Into the Google for the Work: Google to Microsoft launch the full range of war

cloud network hunting note: Google vice President amit singh said that Google has spare no effort to move into the cloud computing market, the company has invested a large amount of resources, and internally the current focus in the business as a company. He was confident Google already ready to greet all enterprise users.

at this time of about five years ago, Google executives began to think seriously about other than search advertising channels, potential profit and poached in oracle work up to 20 years Amit Singh (Amit Singh) as their vice President of the corporate sector.

before then, Google has dabbled in cloud computing and software as a service. Software and services, means companies will the unified plan of the Apps on your server, customers according to the actual demand, order required App services via the Internet, manufacturers, according to the order of the length of service and pay a fee to the manufacturer. The free version of Gmail is very popular, in addition, Google Apps launch also let startups, small businesses and schools.

but in the beginning of joining Google, at the time many large enterprises have the so-called cloud computing services are not familiar with, they think this kind of service is not reliable, and vulnerable to hackers. After all, they hope I can make sure everything is on the premise of abide by the law.

and, when Google has not set up perfect cloud computing service sales network to promote the development of the business.


however, singh made all this possible, by and help Google to build up perfect sales, marketing, and cloud computing systems support network.

at present, the global enterprise cloud computing the size of the market has already reached $4 trillion, and market Research company Synergy Research Group estimates that the market has been in the past one year for part of the biggest cloud computing companies created $16 billion in revenue.

2014 for Mr Singh also is very important for a year.

with the well-known commercial media business insider’s exclusive interview, Mr Singh said: “I think we have ready to meet all enterprise users, both in product and system support end. Everything is ready.”

what they’re doing preparation include:

Google from Google’s product department for the hand of the Work, to imagine a full set of cloud computing service and many products;

customers in don’t abandon Microsoft email or under the premise of office software, can put into Google’s arms a wonderful plan.

in 2014, a large number of customer sources illustrates the point: Google for Work was successful.

Google currently within how many products or business units belonging to “Google for the Work”?

Search for Work : is also known as Google Search server (Google Search Appliance), is the first enterprise of Google products.

Gmail for Work : it’s just Google “software as a service” products part of Google Apps, but has now become many companies buy or customize one of the important reasons of Google Apps.

Drive for Work : it is Google unlimited cloud storage products;

Google documents (Google Docs) : this is a kind of text, such as data processing tools, is a part of Google Apps;

Hangouts : Google make video conference cloud services products;

Chrome : the Chrome team free browser for Work convenience, namely Chrome for the Work;

Chromebooks : a cloud PC can use Chrome OS operating system;
Chromebox for Meetings : Google launched a security video conferencing hardware products.

Android for Work : a in view of the enterprise, to strengthen the safety and function version of the Android system, it also includes specifically for car entertainment information system to prepare special version of the Android Auto and Android for cars.

Google cloud services

Google map: the application of this kind of service that allows developers to embed maps and GPS software. Maps can be embedded in the Android Auto, for example, can provide similar tesla electric car GPS navigation, but mainly by the Maps API, and the Places API and other products.

companies cannot buy separate service of a particular model is it?

yes, they can’t buy separately, because we will be united these services as a part of for the Work with a “Google”.

in 2009, when Google will you attract, if they had to devise a way to win the favor corporate users?

when I joined Google in 2009, when we are just at the stage of promoting cloud computing, we are the main users of education institutions and small and medium-sized enterprises, and was widely only think this service is “somewhat” interesting.

however, the service and then caused a great influence in the education institutions, but they also become the source of the biggest users of Google Apps in later.

Google Apps at that time the biggest problem is lack of the support of large enterprises. There is nothing special and Google also highlight the advantage.

yes, my job is to first response to the problem. Then, create a product knowledge base to track all possible loopholes. Third, for service level agreements (SLA is about a contract between the network service providers and customers, which has been clear about the specific service provided by the Internet service providers) I need a quick response within a certain amount of time. In addition, I also want to establish a let people can believe in ecological system, the allocation of resources and methodology.

sounds difficult, but it’s not that far-fetched.

in drifting heavy work, ever for a moment you believe you are successful?

I think we’ve been climax stage over the past 18 months. During this period mainly two things well, I may mention what time, no successively.

first, Google has spare no effort to move into the cloud computing market, the company has invested a large amount of resources, and internally the current focus in the business as a company.

this is a process of constant upward. Is not only the internal developer, Google’s effort in every employee. It is worth noting that Google introduced in 2013 Google Compute Engine, with amazon and Microsoft started in early 2014 the battle of price and performance.

in the second place, we in October last year with the world’s largest accounting firm PwC (PwC) reached a cooperation agreement on cloud services. PWC has once said: “we choose Google is not just because they are the industry’s top companies, but also because they provide the service of security.” Like all the other big companies, they has been operating for many years. As a consulting company, not just their data is very important, customer data is more important. Want to let them trust our service, safety is first.

other customers came and said to us: “PWC’s famously conservative, if they are willing to cooperate with you, then we must also believe in you.”

third, is that we fulfilled his promise of Android, through our ecosystems such as samsung Knox, original equipment manufacturers and partners to help them better work.

when customer see Google engineers, product managers, and so on are built for their products, can produce love. You will find that, like costco chain enterprises and some of the world’s biggest retailers are using Google Apps. There are all kinds of control enterprise, such as: rockwell Collins international companies in the United States in the field of aerospace and defense, roche pharmaceuticals company in the field of biotechnology and genetic technology companies in the United States, the financial sector of bilbao, opened a bank. In the past two years, a total of 100000 users to switch to Google Apps.

on Google Apps, it do you think the service has been turned into a have enough competitive products?

Google Apps have always bring us a pleasant surprise. Google Drive of Google Apps, for example, in 2012 officially launched on April 24, but in just 20 months time attracted more than 240 million users, the user growth even more than the other Google products.

in addition, we are just last year launched a Drive for the Work of cloud storage service, the service is used by more than 1800 new companies registered every week, it was quite a remarkable achievement.

but also with a lot of tedious things, such as the development of the road, we often need to communicate with customers. Improved by the feedback information. Of course, our service is not part in a group but in the face of all users.

and the sales team? You don’t need to set up a sales team to help you? Now it seems you haven’t…

yes, we hired a customer relationship management service Carl, he is also one of the investors. (now Google vice President for the Work of America), and oracle’s Sebastian. (now Google Apps for Work cloud platform, vice President of)

our sales team is a small but very good, only for a specific client established the customer advisory board. We are ready now, every day to Google’s coping style with all of the business.

“to act in a Google style” what meaning be?

is not only a sales and customer support. We are also very willing to adopt. We want customers to maximize the use of this platform. Because we have to go to its dregs (installed on the PC and server of the old version), everyone in the same code base, this is the charm of cloud-based services. How to maximize the use of them? We will tell you, ‘the way you use Google document is not correct, let us offer you some tips? ‘

is different from traditional software of simple configuration, now you need to in-depth, hands-on experience the products.