Interview rushed application Zhao Jiuzhou: to pour cold water on industry, not that of the first year of H5 in spring

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is a cloud network investment and financing project docking platform, hunting after participated in the hunting cloud network offline investment docking roadshow.

geek has been at the forefront of new things, the type is to try to new things, a lot of new things are guided by these people , user acceptance is top-down, the Zhao Jiuzhou believe H5 promotion should also be up by them.

in addition to their other people tend to be passive educational users, are generally universal acceptance and popularity in the market, will be converted to users; And a small white the user is not a self-motivated person wouldn’t be so passive, is active for some things, and focus on the entertainment most things. in addition, from the development of the Internet, you can see most of people try to accept new things and starts from the entertainment like PC games, followed by social and office needs, has now spread to daily life, such as travel .

light rushed to A light application based on HTML 5 entertainment center, content distribution platform, application users no longer need to install the download, more do not need to upgrade, do not take A memory, after open shortcuts to add directly to the desktop, AnZhuoDuan launched in June 2014, after in January 2014 by the original Discuz co-founder and good credit net President ming-shun li angel investment, and in December 2014, innovation works do A round of funding.

urgent light application Zhao Jiuzhou founder is a serial entrepreneur, browser COO goods before cat; COO xing-hua feng is a former sina weibo senior product manager, thunderbolt product manager; CTO is Hu Mindong, original fetion client technical director.

recently, rushing light application team will product redesign a few times, add the content such as music, film and television, read a book, but Zhao Jiuzhou tell hunting cloud network, the team has been struggling with the “high pretend bility” product design is practical, both do not conflict, originally just locating user is polarized light application: geeks and small white, locate the user age roughly 17-30.

at present, rushing light positioning is subversive mobile browser and application market for the next generation of mobile entertainment center, in the product design by a dedicated game section, contains the earlier in the circle of friends is very nerve cat to the fire, there are also some variety show H5 game. This position is also before the H5 really fire increase user stickiness.

now rushing, light application platform has nearly 4000 light application system through a user behavior calculus, intelligent recommendation of interest to the user application and content, includes friends hot 1000 light game such as 2048, nerve cat, batter, etc., in the subsequent versions, light cloud services will promote the interaction between the user across the screen, account, payment, reading, games, can cloud records are synchronized.

Zhao Jiuzhou said, rushing light application has establish cooperation with more than 1000 developers, CP partners, light applications using free in mechanism, help the H5 game CP and light application developers access to more users and traffic. At the same time, rushing company in creating HTML 5 filling system, consists of a dragonfly, the traveling, will open at laboratory and in development of H5 statistical tools and payment tool.

a dragonfly is a developer tool service, let generally have no H5 technology, users don’t have time to develop the H5, can make it in five minutes the game or product content. The authority is based on the H5 traffic distribution platform, platform and application developer cooperation, provide HTML content cooperation channels for application, users don’t need to download rushed light application can also be used in other experience HTML content in the App. Do pay tool because at present unable to meet the needs of users for the H5 paid games, H5 and users to pay for the game there is information security concerns.

Zhao Jiuzhou tell hunting cloud network currently rushing light application only millions of users, active users weeks 60%, Zhao Jiuzhou for this user data is not too satisfactory, operating up to now, only millions of users that the H5 is not accepted, the users to use common or stay on the application of the light on the H5 game , the other H5 talents are scarce, on the market at present from the H5 technology level is not popular. is an interesting thing has light used in the android and IOS accounted for is: 96%, 4%, IOS application center on a key installation has not been fully recognized.

Zhao Jiuzhou said that, although this year’s capital intervention, the but from the data and the market reaction, but the real is not that of the first year of H5 in spring when . Optimistic estimates, at least 1-2 years the annual meeting of the H5 yuan. Maybe at that time, the Zhao Jiuzhou “a particular phone model configuration of the common cloud OS ideal” there will be a broadly visible form.

in the end, Zhao Jiuzhou team hopes to have more talents, in Beijing so far away from their business street nearby GUI jie street office high pretend bility single-family courtyard, take the basement rock bar + private cinema, interested in children’s shoes please add his private WeChat : sntcm123 (now need most PHP engineer, if you are the one)

pictured above from light application team for figure (the original image is applied to entrepreneur magazine interview with light application team)