“Internet + moxibustion, moxibustion moxa roll hall do the” hermes”

(text/dong also)

jiu the hall is a dedicated to do ai platform, jiu the logos of traditional Chinese medicine department of Beijing institute of registered trademarks and brand holders, belonging to the parent company of Beijing large medical group. Moxibustion logos are JiKai separated from large medical hall, DE novo moxibustion logos brand, is the main development direction company, is also the company’s main profit model.

big medical hall main direction is to do Chinese medicine books and students training, every month to open course to cultivate students, so far large medical hall has trained more than 10000 students. Ai market good and evil people mixed up, students can’t get qualified article ai, under this kind of rigid demand, JiKai decided to production article ai, named jiu the logos, it is also a bit the origin of the name, logos.

jiu the logos of build ai of the industrial chain, from the choose and buy raw materials, processing, production, packaging, product standardization requirements. Moxibustion logos moxa roll paper is done with higher level than ordinary paper mulberry cover paper to production, the paper outlet qing cohere with eggs, to fully guarantee the smoke of burning without any industrial gelatin after combustion of gas.

jiu logos positioning in the high-end consumption, in the article to do ai “hermes”. Article ai is the price of the average electricity sales around 3-5 times, but users at hall of loyalty is very high. Big medical hall’s effect logos brand series thunder fire moxibustion medicine moxibustion moxa roll by the old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine preparation of traditional Chinese medicine. In 2014, Beijing jiu the logos of traditional Chinese medicine research institute to upgrade the brand again, together with the Beijing university of Chinese medicine development has formed a “moxibustion prescription database platform”, in order to enhance the clinical effect of moxibustion.

JiKai said that moxibustion logos with the core resources in the industry, this year will be held in the 3rd international conference on moxibustion, organized by JiKai members from the first 700 people development to now more than 3000 people, the personage inside course of study called moxibustion industry benchmarking meeting.

jiu logos go is a traditional industry, moxibustion logos are completed from the cultural import – product – training – offline – sales of the closed loop. Jiu the hall had been play the role of wholesalers, merchants cooperation with B end, training the student is the main sales target. With the B pain points existing in the merchants cooperation is, however, C end consumers to be able to contact directly the moxibustion. And now jiu logos combines traditional Chinese medicine niche and the Internet, creating a entrance, directly to the C end consumers. Now a bit logos with taobao, Tmall, jingdong and other traditional electric business cooperation, not too much depends on the channel sales.

about O2O mode, JiKai said when have extensive customer base would consider doing App, moxibustion JiKai founder hall, is to do cultural industry background, marketing and sales has been his board. By publishing books, training effect massagist, currently working with electricity, offline salons to promote the brand, let the C end consumers understand the moxibustion in this area.

a bit late logos will build their own platform, in effect massagist training. On the road, in the later O2O moxibustion logos from the mode of team construction, for the previous stage of the training effect massagist, eliminating the previous training process.

the author input moxibustion in the App Store, to search out a lot of relevant application, but prefer to this kind of application content recommendation, not like jiu the logos with a clear industry chain and professional background for its endorsement. Most similar competing goods go low consumption, cost savings in the composition of moxa roll, however, consumers are in the pursuit of quality, in other words, the competing goods in for moxibustion hall training user.

at the end of the year, 14 years moxibustion origin hall get angel capital investment 1 million yuan, is now talking about A round of funding. Traditional industries and the combination of capital, more is considering capital brought about by the Internet thinking and the crossover behind capital resources and open management idea. JiKai, since its establishment 10 years ago on the road of traditional Chinese medicine constantly exploration, the development from a team of more than 40 people, has the original opinion of moxibustion, itself is the beneficiary of moxibustion.

according to jiu logos JiKai founder, according to the current domestic moxibustion industry is still a huge blue ocean market, the market size of billions of scale, and the increment is infinite. # 2014 # jiu jiu tao sales scale is double that of 2013, for the development of this year, more confident JiKai.