“Inventory” chengdu area most worthy of the management’s attention start-up project (a)

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in chengdu, in addition to mobile game, there are many other areas of mobile Internet start-ups. But compared to before the game field, slightly inferior, but since the second half of 2014, chengdu many entrepreneurial innovation projects in the field of the Internet to get the attention of the capital market and recognition, and attracted a large number of professional investment institutions “go west” the nuggets, such as matrix partners, sequoia capital, challenging, suitable for capital, chunghwa picture tubes, IDG capital fund, its a line, and many other domestic investment institutions, although has not more than half 2015, but the quality of start-ups are constantly emerging, also let us the future of the emerging Internet start-ups are full of expectation.

hunting cloud network set up in chengdu substation has been more than two months, and has set up the editor team of 10 people, according to the deep understanding of the substation colleagues and collective observation, we believe that by the end of the current chengdu area is the management’s attention start-up companies, including the following items, in the next period of time, hunting cloud network will collect we think notable start-up and share out to provide reference to the capital markets.

(note: in no particular order)

, d take treasure: medical equipment service

health continue to hot, whether the Internet giant is bullish on the Internet or entrepreneurial teams this market, the traditional medical industry chain also busy in big data.

because of information opaque and imperfect credit system, medical equipment service industries, a mess high charges for hospital equipment manufacturers, with generation, pushing the warranty; Third party maintenance company good and bad are intermingled, price confusion, the hospital customer experience cannot be improved.

a medical repair is aimed at the market space, build medical equipment service information and industry credit data service platform. Through integration of 10 years in the national hospital equipment purchasing data, 60 senior industry experts, 100 equipment service provider, 1000 hospitals service entrance, 200000 medical personnel resume information, 30 million enterprise business information, medical repair the treasure to realization on the part of the hospital equipment distribution information, personnel information, maintenance company, maintenance spare parts, maintenance use channels of information integration.

in the future, the medical treasure plan platform service standardization, credit system construction, financial products provide equipment for hospital service data, equipment asset management services, shaping its own brand, set up online sales platform, etc.

2, crazy car: car wash first car nanny extends

crazy car wash is a location-based O2O washing App. Owners through its online orders and high-quality near the yard, “don’t do card, also offers” and “anytime, anywhere, want to wash wash” such as mobile Internet service.

vertical segment just need to wash the car market is very big, the car wash O2O products also emerge in endlessly, such as hunting cloud network reported fast car wash, wash the car before help, ao the car wash, etc. Products. Crazy car wash how just in this piece of many competing goods market “crazy”? Co-founder Jiang Yin thinks his product mainly has the advantages of two things: one is yard cooperation; 2 it is crazy car wash in May 2.0 version of the upcoming car nanny function.

about car nanny, the team thought is thus to cut into the large auto after market, to provide users with maintenance, beauty, speed assistance, scratch repair paint and other specific services.


add: free intelligent security

by the end of 2014, China’s idle phone number 549 million, is expected to reach 1.733 billion units in 2019, the idle phone face renovation, dismantling two roads, and the two roads will appear such problems as resource waste and environmental damage.

anker from idle smartphone reuse perspective, aimed at civil security market, to provide users with free intelligent security solutions.

when a user in the everyday use of mobile phones (the host) and idle (monitoring machine) at the same time, Ann is installed on the APP, can complete construction of the intelligent security systems. Anker APP android version in April 2015, this version offers security early warning, child care, warning deterrence, real-time monitoring of the four functions.

4, McGrady pension: intelligent pension management

“McGrady endowment” is designed for high-end custom pension institutions in research and development of intelligent pension management system. Products of intelligent system of the old terminal, nurses, children terminal and terminal management platform, based on health cloud data applications to realize a comprehensive intelligent management.

