Internet mattress brand “Lord sleepleader”, aims to make the mattress industry “millet”

(text/sun ce)

“market price of 5 k or 10 k mattress pleased to general in 1300 yuan the following, the mattress market selling price is pleased about 5 to 10 times, considering the discount stores or online sales price, this ratio will continue to achieve more than 3 times, so the mattress of marketing costs. structure is almost the same two mattresses, price differs twice, actually the industry pricing is baseless. “main founder sleepleader Tan Zhengrong told hunting cloud network.

Tan Zhengrong mother engaged in household industry distribution business, under the influence of the mother, he has some knowledge of furniture industry, survey by team a large number of visits to the above conclusion, and on the path of entrepreneurship.

sleep sleepleader chose the study millet “item to win” strategy of selection of suppliers, to launch a mattress for the vast majority of people, the remove the intermediate links through online sales, in order to benefit consumers , enhances own competitive ability.

suppose to buy mattress, interview a few minutes of sleep in the market is about to make a decision whether to buy, but in fact this a few minutes not sure if this is suitable for their own mattress. This main sleep sleepleader launched 42 days sleep service free of charge.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, mattress industry is a highly fragmented industry, industry of eight major brands combined market share of only 11%, industry leading share of only 3.98%, none of the leading level in the market advantage.

“mattress or a heavy experience category, the level, ikea do better in terms of overall shopping atmosphere, has the advantages on the flow of people, but there is no advantage in price and quality item. The same Internet brand represented by her family, ideas and our similar products, may be we do big rivals.” Tan Zhengrong said.

after the consumer research, the main sense sleepleader the independent spring + latex mattress material is determined.

this advertising done too directly, also bother main sleep team delivered advertising

in the future, said Tan Zhengrong will optimize our products and services, efforts to forge a Chinese Internet mattress sleep sleepleader the Lord the first brand, and choose the suitable opportunity to launch sofa custom business, expand the category. In addition, the longitudinal hope for different crowd breakdown products, and sales through ascension to further cut down the price.

from the point of business model above, relatively simple. Main furniture team take O2O sales model, set standards, entrust contract processing products, direct line, and provide quality after-sales service. After removal of the intermediate links two-thirds of the price can reach the same level of product prices – 1/2, if the quantity can do, will further reduce the cost, can improve profit space, to a certain extent.

abroad have a practice thinking similar enterprise called Capser, coincidence or is intended to imitate. But it doesn’t matter, anyway have a forerunner is not a bad thing, and, as we have learned, the company also won a $1.6 million investment.

it is simple, do not so easy. First standards need to visiting survey a large number of potential users, can be designed for the majority of the mattress; Standards, due to the influence of the sales, the choice of suppliers and quality control is also a problem.

in addition, the most important and most difficult is how to sell the mattress out, how to do the sales together. Promotion it is a good thing, not to force, it is also hard to with the product itself has done a lot of sales, the propagation force after all customers won’t see people said yesterday, I bought a mattress… So the author suggested that in the control of product quality under the premise of the brand construction and channel construction should be more attach importance to it.

Tan Zhengrong offline also noted that the future will take the businessmen cooperation model at a lower cost to similar to the red star us triumphant dragon furniture store, convenient user experience. in the future will be in all parts conform to the requirements of the contract and offline store experience to further reduce the logistics cost of the products.

it is known that the main furniture after founding team is 90, and the core members are from the big four. There is no financing, only Shanghai college students’ venture funds for part of start-up capital. will at the appropriate next chance to consider financing.