Into the world’s most fire mobile game startup Machine Zone: mobile game social is a new style

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cloud network hunting note: gabriele, el leighton windfall in the entrepreneurial process a “sovereign Lord of the rings”, business booming, followers all over the world. This is “the supreme Lord of the rings” known as “war game”, relying on free games, advertising, etc., all the players once attracted deeply immersed in a complex wonderful game world, and resolutely choose in-application purchases to show “loyalty”.

“super bowl” final close, people on both sides of the championship race from Seattle seahawks and Boston’s New England patriots, the two sides on the emotions of the fans are looking forward to the start of the game… But for Gabriel leighton (Gabriel Leydon), the Game has nothing to do with any team, but in a Game of his own development in the era of War games: Fire 丨 Game of War: the Fire Age and his strongest rivals the tribal conflict 丨 Clash of Clans “between competing. Application globally sustainable income ranks the top five, “war game” income of more than $1 million a day, the income is double that of last spring. (hunting cloud network editor you note: the above data from the game analysis firm Think Gaming.)

even so, the “war game” has always followed “tribal conflict” later, not beyond game studios located in Finland Supercell development the same game. Then, in early February, a Sunday, the two games on the media buying quarrel launched a war, both sides are prepared. The tribal conflict first drawn his proud weapon – western sword: having both composed mind and iron tough temperament of American actor Liam Neeson (Liam Neeson), play a indulged in self fantasy guy in battle. Leighton is not to be outdone, throw a bombshell: invite beauty actress Kate Upton (Kate Upton) supporting her – she from a hot water bath out of the middle ages, leisurely wear protective armor, with a group of monsters and knight melee combat.

critics naturally despises Upton starred this piece of video, but we need the actual effect. In fact, Upton’s performance is very successful, “war game” ruthlessly hit back at his opponent. Gaming “super bowl” after a few hours, at least in the hours, the “war game” in the apple App Store is more than the old rival. Since this is leighton was set up and run the tour development company hand Machine Zone has been looking forward to the results, he is willing to spend $40 million at a campaign in April, he invited pop star Upton as his game face.

— Ucool company plus the third game development “hero instruction 丨 Heroes at” — that buys ads broadcast time, all of a sudden the “super bowl” big final gaming become instant melee wrestling, main match point but iOS and Android mobile phone market competition. With SONY PlayStation or Microsoft Xbox game console as the main platform of high-end game, mobile game obviously low: a class interface quality is rough, the plot is weak. But you can never underestimate the “provincial” hand travel, in fact, they have begun to occupy the major part of electronic entertainment market.

free mobile game of the boom

in the tribal conflict and almost all of the multiplayer tour on hand, against and competition between players are one-to-one model. But “war games” going to a public mode, players can compete against online at the same time around the world. When the player to build a city, accumulation of weapons, and other players, at the time of the conclusion of the alliance will fight goddess Athena in cheering for the player. All of these players in a huge, distribution map of each kingdom interaction, and even waging war.

in the game, this competition has prompted players purchase virtual items within the game, to help you get ordinary players didn’t ability, to quickly build cities, for example, the accumulation of weapons, and so on, eventually be able to make yourself more advantages in alliance. It was also the game form of the alliance, has dozens of even thousands of players from all over the world can in real time to participate in combat, also let the “war game” fame.

is similar to “war game” within the game that pay for is the core of most of the free game. These loyal gamers who is paying the entire game and even the company a foothold. Most profit from this part of almost all loyal players within the game constantly “sponsor”. Like money in the casino billionaires, these players are called “players” whale. In some cases, Belgium’s news (Het Nieuwsblad) wrote in a report last year: a 15 from Antwerp (Antwerp) “war game” players use credit card in a game of his mother spent 37000 euros, (that is, $41400).

these applications within the purchase program brings to the game company every day at least $1 million in revenue. Last summer, the Wall Street journal published a report, says 2014 Machine Zone is expected to more than $600 million in revenues, leighton noncommittally. Reports also revealed that leighton is consulting with jpmorgan chase to more than $3 billion in valuations, the Supercell has won Japan’s softbank with a $3 billion valuation of the investment.

“as a rule, it’s incredible,” leighton said, “they think it is just a” provincial “the application of the game, there are no major future. The reason they have such idea, apparently has not yet been realized in this industry is quietly occurred earth-shaking changes.” The fact is, according to NPD Group in market research, according to a report released last year by the spring of all the game players Group, 29% of the players is mainly mobile phone game players, their proportion is three times as many game console gamers. At the same time, game consoles and game software sales since 2008 has been going downhill, a gaming analyst from wade bush securities companies added. And, it seems to leighton Upton and competition among the nissen is just a beginning. “The next super bowl final,” he said, “you can see more ads.”

