Interview about entrepreneurial hero collect 】 【 pay founder Ceng Weiqin: do the first exclusive social space the theme of the young people

(text/He Yuying)

42 Ceng Weiqin did 15 years of traditional industries, has been created with annual sales of 200 million yuan, is the national general agent, a marriage brand among peers is a successful person. Ceng Weiqin thinks he is a person who likes to “show off”, has always been a student cadre in the process of study, he always likes to help others solve the problem, underneath the surface with a natural heroism.

“I think the traditional industry sales of whatever you do again good, no matter how high, a business you are doing, you earn money but you didn’t influence, can’t change others, more can’t change industry.” In 2013 entering appears Ceng Weiqin will aim at the mobile Internet, he vaguely felt the Internet could help him to realize the dream of life. With his long into the wedding industry, his team is beginning to make marriage O2O products, after a period of development, marriage O2O Ceng Weiqin found to be a “one-off” deal.

that most people are getting married is a life, the user activity is very low, this purchase has not a low frequency, it should be said that the zero frequency, bought to go, the basic no stickiness.” Ceng Weiqin think in current China’s Internet + marriage product yet appropriate development opportunity, so thoroughly transform team decided to change the direction of entrepreneurship. To plan, in January 2015, after nearly three months of closed development, May 17, one called “pay” APP is launched, aimed at 90, 95 after the market, after to share mutual goals as the breakthrough point to build the first exclusive social space the theme of the young people.

About pay

– desire social closely connected to the “about” and “pay”

about pay will be located in the target audience a second-tier cities of the country’s 14-25, female, their total number of nearly $1, starting from their deep connection to drive the huge consumer market after China after 90, 90. Ceng Weiqin think these young girls consumption desire than consumption ability, they have a lot of what he wants. After extended to 90, 95 group, after these indigenous people living in the Internet era of information explosion, they began to accept massive amounts of information at an early age, the pursuit of personalized is their typical characteristics.

Ceng Weiqin tell hunting cloud network, through 30 in universities on the basis of the survey found, after 90, 95 to play skills after complete wish to accept the concept of a high degree. By skill exchange, sharing and mutual assistance to complete their own wish, at the same time to connect with strangers. This will be “about” on behalf of the social attribute with “paid” on behalf of the economic attributes through “wish done” is closely linked, at the same time the “wishes” and happens to be the user personalized expression, giving young women show ego platform, to express themselves.

“several small sister party, want to take a photo, want to buy a gift kawaii, want to do a manicure but are more common requirements, but young women’s ability to pay is limited, if a simple labor, can meet the needs of others is simple, through the exchange to finish her wish good for these women.” Ceng Weiqin think about pay the proposed the concept of “your invitation, I pay” was based on such an idea.

users in some goods or services, pay on own accord by completing simple other users’ demand, such as “morning call”, “call mother”, “go to put kongmin light”, “notes” and other small tasks get economic support to others. Set DMS function at the same time, let the strange young people by sharing mutual understanding each other. “In fact about pay more like a mianmianzhong the AA system, each young man has a pay also has a return, at the same time to pay this young people about their own space and broaden the channels of communication by younger and self show platform.”

wish library – the precise positioning of the social era

mobile social APP appeared in recent years, which are characterized by different points of social product emerge in endlessly, Ceng Weiqin think the present social era is an era of extensive social, but for 90, after 95 young people, after extensive social is not what they want. They prefer to have an independent space, the space of all people and all of them are in one country, and the pay is about to create such a space.

“about pay is only open to young people, we strive to meet the needs of target user personalization.” Ceng Weiqin to hunt cloud network is introduced, about pay set up a wish list of library functions. Products will record the user had the desire of the commodity, form the list. “When your friend’s birthday, you can click on his wish library to see what he wants and one-click purchases on about pay. This way to solve the market dominance does not know what to send birthday pain points, at the same time can locate precisely the user requirements. At the same time the user already has the desire of the commodity will be marked, avoid buying repeat gift waste of resources.”

on May 17, 2015, online version, about pay opened the following several parts:
1. Wish pool: provide services including photo, objects, life and other kinds of wish options
2. Wish release: users convenient to release their own personalized wish
Channel 3. Wish: all the user’s personality, including hot, city, hobbies, etc.
4. Support wish: support the wishes of others in the raise way to achieve
5. Charm list: provide glamour goddess ranking, ranking list, such as giving users show ego platform
6. Return bar: provide for combined with life and chic fun interactive return option

Ceng Weiqin think through such product structure can highly targeted to young group to construct a closed space, to support the desire of the young women cutting social market demand, the breakthrough single point. Using the user since the spread of the enthusiasm and the use of very low cost to retain users, grab the market.

concept – the user’s personalized needs and clear business model not only negative

Ceng Weiqin tell hunting cloud network within the product demo in half a month, about pay has more than 5000 users, has completed more than 1000. The current version of pay have chosen 300 young women to become “about pay angel”, by their online mall for the user to select a present, perfect wish. The next product iteration, about pay intentions will open the custom functions, users can freely post their own wish, products will enhance social function at the same time, in the perfect “pay” (wish mutual) product experience based on strengthening the proportion of “about” closed social (young people), truly social and commercial profits.

in the context of the present market situation, social product cashability is weak, many social APP early concentrates too much on the use of the tools themselves experience, there is no good plan on business model, so many friends but I don’t make money. In WeChat began to want to earn money, pay treasure to start looking for a friend’s age, a clear business model is must be some mobile social APP.

Ceng Weiqin pay made clear for some business model, and users in the process of publishing wishes and support wish to be the default for gift goods click browse, click provides manufacturers with exposure, plus pay about angel users in the selection the shelves for each candidate gifts (goods) when the hits are going to be about to pay and manufacturers win-win profit channel. Besides hits, each commodity sales (come true) will be divided into similar pictorial forms of service products have smoke into inside. About at the same time pay will come up with some platform embedded value added service for the user to choose, improve profit margins.

on May 8, 2015 Ceng Weiqin welcomed his 42nd birthday, he said this is his twelfth birthday. “We 19 is 90 in the team of 15 people, after 95, they all call me elder brother (Ceng Weiqin alias papaya), with young people together will have young people’s mentality and philosophy.” Ceng Weiqin think about pay for exclusive the theme of the young people want to make the first social space there must be the idea of young, young people like to make public individual character, self-expression, about pay to provide such a platform for them.

about pay for the product in the potential of “social” face problem, Ceng Weiqin think of beauty of life is not a heart, see the face is not a disgraceful thing, beauty is the advantage of women. “About pay to support the concept of face, support women show ego, also with the tag in future development of the function will see face to the end, as long as it is healthy and normal young people point of view, we all support.”