“McGrady endowment” at the core of the cloud for health, including the old terminal by older intelligent hand ring, intelligent gateway, intelligent mattress, nurse nurse terminal by intelligent hand ring, intelligent gateway, nurse PAD, intelligent device, smart glucose meter, intelligent weighing machine, children for the mobile terminal application letter, management platform for Web applications. Among them, all hardware (including smart wearable devices, electronic blood glucose meter, etc.) is to help the healthy cloud channel and source of data collection, the collected data is used in: fall alarm and missing alarm, away from the bed at night not to alarm, electronic health records, etc. Through data collection, sorting and analysis, we can more accurately applied in physical index early warning, and the old routine health management, and applied to the management of chronic diseases in the future.

is expected to 2020, the organization and community endowment beds will reach 24.3 million, the market volume of about 34.5 billion, in the high-end pension agency 4.86 million beds, accounted for 20%, high-end service market in total of about 6.9 billion. Covering, “McGrady endowment” has broad market space.

five, about sports: sports social

about movement is a movement of social App, which is based on LBS: online friends can see movement across the country; Think about the ball and run around the user can also issued a “voice” in his seat, found near the matching conditions of other users to exercise together; In addition, some sports team from time to time in the offline organize some activities, attract online users to attend.

about sports for sub-health white-collar gens to work, love sports and other social groups, to do a vertical closed-loop social sports O2O platform.

as we have learned, from sports sports team to electricity, information integrated service, coach platform, help the sports business promotion, etc to precision marketing. , according to some movement founder daddyfox products since launched in July last year, more than 70000 registered users, active a quantity of 5000.

6, practice monk : internship recruitment platform

now on the market more than 200 recruitment website which can be roughly divided into the following three categories: the first is for students of campus recruitment; The second is to face the social recruitment of the whole society; In the third class is the new recruitment website, social high-end talent recruitment. 60% of HR said these platforms is difficult to effectively recruit interns.

in internships monk platform, students, enterprises and universities form a closed loop effectively, based on the algorithm and data, in practice, for cut, mastered to talented person’s entrance, occupied the talent is the most upstream.
Different from traditional recruitment website only simple structured data that monk for intern students have the knowledge, skills, personality of record data delivery and feedback. For enterprises with products, business, job requirements, functional requirements, to student feedback and recruitment characteristics of enterprises over the years. Monk based on practice to dig and analyze these data, finally realizes the accurate and efficient matching between employers and students.

internship this point is very small, but its extension and imagination space is very big, such as recruitment, education, social, O2O. On development practice monk preparation is outstanding student data accumulated for a long time, expand the offline services; True to the real mature later do recruitment based on big data.

7, bubble laundry, laundry O2O

in chengdu area, from laundry O2O “bubble laundry” cut into the market, in the beginning of entrepreneurship has attracted many people’s attention. In a bubble laundry in less than a year, became known throughout the southwest region, than 1 order in water, the accumulated hundreds of thousands of fans, the beginning of the project was established in the well-known investor Mr. CAI millions of angel investment for.

bubble laundry “assets, technology” mode is adopted to establish the perfect laundry the intermediate links, to connect users and professional laundry factories, to provide users clean, fast and convenient online laundry service. Specifically, when a user to the front of the village of wash wardrobe with the clothes, the clothes in the area of intelligent wardrobe, users can use micro letter/APP/telephone orders and, wash the chest of drawers with mobile phone via bluetooth connection between the user after placing orders, wash wardrobe will automatically assign a cabinet put oneself in another’s position to the user, at this time, the background system can get the order, user information. When all wash wardrobe occupied capacity within a certain area reaches a certain proportion, logistics personnel responsible for the area take the clothes to unity. Bubble laundry only responsible for logistics team from each district distribution between wash wardrobe to washing factory, this mode of “assets, technology”, not only greatly reduce the cost of a bubble laundry, fast and convenient to the user experience.

eight, lovely baby side dish: professional maternal and infant diet

lovely baby side dish is a located in professional maternal diet and for newborn parents to provide comprehensive scientific knowledge of parenting APP. Can provide the following functions:

1, the form of text, graphic, video for new mothers side dish and confined meal teaching;

2, mother BBS for mothers parenting, sharing, shopping services, in 3 x series would provide a safe to buy organic food services.

