Instant electricity pioneer “fast fast fish” how to quickly capture the campus market

(text/jing-jing fan)

the success of the American company Instacart mode have a lot of apprenticeship. According to the business chain as well as different as the breakthrough point of market selection and target users, finally also formed different modes on Instacart mode. Hunting cloud network reported today in the “fast fast fish” is Instacart urban community to the campus market, light patterns quickly become instant electricity industry leader.

fast fast fish and talk about discount merchants, surrounding the campus student users in the cell phone up and down, to participate in the distribution of students man crowdsourcing finish shopping service, distribution to the bedroom. For example, you want to buy a box of instant noodles, too lazy to go downstairs, in the fast fast fish up and down, fast fast fish distribution students according to the retail price of purchasing, free delivery to the user, in the development period, all purchase price difference also benefit to the distribution team.

fast fast fish, launched in October 2014, the early online, in the community and do the test at the same time, colleges and universities was later found the campus market growth is very quickly resolute choice do campus market first. Founder of eka cesium jiang in an interview with hunting cloud network also admitted that fast fast fish is initially similar drops a taxi “rob single mode”, found that this model are in a small part in the process of operation of single no one to rob, bad user experience. “Fast fast fish are now choosing mixed with single mode, the background system information such as the state of gender, distance, according to the man to produce algorithm distribution, strive to meet user demand in full.

relative Instacart and its focus on domestic imitators communities, the campus market has some unique place, the founder of jiang eka cesium in an interview with hunting cloud network also did analysis.

first, homogenous, user focused, is focused on the geographical location and consumer groups. The shops usually within the school is two kilometers. This delivery time is relatively assured. Fast fast fish patterns is not proprietary products, warehousing logistics, just online for the platform, is a focus on a niche audience light mode. In light mode, from the campus, into the market from 0 to 1, and monopoly, have more power than the community market.

second, cluster, customers’ needs, in addition, marketing costs, word of mouth spread and distribution is also easy to solve. Learning plus expansion path hungry? “the rural areas to encircle the cities” path, he said fast fast fish spent five months, expand the more than 150 cities, covering thousands of many schools, day single peak in early may have breakthrough in more than 100000 single amount.

of eka cesium jiang in an interview with hunting cloud network has been emphasized that fast fast fish and not doing a task running errands services, but access to the B side merchants standardized distribution services. He thinks O2O rise, bring chain logistics distribution is the biggest mutations, rather than at other stages. Therefore, fast fast fish guarantee with traditional business competition, not build warehouse, but put the core in the order scheduling system on reconstruction and optimization of C.

at present, fast fast fish is not profit, but is a small charge test. For a man to income, said jiang of eka cesium, platform for every five to eight wools MAO distribution business shipping service is eight MAO (30 minutes), plus get discount from other merchants, average every delivery man can get more than a dollar of running errands.

model is light and strong team execution, coupled with the expansion of the rural areas to encircle the cities strategy, cooperation is not the competition on strategy, make fast fast fish inside short time campus business model was verified.

fast fast fish has obtained ce source vc A $2 million round of funding, angel rounds of up to 5 million yuan from li yinan, Wu Shichun, ming-ming huang. Jiang of eka cesium also revealed that fast fast fish will continue to expand the school next, exhibits, more access to services, now has thousands of single fruit orders every day, will gradually access to the surrounding more category of merchants in the future. In the campus market will continue to develop urban community service reaches a certain amount.