“Inventory” chengdu (3) the most important to the management’s attention start-up project

On June 1,

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today is 6.1 children’s day, cloud network hunting in this wish all entrepreneurial way of “children” happy holidays. Entrepreneurship is doomed to be a lonely pain long road, but now that is his choice, kneeling also to go out, isn’t it. Hope readers and entrepreneurs in the busy work more spare time with family’s “small children” and “old children”, the rear is not on fire, the front can be fought bravely. Entrepreneurship, hunting cloud network is willing to silently accompany, you into my reigns with you, you lost me accompany you comeback.

gossip less Syria, said the next down to business. We insist on the two weeks of the chengdu area is the management’s attention start-up project “the inventory of the third wave is sorting out, not surprisingly, the follow-up to do it again! This is the first two weeks hunting cloud network headquarters colleague organize inventory:

the same statement: this article involved in the enterprise and investment value funding reference only, in no particular order.

a, sport cool: sports social

movement and cool online in January 2014, is a comprehensive sports platform, social circle, the movement data of app, in February, the new version of the movement and cool online, has carried on the simple treatment to the page, highlight the “online community” and “offline” two functions, will be looking for a partner, look for the team, looking for a coach, venues, and other functions into a search box. In the circle, the user can according to their own preferences of sports add, attention, can find like-minded people, to communicate to share. As for active plate, currently only open to have certain appeal organization or individual activity function of information release, ordinary users no publishing rights.

cool movement is another important function of data integration of all kinds of sports bracelets and App, here is a complete movement data summary, can also participate in sports ranking war, and share the wraps to pk with friends.

2, mommy “hutch: food O2O

mommy “hutch is a start-up O2O mode, solve the problems of the urban working families crowd dinner, offer quasi finished dishes to target groups, mainly to solve the pain points in the cooking process is complicated, time-consuming. It is worth mentioning that the level of millions of start-up capital of the company’s founding team of investment, the confidence of the team for the project. In addition, the team also plans through self-built logistics and set up offline store a combination of further improving the user experience.

mommy “kitchen have established offline store plan, expected time of 9-12 months in the future, to set up 50 stores in chengdu, each entity shop covers 4-7 high-grade residential district. Will expand 3 first-tier cities, such as in addition, most capital cities and economically developed, fast pace of life in the city will be in the subsequent development plan.

3, the spring breeze: escort escort services

the spring wind is a use of mobile Internet O2O escort the escort and extension of the model to provide high quality medical service applications. In the spring breeze escort escort time plate, therapy can create health records, through the APP upload process voice, text, images, etc., escort relatives far far away, also can understand and follow up recovery progress at any time, details, etc.

when it comes to product purpose, hong-bo wang told hunting cloud network, one is the hope that through efforts to improve the quality of life of therapy, 2 it is to hope to establish a relatively sound through the spring breeze can escort service quality guarantee system, let the elderly get reliable and stable service.

the planning of the development, the spring breeze will be extended in future medical escort services, to join the related health management, late for the rehabilitation of the old man’s physical physical and chemical health inspection, also considered and WOWO supermarket central kitchen to establish cooperation relations, solving the problem of the old man’s dinner, etc.

four, the source of this fresh: B2B all food supplies category

source this fresh is a convenient, quick, the traceability of the whole food supply service category, is designed to provide fast accurate raw food distribution services, to provide users with more competitive prices, and realize the whole process of source, data record, rapid detection of pesticide residues and other services. For the restaurant consumers (C), as long as the scan qr code traced on mobile phones while dining place can query the restaurant food traceability information, on the day to eat more at ease.

in view of the small and medium-sized restaurants and farmers markets operator for relative not familiar with the characteristics of Internet technology, the source of this fresh micro letter public platform for the secondary development, without having to download, let the user operation more easy. Users in the WeChat public queries can be order, order management, logistics and food tracing, etc.

5, blended da: fresh fruit personalization

blended the dalai is the concept of a healthy lifestyle as fruit O2O platform, put aside in a single category sales fruit electric business model, combining a variety of fresh fruit to individuation custom-made solutions are put forward.

at present, blended the dalai is based on the micro letter platform development, opened a fitness test, package, etc. Users in use process, the first blended the dalai to users perform physical tests and fill in the personal taste preferences, and then a senior nutritionists will refer to these information carries on the reasonable collocation. According to construction, blended the dalai week, month, season three buy package, does not support individual purchase single day, finally to fill in shipping address, private tailored fruit order finished, just like that. Secondly in terms of logistics, blended dalai choose self-built logistics, in order to better meet the offline service link, the more favorable to develop user habits.

6, call chickens: food and beverage service

“chicken” is a restaurant O2O platform based on micro letter service, build the central kitchen processing food, provide and deliver “chicken” service. Unlike “called a duck”, “chicken” is set the nation’s 50 five-star hotel chefs, cooking chicken from the users to determine the chef, and all the chickens are born from mount emei is too chicken to ensure product quality, the future can make more chef to join the platform is still unknown.

according to cloud network understanding, hunting “chickens” obtain 10 million yuan by the end of 14 angel investment.

it is understood that the investor is take a fancy to the project, in addition to catering O2O take a fancy to the project properties, another reason is the positioning of the project: sichuan O2O platform of the family theme, as China’s eight big cuisines, ranked second in the sichuan cuisine, is one of the most distinctive cuisines in China, sichuan restaurants all over the country, sichuan food market is large enough. In this regard, “chicken” may be just a starting point.

7, to a fire: hot pot takeaway service

to a fire is the most professional hot pot in chengdu delivery platform, network all over the city brand, popular hot pot. Dedicated to provide customers with satisfactory service, never leave home can eat hot pot to the brand, at present, to a fire in chengdu hot pot stores nearly 80 brands of cooperation, a total of 300 stores, including the old wharf, western sichuan bazi, we, Wu Ming hot pot, sweet taste shu world, such as dragon 燚 more famous brand. Merchants are quick update, the customer can choose any business on the website and order, the price is the same as the hotpot restaurant.

in the practical use, the user first login to the site to the fire, WeChat, APP client channels, such as the input address to be delivered to the outside, after system that can automatically match the surrounding hot pot business, of course also can choose any other cooperation hotpot business over a long distance. Online ordering, customers can choose hotpot restaurant dishes, POTS, online payment after meal price and shipping, the order was sent to the hot pot business and at the same time to the fire distribution of mobile phones. Merchants immediately dishes, marki reached outside stores to send quickly.

it’s the top eight, a: ecological agriculture P2P + O2O

swallow a is a home Internet thinking to modern agricultural companies operating, in order to “micro public welfare, hing village, a new life” as the flag, to build China’s first original ecological agriculture P2P + O2O platform, realize the production of family and the urban consumption family one-on-one supply, build “distant mountains side” P2P platform, can let every urban family is eating healthy trust of ecological agricultural products, also let rural families can rely on small-scale peasant mode of production value appreciation.

the current P2P platform, has attracted more than 30 cities family involved, solved the nearly a village left-behind elderly agricultural products sales. For all fresh electrical contractor’s biggest headache last 1 km, “a”, by setting up community experience center covering around customers, realize the online order, offline experiences or take delivery of seamless docking, virtually O2O standard patterns fit into the community.

9, about money, financial services B2B platform of supply and demand

about goods net is one of the main financial products for domestic high-end financial services market supply and demand information release and matching platform, using financial product commission bidding mode, and by supplier free to upload the product to ensure that the platform has a relatively full product line about goods net users there are two major classes, respectively for suppliers and purchasers, suppliers to upload products, involved in the commission bids, purchaser appointment purchasing financial products. It’s worth noting that both supplier and purchaser may purchase products in the website to make an appointment, suppliers can also be a purchaser.

about goods net products crowdsourcing way to ensure that the site has a relatively more complete product line, price bidding models of commission can ensure that client interests, can now call in customer shows that financial needs within 10 minutes after the highest commission rate of the market, and can according to customers’ condition such as asset allocation, risk tolerance recommended a relatively suitable financial products.

