Internal mail carriers leaks: the iPhone 7 will sale on September 25

note: hunting cloud as the annual apple blockbuster, 7 upcoming iPhone, its time to market and look forward to all. Recently, the British telecoms operator vodafone to internal staff, according to an email or iPhone 7 will be on sale this year on September 25. The following for the business insider reports, translated by tencent technology:

according to the News of the Mobile News blog, is referred to as the “7” iPhone apple rumors the next iPhone smartphone or will sale in September 25. Mobile News says it is through the British telecoms operator vodafone E-mail to internal staff and learned the News.

vodafone in an E-mail to staff describes the related preparation plan of 7 before the release of the iPhone, including 7 phone iPhone will go on sale from this year on September 25, and starting from September 18 accept reservations.

in the E-mail of vodafone, the iPhone 7 smartphone just be simply defined as “the new iPhone”, in addition, this E-mail does not release the iPhone 7 other relevant information. At the same time, there are a lot of industry insiders speculated that apple’s new iPhone may be named as “iPhone 7” or “iPhone 6 s”.

Mobile News messages with apple had usually tallies with the launch of the timing of the new iPhone. Last year, the iPhone 6 was officially launched on September 19, while accept reservation time start from September 12.

however, Mobile News reports of legitimacy, remains unclear. In addition, because Mobile News reports of iPhone launch time distance 7 months now, so don’t rule out the possible – related details will change.

in fact, the rumors about the next iPhone apple always emerge in endlessly. Earlier, according to the rumors that the next iPhone could configure Force Touch display, namely the apples on the Apple smart Watch Watch use display for the first time. And said, the size of the next iPhone will have a variety of versions.