Intergenerational conversion in silicon valley, and finally “veteran” Chambers will be relegated to cisco

technology of the older generation are coming out of the network the stage with infinite possibility.

in recent years, even Microsoft, Oracle, Intel, IBM, such a giant, their Boss has also made way to resign, it marks the end of an era of science and technology and the beginning of another era of science and technology. These giants in the PC suite and raging take root in age gap, cloud computing, mobile devices, is already in a twinkling of an eye, sensors and software. Successors have keep up with the pace of The Times, to the company’s upgrade.

last week, the last name “veteran” Chambers (John t. Chambers) also announced the departure. As CEO, he dedicated for cisco for 20 years of good times. Chambers, in effect, will be in this year’s July 26 stepped back to a sales executive succession.

Forrester Research (market Research company), chief executive of George Colony sigh with emotion: “for the rapid development of science and technology, we are there for all to see. That year of the last male lion is sleeping.”

as a replacement for Chambers, Charles h. Robbins just 49, 1997 officially joined Cisco, namely Chambers as chief executive after two years. Chambers, a 65 – year – old age, he said he would continue to be the company’s chief executive, to support the work of Charles, and governments around the world at the same time, customers keep close contact.

Charles h. Robbins, 49 years old, in July as cisco’s CEO. At the same time, Chambers will stay on as chief executive.

industry giants of change leadership to some extent reflects the intergenerational conversion of silicon valley. Last September, the world’s largest, the world’s largest enterprise software company Oracle’s chief executive, Lawrence j. Ellison abdicated. Similar to Chambers, Ellison is still active, take a back seat as chief executive.

in August 2013, Steven a. Ballmer announced no longer in charge of Microsoft, his position was founded in February 2014 by Satya Nadella inheritance. Unlike Ellison and Chambers, Ballmer contact Microsoft completely cut off all the work, easy to leave. In April 2014, Ballmer spent 20 dollars to buy the Los Angeles clippers, after leaving office, he suddenly became the otc command team.

meanwhile, Ballmer announced the departure of a few months ago, chip makers Intel’s high-level also low-key transition, by Brian m. Krzanich instead of Paul s. Otellini as CEO. In early 2012, Virginia m. Rometty from Samuel j. Palmisano took over IBM’s leadership position.

even if the giant has experienced the change of leadership, and perform on the stage of science and technology today is still such as facebook and Google web and mobile development company. Leaders of these companies are not weather-beaten, they have, the newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. Google’s Larry Page just 42, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, only 30 years old. Their company attached to the powerful Internet, committed to the development of software. They believe that information should be share anywhere in the world.

Colony, said: “now is the arena of young people.”

cisco is the world’s leading supplier of networking products, digital information switches but also the masterpieces of it. In addition, it also to telecommunications infrastructure construction, teleconferencing and video, and wireless networks to provide equipment support. On the eve of the Chambers, the exit Cisco2014 years sales amounting to $47.1 billion, just 1.2 billion and 1994.

investors seem to have accepted such a shift. Cisco shares closing at $29.17 a share, up 4%.

Colony, said the development of the world with each passing day, the advantage of Cisco has not.

“Charles must be painful reforms, even if is the enterprise culture should be adjust accordingly.”

in a telephone interview Chambers, patrolling, Robbins tone firmly: “is trying to introduce the current strategy”, could he really want to tweak strides forward.

Chambers and Robbins stressed: Cisco will never stuck in the past, they are for networked sensors to build private network, known as the Internet of things. However, General Electric and Google had gone very far in the field, so the Cisco also stepped up efforts to develop information processing and data storage areas, the rapid increase product value.

although Chambers is positive republicans, he said “may not” in politics. “In high school I met my wife, before I always busy with work, should spend more time with her now.”

under the leadership of Chambers, Cisco emerged as the world’s leading network equipment suppliers. Excellent technology, the success of mergers and acquisitions and Chambers to beat sales ability, the perfect fusion of let Cisco grow into towering trees. In the late 90 s the Internet bubble, Cisco was once the world’s most valuable company.

after the dotcom bubble burst, Cisco was shares dragged down by 15 years, in the Chambers at cost billions to buy back the loss of the company. In 2007, shares of the Cisco hit a record high, even so, also less than half the 2000 peak price.

meanwhile, Cisco’s proprietary technology is faced with unprecedented challenges. Some competitors put the ready-made chips and software directly into selling system, greatly reduces the cost of development. Dell and EMC () information storage information technology companies in the United States was once a Cisco ally, only after be rivals are nose. Dell is committed to the development of open source software switches, and having VMware (global desktop to the data center virtualization solutions leader) of EMC is to network management software research and development.

at first, the Chambers for the new technology is rejected, however, Cisco recently released new products almost the same in the old components, software volume increased significantly. In addition, Cisco also started to conquer the Internet of things, presumably Chambers also intends to keep pace with The Times.

iot areas relatively modest, but there are competitors, especially those who are in the process of the transformation of industry giants, mostly.

IBM CEO Rometty is committed to the development of a more intelligent system, in the field of cloud computing and related inject billions of dollars in research and development funds. Intel’s Krzanich hands, at the same time, power and mobile devices and business machines, to cope with the new computing system under the era of big data. Held a meeting last week, Nadella, calling for independent software developers using Microsoft’s cloud products, mobile products and like the holographic intelligent glasses (HoloLens) new technology services.

in addition to the regular competitors, Cisco will have to make the hand ambitious malignant competition, such as direct use off-the-shelf components and software companies. Arista Networks is one of them, it employs several Cisco’s old employees. Last December, Chambers, to maintain their own rights and interests of formally charged Arista patent infringement, the Arista’s response is “defamation” naked.

Chambers, now is the people behind the Robbins, in many people’s eyes, his departure hollow.

Gartner (U.S. consulting firm), an analyst at Timothy Zimmerman commented: “Robbins and Chambers is a kind of person, is essentially to do sales. Cisco’s top priority is the product innovation.”

Robbins must also accept the fact that Chambers in the past 20 years has been can play his lobbying, kept on behalf of Cisco to attend all kinds of public places. At the same time, like a notable change to the executives of Cisco, could not left a deep impression in people’s heart, so to some extent, Chambers, represents the Cisco, he is irreplaceable.