Interview carried goods net COO is the expo: Internet how maximum limit reduce financial risk?

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hold goods net belongs to the Beijing zhonglian venture electronic commerce co., LTD., in order to further expand new business, May 13, 2015, China united venture capital gain keller (600260) of 130 million strategic investment of science and technology, two times a year to complete. After completion of the first round of capital increase, kile technology will hold vanda a 10% stake in venture capital. In recent days, the hunters cloud network interviewed carried goods net COO is the expo, to interpret from the perspective of his goods net. Is the expo sohu’s whampoa military academy, worked at the Internet from sohu was established as a founding member of pull hook screen after departure.

the strategic investment of listed companies is not only the capital injection and pull the skeleton, cross-industry and comprehensive industry of listed companies, the whole system is very perfect. Hold choice goods net kile 130 million strategy of science and technology investment is favorable for itself, with goods net is the expo COO tell hunting cloud network: “the investment of listed companies is the fusion of the industry, is very responsible to its listed companies an action. Listed companies can provide more resources than VC and investment institutions.”

hold goods network self-built channels and sinking greatly reduce risk

hold goods net is Beijing zhonglian venture electronic commerce co., LTD., subsidiary, is a P2P lending patterns of Internet financial company. Hold goods net pattern and other P2P Internet company different borrowing side independently (borrowing from platform) and investment (put the money into the platform from earnings). This benefit is greatly reduced risk, but also has limitations of slow expansion.

actually borrowing side and the investment is relatively independent, it is not for most of the Internet financial ability to do that part of the line, only to pick up a third party, thus lead to uncontrolled in personnel and funding level, so there are risks. Yourself at both ends and hold goods net, more than 5% by a third party, this pattern compared to most of the Internet has a big advantage.

to specific products, goods net trial operation in March 2014, opened in June. Product type is basically mortgage type, which is given priority to with mortgage. Hold goods is very strict with the product type, for most of the original 6 fold, signed an agreement with payment at the same time, if payments are not able to complete payment, then embrace wealth network have the right to dispose of or even low price auction of the collateral.

hold goods net offline channel is completed, the main service scope is three or four line city. Tell hunting cloud network is the expo: “in more than a second-tier cities of competitors, the cost is high, the three cities for money end purpose more clearly.” Currently holding money network service scope in hebei, Beijing, fujian, guangdong in these regions. Hold goods net will launch next third-tier cities strategy, expand the scope of services.

“Internet financial essence is”

financial are not suitable for explosive growth, more suitable for the stability of the progressive way. Goods net can continue to provide users with higher than the Banks’ earnings, this is mainly dependent on wealth network self-built channels, reduce the risk, it is the expo to hunt cloud network, according to hold goods online line so far at the very most has been operating for one year, the user level is less than 50000 people, 6000 + paying users. In the process of transaction no overdue, all investment is due to issue in time.

in addition, its network has its own offline channels, but also directly from the borrowing side and the investment and achieve decentralization, blocked by a third party, can bring the high yield maximum extent to the user, according to is the expo, goods net balance now. Hold goods network is now in its balance of payments, the relationship between later, if have a rival, goods net can give users more benefits to stick to the user.

in the financial sector, the Internet do better with lego box and all, but they all support with the help of a third party. The entire Internet financial there would be no big difference in particular, there may be differences is borrowing the source, it is also held goods the nature of the network is different from other Internet financial advantage.

Internet financial made entrance number WeChat service advantages, has formed the service users in the WeChat end habit, at the same time WeChat service party platform provide the endorsement on the level of the Internet, with the mobile end without the user has advantage on the Web. In addition, the development cost of APP high cycle is long, struggling, so hold goods net temporarily not in APP as a priority.

compared with lego box and all credits, carrying goods network propaganda is not enough, that is the expo says it will not burn on the promotion. Is the nature of financial services, is the expo I more agree with the practice of nirvana after every guest, focus on product, and then form a word of mouth, spread by word of mouth.

hold goods net will slowly but surely the first service do next. Is the expo to carry goods net is expected “ hope to do one hundred years old, not a meteor “. Is the expo to hunt cloud network, according to hold money network will become the alibaba Beijing unit of a certain lines of business cooperation.

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