10, the critique of traditional Chinese medicine: Chinese medicine information service platform

the critique of traditional Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a network information service platform, through the provision of traditional Chinese medicine information + user comments, and users are interested in traditional Chinese medicine to build a platform to share with the doctor.

the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine review the website, WeChat, mobile phone client three service platforms. Website service, there are two main plate is a doctor reviews, mainly included a doctor, the doctor information publicly, users can review the experience of their doctors; Of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) on the other hand is a community, to provide parenting a sharing platform, users can above consulting questions about Chinese parenting, other users of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), doctor, fans can share some of their solutions. At present, everybody community is one of the focuses of the critique of traditional Chinese medicine development area, with parenting a block as the breakthrough point, after will be extended to other services. Recent review of traditional Chinese medicine also launched the “one of traditional Chinese medicine for one city” activities, based on “a city at least one concept of pediatrics of traditional Chinese medicine”.

hunting cloud network learned, at present, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine review site collection agencies more than 4000, including private and public hospital, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, more than 30000 people, included in the institutions of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and there are also partly overseas, nearly 20000 members registered on the website.

11, star hui: vertical fan community

star link is a vertical fan community, the polymerization of the entertainment industry’s latest product information, including: news, weibo, MV, star star shop, as well as the content such as hd gallery, fans can be released at the star summit of all stripes or discuss their favorite star’s latest information, to say the star hui is a fan. At present, the “star hui” mobile and PC products have been launched, after a year of operation, the accumulation of about 3 million users, live in 150000, the product is still in constant iteration.

on the business model, star hui will introduce electric business model: circle of rice resources selling the currency system will be formed, from inside the star peripheral products and application the selling of the individualized product also can profit, at the same time, some have the creation to (such as video, painting, arts and crafts, etc.) of fans will be able to become a fan electrical contractor.

star hui will work with third party media or brokerage activities and the fans and the raise, recently, star remit is organizing collective fans to visit South Korea performing arts company, is one of cooperation way; Paid member function and the function will open in succession, including continue to need to pay to use whistles, and functionality of the members of the privilege mechanism, “” star, according to data has paid the will of the user accounts for about 55%.

12, because apartment: women’s apartment rental platform

“because the apartment rent market, cut into long products on the target user group and apartment brand made a differentiated positioning, focused on building a pure women’s apartment.

because the target audience is to rent a quality requirements of young single white-collar women, their rental demand is stable, high quality, safety, at the same time there is demand for dating women not a few, how to make them in the strange city to enjoy the high quality housing experience, this is a startup “because” the inspiration; Second, because the brand apartment is not confined to single women users, female white-collar workers of high quality seed users to set up brand and reputation, later will launch such as “love apartment” male “apartment” to expand the market space, but the project development of the main vertical segment will not change.

“apartment” and because the use of the process is simple: click on the “because” website, found “soufun map”, select the location of the nearest your company, immediately the checking & amp; A handbag.

13, laboratory buildings: online education

lab building Based on the experiment as the core of the IT online education website, website for IT learners practice operation experiment environment and comprehensive technology courses. Lab building to provide users with not video, but a configured virtual machine, through the virtual experiment environment, learners can see documents while hands-on, hands-on ability, thus improve learners and lab building virtual environment is not just a simple online compiler, can support a wider range of content to study IT, no longer confined to the field of programming, IT is to provide users with a one-stop online hands-on practice environment. Simply means learning any of IT technology, need not local environment setup, just a computer, landing site of the lab building.

“lab building products” want to “test drive” teaching, a large user base is computer related specialized student, provide hands-on practice environment for them. After appropriate learning data accumulated these students, “lab building” to get the user the most real learning effect and to study guide, future “lab building” can even experimental record generated by the user resume to recommend to the matching company, help seniors move beyond the threshold of the lack of practical experience.