Peng Xu to hunt, founder of the cloud network, said: “after 80, 90 mothers how to scientific nutrition add side dish to prepare weaning infants and young children, is a just need, now the market without a good product; Other special groups to pay more attention to food health, how easy it is to buy safe food (including eggs, chicken, organic pork, etc.) is a potential demand. “

9, sugar pot: pre-school education Internet community

“sugar pot” is a home interaction (interaction of family and the kindergarten), on the basis of share exchange as the core of preschool education in the Internet community. Sugar pot target population is 3-6 years old children’s parents and kindergarten education workers, both sides can communicate through online and offline activities, sharing parenting experience, record the child life state.

sugar pot for parents, education workers both provided the platform of the communication, and create a “class”, “topic” two open degree of different circles. Class ring in the class as the unit circle (30 people or so) to build. Teacher can notify in circles state of release, photo sharing, sharing, told parents children in school, parents can also share in the circle of everyday life.

sugar pot founder NieYuan peng said: “the domestic communique last year only 197000 kindergarten, but is actually millions, the quantity is quite large. Can cooperate with 1 m kindergarten, diet, bags, school uniform supplier for the child is very profitable.” Sugar pot’s goal is to make the professional education content to form its core competence, covering electric business, online advertising, online education, community in the field of O2O platform, then the user drainage to offline, formed to “digital” kindergarten education brand as the core concept.

ten, nine pig: rental management system

nine pig network is a focus in the field of rental start-ups, combination of platform + system solve pain points for “professional” landlord needs, help them to reduce the time cost and energy cost, make them more efficient and convenient management properties. As a breakthrough point, cut to the tenant’s rental service life, could eventually cut into the community property service life.

based on the landlord’s pain points, nine pig’s solution is to set up a standardized management system, free help professional landlord improving management efficiency. First of all, to audit strictly professional landlord, filtered and the housing quality and authenticity and certification, and establish the evaluation system. In providing multiterminal (WEB/APP/micro letter) rental management system at the same time, to provide standardized offline services, including free design, household design, booth conveying

roughly nine pig’s future development planning: the first is to establish a service to the end user of homeowners free management system, and as far as possible to attract more homeowners use; The second is to set up nine pig his house rental platform, B and C end users to provide a high quality rental platform without intermediary; The third is the provision of housing tenants for system management local service life.

11, lives: online information service platform

as main city small pure and fresh, the wind of online information service platform, the “marriage” to emerging consumer groups and Internet consumers, special mining interesting independent stores, thereby achieve business marketing and user personalized consumption at the same time. At this stage the PGC content mainly adopts the crowdsourcing model, in addition to many domestic cities, such as north “best” plan for the future to develop our business to dubai, Japan and other literary youth gathering area.

Wang Qing, founder of the “best”, said the App based on those feelings, Ethan shop found on the basis of train of thought, city layout as the core for the global competition, solve social emerging mainstream consumer group and the mobile Internet born of the younger generation needs to buy, to help merchants to alleviate the pressure of the promotion and marketing.

look from the current version, the “marriage” on the chengdu, Shanghai, Beijing and other cities of cafe, western restaurant, flower shops, studio, small bar… As long as you can think of the place, can be found in this. Wang Qing said, in order to see more of literature and art, does not contain a lot of Chinese food. So far, the best visual management background already has more than 80000 structured data, contains no regular activities, based on the merchant’s manual life courses.

12, orange: sleep aid intelligent hardware

orange. Don’t need to use any peripherals can detect and record the sleep, designed to help users to improve sleep quality.

product design, orange mainly include record of sleep, the sleep PK three aspects analysis and close friends. Users only need to register for the first time input get up and sleep time, orange can do to sleep data record the whole intelligent design, abandoned the user operation record mode. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull