Intelligent massage glove “hold” : health can also according to the interactive to each other


this afternoon, easily health science and technology in the global mobile Internet conference 2015 times GMIC Beijing station, released the world’s first smart gloves – hold WOWO intelligent massage gloves. It with the traditional Chinese medicine meridian as the principle, fusion of modern science and technology, to solve the problem of modern people of sub-health. Sale store in the future of the baidu, this price 998 yuan.

, small size, easy to carry, weight: 700 g.

– built-in rechargeable lithium battery: + 3000 mAh. Charging can be on standby for a week, 2 hours last massage 4 hours.

– transmission, bluetooth 4.0 wireless operations. The weight of the massage can be controlled through the APP, along with a variety of patterns to choose from.

– mobile phone APP, remote interaction, social sharing.

health has always been a favourite Chinese topics, relative to the curative effect of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) non-quantifiable, massage due to the nature of its epic can touch more easily accepted by people, this can from pedicures market hot, mobile Internet era, O2O, door-to-door massage is also popular.

hold hand care is a intelligent device, its simulation principle of hand massage, through pressure squeeze the hand acupuncture points to achieve the effect of health care. It according to 12:00 regimen – meridional lingers, the world men and women massage every five personality model, which can realize different hour massage the body corresponding parts. Women to invigorate, hand, raise colour, sleeping beauty, shu shoulder; Men for the kidney, yangxin, sleeping, spleen, nourishing the stomach.

in addition, in the “love apartment 4”, had little good and go to the United States, billow of remote “touch”, many people may still fresh. Today, “hold” the scene into a reality. Through WeChat circle of friends, to share with friends and family at any time, tick tick, touch, hold a hold, interactive. Users can also share the beauty in the hold community health experiences.

hold by the international famous designer team, appearance is concise, fashion, there are two white + gold, gold, silver are available. Internal structure according to the size of the shape of the hand of the Chinese research and development, accord with human body engineering. Material in the far infrared, antibacterial deodorant cloth, silver nanoparticles can effectively prevent bacterial growth.

according to times Mach easily chairman at times from eye massager, easily to head massager, now hand massager, hold owns more than 100 invention patents. In addition to shake hand massager, times “U ME smart watches” auxiliary easily remind early to bed, sleep leading music, monitoring the sleep quality. On May 20th to jingdong open the raise, the main ecg monitoring heart rate, to people who have heart care needs, price not released.

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