Interest in installment and financing. To feel the rhythm, four times a year

today, interest in installment, founder and CEO amith jj said in internal e-mails that the company has recently completed a new round (D) financing, but did not disclose the specific amount and investment institutions. And said that will be released soon.

officially launched on March 21, 2014, launched the angel investment, blue ventures millions of dollars in April A round of investment; August for source of capital, the former Goldman sachs Asia President Thomas Chan, founded by Singapore private consortium (Golden Summit) and blue ventures three agencies tens of millions of dollars of B round, took in more than $one hundred million in December C round of financing, the investor for the source of capital and blue ventures. Plus the D round, in a year, boring stage has been completed four financing, financing speed king.

in addition to financing speed, boring stages in the product also shows fast characteristic on the building. In addition to focus on the university campus financial services market interest in installment products, have also launched an Internet business white-collar oriented “to hire” platform; Consumption and released earlier this month for children staging financial services “child stage”.

the following as amith jj mail the original:

dear friends,

today to share with you a good news, we just have completed a new round of high finance.

at the moment, the first thing I would like to thank all the friend’s hard work, “meet you is my blessing, I hope one day you will be proud of and said in your family and friends to join interest installment is your luck!”

on March 21, 2014, boring staging online! On April 3, completed a round of funding, the next August, November and today on April 3, within a year we have completed the four rounds of financing. We are almost 2014 years since the establishment of development the fastest Internet company! We will soon be moving towards “unicorn” has become a billions dollars above startups!

in the near future we will announce a list of investors and investment amount in Beijing! The dozens of investment institutions expressed strong investment intention for us, but unfortunately only option we think at this stage can help to our most the most understand our investors, and at the same time we before all investors chose to vote! Thanks for their trust!

we believe consumer finance is a trillion-dollar market, we will be in this big market like wolves to fight! As I said at the annual meeting and everyone, “either die, or the first”!

we will be more than 1000% higher than last year this year sales will surpass billions, in order to these goals, we have a long way to go! Let us work together to create more miracles! To promote China’s consumer finance development together!

I always thought that life is just a few decades as a handful of sand, so let’s not waste life together, to create the future together, go to do some meaningful things!

fight shoulder to shoulder with you amith jj

on April 3, 2015

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