Interview judgment this badad: mobile cloud office is overwhelming, is becoming a capital chasing down a virgin territory

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speaking of the enterprise office management, all kinds of statements, procedures, attendance, email, internal communication… Headaches are emerged in sight. With the acceleration development of Internet technology application, how to use the Internet way of thinking and habits is introduced into the regular work, in order to optimize the internal management mechanism, and make it become an important means to establish external competitive advantage into a new era of enterprise development driving force.

it is known that the judgment was based on the trend of mobile Internet and cloud technology on a cross-platform for teamwork, task management as the core products, mainly aimed at 2-150 the size of the enterprise provides task management solutions, service businesses now are more than 60000, founding team come from tencent, huawei, has successively completed two rounds of financing. The co-founder of badad view of collaboration office areas have nothing special, judgment how this task to the enterprise management and team collaboration to do subtraction?

drawbacks highlight traditional OA system, a new tipping point cloud office software

in fact, the Internet is no longer considered just a virtual world, the so-called “cloud” is not a concept of floating in the air, but in the more and more quickly to affect all aspects of the society as a whole. Secondly, in the network environment, 80, 90 after is becoming a backbone of the workplace, they basically live on in the network, thinking mode is under the influence of the Internet, more willing to share, like online communication than face-to-face communication, pay attention to the use of the Internet product experience. Therefore, in today’s rapid development of mobile Internet, traditional OA system has been difficult to adapt to the pace of the development of mobile Internet. The disadvantages of traditional OA system is mainly reflected in:

1, high cost, those difficulties. Traditional OA system due to its features of complex deployment, waterfall resources is numerous, the server hardware requirements high characteristic, purchase cost is very high, often hundreds of thousands or even millions, many small and medium-sized enterprise is unable to withstand; In addition to traditional OA system before use, generally need to organize relevant personnel to carry on the system operation study and training.

2, software, complex operation, system update slow. Function of traditional OA system, large branches numerous, computer terminal operations have very complex, it is almost impossible to apply to cell phone operation. Operating software of time even greater than the actual time to finish the work, put the cart before the horse, reduce work efficiency; Secondly, the system generally updated once a year or a few years, the new management method and the Internet technology cannot be immediately applied to office system.

3, access restrictions, not suitable for high speed development-oriented enterprises. Traditional OA system is limited by office position computer network environment and requirement, can only be used in the specified office access. And for sales field type for poor, cannot satisfy the more and more outside the office, home office, business office and other personalized needs.

in badad opinion, when people have become accustomed to leave the phone when the pace of life, the rhythm of the corporate office is also being cloud-based mobile Internet new software change. The traditional OA software system can’t get rid of the disadvantages of natural existence, while using QQ, excel, the project’s primary office way also difficult to meet the demand of high-speed development-oriented enterprises work collaboration. At this time, with the judgment this represented a new generation of mobile Internet cloud office software, be office software a new tipping point, leading the new trend of enterprise management.

the difference between traditional OA system, give a task management and team collaboration to do subtraction

in the judgment, users can create, check with your related tasks, could track the component group to complete the task allocation and effect. To the judgment of this latest version 3.0 attention reduces the mobile interactive hierarchy, change the original list + Tabs, and three main functions of a data entry in the secondary menu navigation form, instead will all functions entrance to icon is arranged on a page, as the same level with the Switcher for user and task list view.

in judgment this IM plate, function based on the company’s organization, company or organization, can according to their own requirements, create under the department and the department of project team, and match the organizational structure, is permission grading. Such as the sales manager can view all the members of the sales department, a group of peers and between the two groups, only to see the team’s task.

at the same time, the task list entry can be seamlessly flow with the function menu of news. The author impressed experience after several functions: 1. The conversation can be converted to task. Team members can turn the conversation of groups or P2P into tasks, task updates, comments, completion will real-time response in IM conversations in the flow. 2. The semantic recognition. When the user set up similar “call badad 2 o ‘clock this afternoon, judgment recognition based on semantics, the association will automatically task on the corresponding point in time, and attach relevant contacts. 3. With WeChat get through. Pay attention to the public after the account, the user can complete the task on WeChat, tasks, new view, such as file download operation.

