Intelligent parking platform ETCP announced A $50 million round of funding

domestic intelligent parking platform “ETCP parking” announced today completed A round of funding, $50 million, by A SIG, easily Shared, source of capital, joint investment partners China and business celebrities.

mainly solve the ETCP parking along with the sustained growth in domestic car ownership of parking problem, the current industry mainly displays in the parking lot less parking space, parking lot set location is not reasonable, function of the parking lot.

ETCP parking is affiliated with Beijing yue chang technology co., LTD. Owners through “ETCP parking” APP, can obtain real-time position around the parking lot, free parking number, yard information such as charge standard, and can enjoy “parking space booking, parking lot, parking guidance, navigation no stop electronic payment”, such as the precision of application service. It is worth mentioning that “ETCP parking” pioneered at home without a stop electronic payment technology, the owner in and out of the parking lot, don’t have to queue can quickly in and out of the parking lot.

it is understood that “ETCP parking” offline layout has been completed after more than two years time, in the first half of 2015, landing in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, chongqing, such as a second-line core cities in China, opened more than 1000 parking lot, more than 200 registered users, electronic payment average daily trading as high as 50000, the company quickly expanded to more than 1000 people. ETCP this financing is mainly used for team building and occupy the market more quickly, will be to second-tier cities to accelerate expansion.