Interest in installment announced nearly $D round, kunlun ten thousand D led to campus students

boring today announced to complete a new round of strategic investment in stages, with the amount of nearly $one hundred million. Kunlun d led $ten thousand and $62 million by the listed company, the blue ventures, source of capital, etc. To vote.

last week, the interest in installment CEO amith jj released through email within the company financing, but did not disclose the specific amount and investment institutions.

with the financing, boring stage four times a year has been completed. Company on March 21, 2014, online, online before the angel investment, blue ventures millions of dollars in April A round of investment; August for source of capital, the former Goldman sachs Asia President Thomas Chan, founded by Singapore private consortium (Golden Summit) and blue ventures three agencies tens of millions of dollars of B round, took in more than $one hundred million in December C round of financing, the investor for the source of capital and blue ventures.

compared to the previous are investment Banks to participate in, this round of D bigger changes is the introduction of the listed company kunlun, ten thousand D, the main business of the company to invest $62 million in game, we can see more is took a fancy to boring staging huge campus users, and on this basis can create new product form, and with their own games, virtual operators in combination with their business.

in addition to focus on the university campus financial services market interest in installment products, have also launched an Internet business white-collar oriented “to hire” platform; And released earlier this month for children consumer financial services “child installment” by stages, has recently launched aimed at college students entrepreneurial platform – “fun shop”. All college students can set up shop in installment by boring platform, open their own “fun shop” in school, selling snacks, department stores and other kinds of daily consumer goods. From this perspective, boring stage business to peripheral expansion, from the simple staging business extends to electric business platform.

boring staging said, at present already has more than 10000 college students in boring stage to apply for open a shop. Will be in the next three months, at least 100000 college students to offer support for more than 10 m “fun shop”, will provide totaled 500 million yuan subsidies and interest in installment mature offline resources to assist. Is expected by the end of 2015, interest in installment will support 1 million college students set up 100 “fun shop”. The total compensation will be more than 2 billion yuan.

interest in installment, founder and CEO amith jj said: “the year of the venture. We will also let 1 million college students, in the future through my part-time work in a school of business, for the cost of living. Hard work, good students earn their tuition fees by themselves and achieve economic independence will very easily.” Interest in installment platform, he said, the future will become the “local” taobao in the campus.

boring stage founder amith jj is a serial entrepreneur, once fail nine times. The interest in installment periodic success, amith jj is attributed to find a good draught. Compared the entrepreneurial ChengDeZhou poker bureau, good CARDS to stay the course, the bad card before it is too late to give up, to find the tuyere and sunrise industry, don’t go to the sunset industry. Amith jj this is a took a good brand, so what fun stage could become the biggest winner, remains to be seen.