in addition, the judgment this also sets the CRM module, cooperate with the new “adviser” customer service team, to become professional solution for business. CRM has joined in view of the sales staff sales leads, “sales opportunities”, “sales targets”, and other functions, sales staff of customer classification according to the different stage, convenient sales staff to control the schedule. In the background panel, the administrator can view each customer and follow up sales personnel. Salesman can for our customers and sales opportunity to specify “attention” (usually management) and modify the head, but focus on people and cannot be modified, the head of the customers. Beyond the specific time has not effectively follow up sales leads can pool, into a summary for allocation again.

the whole, the judgment this service contains OA, collaboration, and CRM three enterprise internal management of the common parts. Badad says, three features of separate charges, enterprise can according to their actual personnel allocation, according to the people to order different functional groups. Since all function entry unity within an application, all the company’s every employee can be installed in the same application based on the custom entry to show or hide a specific content. Custom custom authority in each user’s own hand, it is not support administrator for different account, switch function.

mobile cloud office is overwhelming, is becoming a concern a nuggets virgin land

in this field, there is a very strong signal, WeChat issued enterprise in 2013, both the traditional OA of vendors, or provide a SaaS service startup bring quite a stir. Question, the enterprise is released there will be some traditional vendors will die? SaaS enterprise service related entrepreneurs will be decimated?

in badad opinion, not necessarily. Micro letter into the enterprise software market news is, the trend of mobile office also unstoppable. To a large extent, the entry of the enterprise for the whole market is a good news, micro letter can help enterprises has been tepid market user education, and enterprise information application due to its needs complex and extremely follow logic, so is unlikely to occur a winner-take-all situation.

the enterprise, and the public, the differences of relative enterprise service where is it? Judgment would think there are a few points: the application of the unified entrance, the popularity of the work management.

specific view, enterprise application of complex system decision. WeChat if different aspects deeply involved in business processes and operations will be more and more heavy, to remain open and strengthen the core advantages, WeChat is likely to become a platform for integration of third-party applications, it set a standard interface, other developers as access to the application. Second, the popularity of the mobile work management. Traditional office may have N multiple accounts, such as ERP, CRM, and task management, unified management of employees work account is tedious. With the aid of WeChat, enterprises need to docking unified account system. Now almost everyone has a micro letter, and then to an enterprise, the natural transition will be smoothly the education of the user.

although enterprise collaboration market there have been many similar Worktile, Teambition, Tower. Im, V tribes and other competitors, as well as tencent Ezone, netease youdao cloud notes the latest collaboration capabilities, as well as WeChat launched the giants such as enterprise to join, but in badad appears along with the market competition and the giant to join, more as an opportunity rather than a challenge.

badad convective cloud network, on the one hand, the enterprise service too diverse, everyone is to provide different services according to their own characteristics, not to the point of a piece of red sea eliminates, peers and giant to join will accelerate enterprise collaboration in the market, improve the whole enterprise collaboration market influence. On the other hand, tencent giants such as join, will accelerate the speed of the user education enterprise, let more and more enterprises realize that the existence of such tools. Just for traditional manufacturers, set up the threshold of the original is broken, “unified packaging, function in there, do you use all the price” love ideas have changed.

in hunting cloud network point of view, the judgment of this service for small and medium-sized enterprises more bias from the traditional industry, so this part of the crowd the Internet cognition, the traditional method of office intelligent shift and enterprise for the acceptance of the costs become the market promotion of resistance. For the judgment of this, with 80, 90 after being gradually become the backbone of the workplace and capital markets, the company more value will be reflected in the future market, like badad said, “the current mobile cloud office area is still a little cold, but gradually become capital chasing down a virgin land”.