell a hardware. It is worth noting that YiCamera pursues a minimalist principles, not sell spare parts, there is no protection shell, no video, image stabilization.
Our assessment of YiCamera found its image quality is poor, various aspects are not satisfactory, that is so far below the $100 the quality and the movement of the camera is not yet produced.

2. HTC Re
Weight: 66 g
The video resolution: 1080 p
Slow motion: support, 720 p
Shooting Angle: 146 ° wide-angle
Memory: biggest 128 GB
Price: $159

a dismal outdated HTC struggled to find lost brilliance in the field of smart phones, HTC has released a new Re movement of camera but let us see Taiwan companies can still live in the heart of the younger generation. This reaction on them to choose the color: white, orange, lime green or blue.
HTC Re is the most expensive competition on the list, but the appearance of periscope light and convenient, also make up for the deficiency of the high price. You can hold it with one hand; When you ride a bike while filming, or even can be used to grasp the hand holding the handlebar again. It has an image stabilizer.
In the packaging of the camera come with a multi-function base and a mini sound transmitter.
HTC has the advantage of the largest among the five competitors camera (although box with a 8 gb MicroSD card only). It released early pricing at auction for $200, but recently the price of online was cut by more than $150, attracted more attention.

3. The Polaroid XS100 HD
Weight: 136 g
The video resolution: 1080 p
Slow motion: support, 720 p
Shooting Angle: 170 ° wide-angle
Memory: up to 32 gb
Price: $129

Polaroid business is still active in the digital age, it is the movement of the camera is equipped with image stabilization, is one of the most compelling new products.
Polaroid camera box there are a lot of to match the base and other exquisite accessories, such as helmet and the bike the holder.
The CAM in the shape of a camera looks like a flashlight. Because the tubular shape can automatically rotate, so how do you get it doesn’t matter.
In addition to the dark scene is not very desirable, other aspects are better than the GoPro.

4. Sony HDR AS20/B
Weight: 58 g
The video resolution: 1080 p
Slow motion: support, 1080 p
Shooting Angle: 170 ° wide-angle
Memory: biggest 64 gb
Price: $149

SONY 4 k Action Cam is quite expensive, $150 of HDR – AS20 can provide what kind of performance? First of all, of course, is the rich characteristics of the SONY brand image stabilizer, the so-called shock.
In addition, you can free a viscosity base and a waterproof reinforced shell.
But it is the only shortcoming from SONY’s cheapest standard did not find a place for a sports camera tripod base of thread, want to install the tripod must be in the camera plus housing. How much did not increase in volume, but it’s important to note that if you don’t have this machine is a basic shell decoration (except with the hand holding a convenient). Round shell bottom means you can’t put it on the plane.
Also note that some buyers reflect the waterproof cover do poorly, SONY underwater filming radian of the shell surface can distort the image.
Although we find fault with some of the shell, but comments still think HDR AS20/B is a powerful and reasonable price of the equipment, can be a substitute for GoPro.

5. SJCam SJ5000
Weight: 74 g
The video resolution: 1080 p
Slow motion: support, 480 p
Shooting Angle: 170 ° wide-angle
Memory: maximum 32 gb
Price: $139

if you don’t mind a camera to take a less known and inferior brand “FauxPro”, this kind of SJCam (we have never heard of it before… ) is a good choice. It has powerful configuration, network is good too. Although such a little-known small brand price is a little high, but it’s a lot of accessories, such as waterproof shell, frame, handlebar base base, tripod adapter and so on.
One for the disadvantages of slow motion lovers is only 60 frames SJCam relatively low resolution of 480 p. It mixed reviews on amazon and GoPro Hero slightly cheaper, so in this part it is just an alternative, but it’s hard to find it is a good choice.

although several of the above five kinds of camera is GoPro reliable replacement, but comments said entry-level GoPro Hero has built a gold standard. Now its price is reasonable at $129. Its configuration, such as 30 frames per second 1080 p hd 1080 p Gao Qinghe 60 frames per second, and the Polaroid, SONY, HTC camera, and comments on the amazon website shows that compared with the new products, GoPro Hero have greater satisfaction. In the current camera industry is still not too much of water on the price, so don’t be fooled by the low price and millions of pixels.

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