“Inventory” chengdu start-up project (2) most worthy of the management’s attention

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chengdu area worthy of a second wave of the management’s attention start-up project, fire!

in hunting cloud network () and hunting cloud WeChat public official number ( ) published after get good response and high recognition. The hunters cloud network headquarters colleagues gathered a second wave of the chengdu area is excellent start-up project and finishing as follows. Hunting cloud network substation in chengdu in the future for a period of time will gradually update the third wave, the fourth wave on the topic.

statement: this paper involved in the enterprise and investment value funding reference only, in no particular order.

a, ipacs cloud image diagnosis platform

chengdu shadow of technology was founded in 2015, in the health care industry experience and innovative technology backbone of the company’s core. The company based on H5 + JavaScript cross-platform, lightweight technology based on PACS display engine. The core technology in combination with cloud storage and cloud computing services can be a new generation of free practice doctor SAAS architecture of pacs, and can be transplanted into all kinds of remote terminal image consultation and medical record check class in an APP. Company’s mission is “to lightweight cloud image technology perfectly, make engine” in the field of medical image.

, cherry: gay social platform

cherry comrade is located in the crowd, at the same time support the social application of gay men and women.

cherry users can through the software to view nearby comrade, comrade can view personal data at the same time, photo albums, text. Built-in leer bombing function, users can chat up hundreds of comrade, a few seconds for lazy people. Application support completely anonymous, and effectively protect the privacy of users. Cherry was also the first domestic gay dating applications that go abroad, there are 42 languages registered in 80 countries. APP built-in translation, the user can smoothly communicate with foreign gay friends.

cherry android version released in May 2014, after the rapid iteration, from version 0.1 to 0.1 has 40 iterative update version. Now android end user a total of around 500000, IOS end users is about 100000, the number of active users, at around 6000, month growth remain at about 4-50000. Wang gang told hunting cloud network, on the basis of optimization products continue to improve, cherry in this year the number of users could reach about 1 million

three, mooring parking berth: mistake parking sharing platform

parking parking berth, main characteristic for soft hard couple, intelligently lock, mistake sharing and parking service. Realize the precise management of parking Spaces is the smallest unit to solve the problem of parking. The key lies in whether it can meet the independent parking Spaces, parking parking parking choice compared with lower cost and more conform to the Chinese market to lock to help the establishment of the sharing platform. Intelligently lock is mainly for private cars, for private use, share and commercial VIP parking yard. To lock in some core areas are free for the owner, also can pay the deposit rent to the owner.

stop mistake share to give full play to the maximum value of idle resources. Intelligently lock technology also let share more efficient parking state regulation and parking. Car owners choose share space on the App, set time, price and other information sharing, provided to the users need to use the parking lot. Mooring moored by revenue sharing parking parking parking Spaces, property management, main divided into according to the proportion of 2:2:6.

find yard and looking for a parking space in parking service function is based on the mini map technology, parking parking berth of indoor parking map combined the technology of mobile GIS platform and the chengdu local large yard data, allow the user to enter the parking lot can find parking convenient path clearly through planning and in and out of the yard.

, small sacks: one-stop service overseas travel

small sacks: focus on outbound tourism, theme tourism one-stop service, the early marriage industry as China, to provide users with honeymoon trip abroad, wedding photography, wedding overseas and related supporting services. Products launched in September 2014, has been to provide services to more than 100 couples, with various famous places such as north wide photo studio, and with a number of the maldives above five-star hotel successful docking.

a small sack of tourism as a wholesaler to butt end B, C. For B side, small sacks using their own channels to bring the user resources for hotels, photo studio, through patterns of value-added products into B side relative to “go it alone” more profits. To the sole provides free housing and wholesale cost, in divided into, make a good photographer resident island.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, running water can reach millions of small sacks tourism at present month.

five, activists: activity information sharing platform

activist, PC on November 13 years online, mobile applications, released on November 14 years have WeChat backend service. Contents include the information such as business meeting, travel experience, entertainment performances, but activists co-founder Liu Dong tell cloud network, hunting activists more focus on business meeting, conference and exhibition, public class category paid commercial activities such as information.

activist orientation is for business travellers pay high quality business conference service platform, and also depends on the team discover + merchants cooperation, gather high-quality business organizers, polymerization regional quality paid business activities both at home and abroad, the user can query to provide platform. Paid links, to safeguard the rights and interests of users, the fee will be retained the activist platform about 3-15 days, in case the organizers jump ticket, payment days decided by the nature of the activities and guest unit price.

Liu Dong tell hunting cloud network, has about 6000 events in activist ticketing, activity category has a large conference, exhibition, training, performance, etc., and has set up a cooperation with about 3 thousands of large-scale organizers, update 300 events every day. Region has covered many areas, both at home and abroad but region selection will be in the future, and to ensure the quality of activities, the selected area will cover Taiwan, Germany and the United States, etc.

6, fast health: life electric business platform

fast health mode is simple, can understand it, is the traditional healthy choice supermarket sales channels on the mobile phone, combined with the back-end ERP, supply chain, warehousing, logistics system to improve the traditional mode of ascension user consumption experience, to help users save time and energy.

the relatively high-end target user groups, comparison pay attention to the quality of life and have higher purchasing power of the user. In addition, for the future main user groups (85, 90), time and efficiency is very important, so do the 1 hour home delivery service. “Which is founded at the beginning of the fast health decided to do this, is not a simple marketing tool.” High from zhaohui said.

the fast health electric business platform of the SKU has more than 400, covering 12 categories, are food, supplies, basic food is enough to cover life, articles for daily use.