“hand swim monarch” leighton’s journey

the Machine Zone with 300 employees at present, most of the work in palo alto, near San Francisco. Sitting on the long table at one end, 35, leighton looked cheerful and a bit haggard, his beard slag, only rest three hours a day, dressed in a too common ordinary zuckerberg hoodies. The whole office has as big warehouse, in a small groove, leighton decorated with souvenir of his early years. This is an arcade game currency, the corresponding is called since 2007 the journal of the American Army 丨 America ‘s Army “of the shooter single-player game. Leighton grew up in silicon valley, almost all the time is spent on the game board. Engineering school after coming out from the her voice, he started at Atari, companies such as “Visual Technologies, work in the game design.

“the army” was originally a simplified shooting training to adapt to software, as the U.S. army troops used to recruit soldiers propaganda tool. At that time, leighton spent a year and a half trying to arcade game makers Global VR the software transplantation to the arcade shooting training. Just when he was home and dry, unexpected news – the founders of YouTube has sold his company for $1.65 billion. “Totally unexpected,” leighton shake head to sigh with emotion, “the two young men. They also took almost a year and a half time production site. At that time, I thought, ‘is a project, they do I do now is also a project. So, where exactly are the difference between me and them? And will end up is the same end? ‘”

leighton, in palo alto office

leighton finally abandoned arcade games, time to prove his choice is right — arcade game industry quickly became a thing of the past, but the arcade game development experience for many years to let him have a very useful skills in the future: how to design a continuous prompted players to spend money to play the game.

he is one of the few first realize that smartphones are likely to become everyone’s pocket or purse virtual supermarket, but in the real realization of this possibility, before he may face numerous failed attempts. At that time, probably in 2007 and 2008 years or so, applications such as unencrypted usernames zombies game on Facebook and KissMe from Stanford a team development gradually popular in the world.

and his two partners Mike Sherrill and Halbert Nakagawa, leighton formed a company called Addmird. “Compete with Facebook, we actually very pressure,” he said, “the company has 300 employees. We only have three people.” So the company developed the first application of leighton released on Myspace, one called Addable a pioneer in share photos to them. Addable although very popular but no profits. But leighton soon noticed that, in terms of social image is not the main factors, the most important part of the application is a “how to transform itself into a chat room”. However, on the other hand, these a few partner struggling hardly make ends meet. “We huddled in a single only 300 square feet (about 30 square meters of less than) a small apartment in a startup. My partner in the bed next to my bed, accompany me most of the time is a pair of cheap chair just $15, the results this broken chair caused permanent injury to my back.”

from 2009 to 2015, the global mobile video game software and services consumption statistics

in 2008, Addmired thousands of dollars from the famous business incubator Y Combinator seed investment, using the money the company began to develop later is widely considered to be the free game, based on the iPhone platform in the first paragraph of the iMob. IMob actually is based on the text of a role-playing game, the development of the whole game took about 3 months. Then there is no so-called “within the application to buy”. However, leighton has come up with a version, hope to have enough players will be attracted and voluntary purchase a paid version to unlock the virtual currency. “From our complete design and development to the official launch of the game, only after a month of time,” he said, “because I thought no one would want to play this game, so I didn’t do too many tests.” But when the game finally online, iMob performance seems a bit surprising: downloaded iMob tens of thousands of people. “On the first day after the game is launched, we almost can’t believe this is true. Then the next day, we shocked. On the third day, finished.”

a system crash. “We stayed up all night long,” ray recalls. “We have tried every means to just to make the game can hold on even two to three months.” Company took out all the money, please outsourcing team to prevent the system crash again. “We wrong too wide of the mark, has neglected the network game works. At this point, an important task to prevent the system crash into the company, just to make sure the same mistake.”

then, leighton was also aware of the future mobile games will not as game consoles featuring gorgeous picture. “People are trying to put the game on a host of transplanted to the iPhone,” he said, “but the host and smartphone is completely different things. If your game in pursuit of high quality, give up the iPhone.” Leighton found that smart phones can attract intense attention for a short period of time; People often view their mobile phone from time to time. “They just want to find something interesting to pass the time. They from the switch to another application, so to kill time.” A successful mobile game, players must be able to make quick decisions – do you want to play, then no time to look at other applications.

after wind and rain, a new game came