7, the judgment this: task management

in the judgment, users can create, check with your related tasks, could track the component group to complete the task allocation and effect, as a whole, the current judgment in this focus more on task management into enterprise collaboration. This support for small and medium-sized enterprise team, judgment task management, team communication, announcement, attendance, examination and approval, and other enterprises cooperation ability, larger window also supports WeChat enterprise development. WeChat enterprise is WeChat besides subscription and service oriented toward the new office people’s exclusive, badad tell hunting cloud network, the current issue of the first judgment this as WeChat enterprise partners, technology can give companies 3 minutes to take them into the era of WeChat office.

now do teamwork market also calculate schools of thought contend, have Worktile, md, Teambition, Tower. Im, V tribes, Moxtra, etc. Recent youdao cloud notes also officially opened the youdao cloud collaboration, from individual cut into the enterprise application markets. Although numerous enterprise market players, but badad said, the more competitors, represents the enterprise market, the more easy to accelerate change. At this stage, makes its own products to meet change is the most important thing.

eight, all express: the crowdsourcing model do express

everyone express was established in January 2013, the founder of Xie Qin. Everyone express aimed at liberty mutual crowdsourcing platform, by integrating the social resources of freemen, help matching supply and demand both sides, make social free to earn extra money, and more efficient solution to express displeasure, Courier companies such as blowing up tricky phenomenon. All main express “drop by” concept, with “helping each other” as the core product concept, for express service the labor-intensive industry, everyone to express the model not only can improve efficiency and can help create more “human”, in addition to its own enterprise value, social value is also huge.

9, tomato: serving the inn bosses PMS

tomatoes here is a PMS (hotel management system), is the main service object distribution such as inn QingLv, home, holiday apartment hotel accommodation in the tourist city and travel destination features formats, tomato come through PC add APP synchronization management, help hotel owners in the online information management; At the same time, the tomato came through the cloud order directly connected with the major otas platform.

tomatoes to the interface provides the housing situation, financial, notify the article, and so on project recently, docking at the back of the cooperation channels at the same time, to the standardization of hotel industry to provide a function a lot of the personalized system can set themselves up again. Product is another feature independence, that is, “no OTA background, third-party neutral” pattern.

10, car help: automotive service life social app

help is a based on the geographic location of the car service life social app, mainly to provide users with carpooling, traffic query, lawless query, query the price for the car service, in the case of almost didn’t make any promotion, the current number of users has exceeded 300000.

in addition to the built-in practical small tools, there are two extremely important constituent, carpooling and drive. Carpooling, many owners are willing to free carpool.

founder Zou Yuexi said, “to provide users with a practical tool for the small, is valuable for users, in addition the carpool this thing is to keep on trying no matter how I, haze is so serious now, my daughter is also influenced by fog, it is harmful to I hope I can do a little things, to make a little change, don’t say what feelings not feelings, I believe that a person has value to the society, he is a man of value.”

11, ibaby: doctor-patient interaction

Ibaby “maternal pediatric – doctor-patient interaction” as the entrance, accumulation “mother + production/pediatrician” platform, its consumer groups located in 20 ~ 45, highly educated women, their ability to acceptance of new things, and also high to the requirement of maternal pediatric medical service. Ibaby to improve medical experience, through efficient connection to reduce the waste of medical resources, at the same time, combining with the intelligent algorithm for the doctor’s diagnosis, treatment and decision-making provide new data to support.

Ibaby have doctors and pregnant mother two versions of the APP, pregnant mother version mainly provide some online visits and knowledge base, stewards Ibaby and health role at the same time, you can set the related matters remind function; Version of the doctor in the doctor can be through this port to assist pregnant mother, and the pregnant mother’s online communication and exchanges, at the same time, also can communicate with each other between doctors, to enhance the professional quality, and can collect cases.

12, hiring a treasure: use technology to optimize headhunting industry

hire treasure focused mainly on the Internet industry in the high-end talent market, based on the technology of data analysis, understand the recruitment requirements, and provide personalized talent recommendation for business users.

employer treasure CEO garden to hunt cloud network, said: “in fact, what we do, and headhunting is very similar. We play a bridge role of docking recruiters and job requirement, but we are also a new role, through systematic, digital, copies headhunting, and do better and more efficient.”

13, miao hui: creative products mobile power

better positioning is a new creative main products of mobile electronic business platform, on November 7, 2014, is launched.

team leader told hunting cloud network, products are mainly aimed at the high-end crowd, but just need creativity is actually a kind of potential. Everyone may have higher requirement in one area, a specific time and specific situations (such as valentine’s day), also can have the demand of the creative products. According to the demand of the market and the current status of the development of the miao tandem down will promote more women intelligent fashion products; And the next phase will break through a simple B2C, through the way of well-known designers open a shop, increase the C2C business.

14, looking for my net: C2C mode wedding people online booking platform

I find web team established in May 2014, the website in Chinese valentine’s day is launched on August 2, mainly to provide new, photographer, cameraman, dresser and so on the wedding one-to-one reservation service. Newcomers can sort through the screening schedule, price, credit rating, user evaluation methods such as fast to find the right wedding, and can be directly online booking.

I find new network provides direct docking platform, with the wedding people cut down the middle of the traditional wedding industry link, a conservative estimate price to save about a third. Co-founder and COO yue war tell hunting cloud network: “looking for my net formed original purpose is to make the couple’s wedding more easily, the couple can be directly on the platform when choosing wedding, many wedding companies don’t have to price comparison, can save a lot of time and energy.”